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Call of duty exposed again!?

Call of duty exposed again!?

Believe it or not, this is Call of Duty, and things just got worse. As a shocker, I officially have more proof that Modern Warfare 3 is a scam. What is going on, my fellow gaming warriors. SS the W, and you heard me. As you can see, this is MW3 zombies, mwz., which I normally don't really show, and I don't really talk about it, but today I'm going to talk about it, but this relates to everyone.

This relates to everyone in the Call of Duty community, so let me ask you one question. This is for anyone: if you were to buy zombies, if you were to buy Modern Warfare 3 for zombies exclusively. What would make you skeptical? There was no one reason that would get you sold; what was the number one reason that got you sold if you did buy it for zombies?

You know what it is; it's because Treyarch is developing it because if anyone else were developing it who would buy into it, everyone would be skeptical; no one would really buy into it, or at least, you know, not as much, not nearly as much, because we know the track record that Treyarch has. You know, we're talking about everything going all the way back to World War I.

Black Ops 1; Black Ops 2; Black Ops 3. Even Cold War: Black Ops 4 was kind of, I don't know, kind of a wash. I don't really remember it too much, but Cold War zombies were great. You know their last Call of Duty and Cold War zombies. It was really fun if you were there for it. It was really fun.

They introduced the outbreak, which is kind of new, but at the time it was just new. It was fresh, and it was really fun to grind with friends. It really was. You know, even round bases are obviously round base is always great, but you know the classic mode, which is what we want. By the way, I'm going to get into that later.

Proof mw3 is a scam!!

Proof mw3 is a scam!!

But the whole point in this is: what was the number one reason you bought Modern Warfare 3? If you were buying zombies, well, it would have been because Treyarch is developing them. If they're developing it, I'm sold. That's all it takes for zombie players, right?

Because they don't get many zombies to begin with, it's hard to deny it in the first place, so you fast forward to today. And it turns out that Modern Warfare 3: Zombies is a scam. Because Treyarch is no longer developing it, they're now ditching this game, Modern Warfare 3: Zombie, and they're going off to Cod 2024 to work on their own game.


Understandable, but what this reveals about Call of Duty about Activision proves yet again that they are scumbags and they do not care about their consumers; they treat their consumers. Like absolute crap, they just don't care about us. Because you think about it again. I'm going to keep I'm going to ask you once again if you were to buy Modern Warfare 3 for zombies because Treyarch is developing it, and months later into the release, you say.

Well, we're pulling them from the game Treyarch. Now you're going to work on your own game because clearly that was planned the whole time; it was clearly coordinated. So how would you feel? How would you feel right now if you were a zombie fan? I feel really bad for zombie fans in general, but this affects the entire community because this again proves yet again that Activision Call of Duty is corrupt; they truly are corrupt.

One of the glaring things was that multiplayer was, you know, seemingly getting all this content, which was really shocking; it was a pleasant surprise, but then you look at zombies; everything was in season in season in season, and you say. Why are zombies getting no content? Well, now we know because Treyarch was ditching the mode the entire time and Activision had this planned out.

Call of Duty had this planned out where Treyarch was going to announce that they were out, and they are officially out right now. They are out on COD 2023 Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and it truly is a damn shame because they're already ditching this moan; they're handing it off to High Moon, and it goes to show.

Treyarch never needed to develop this mode in the first place because, if you really think about it, this is where it gets worse.

The ugly truth of mwz

The ugly truth of mwz

You think about it. Is MWZ really the biggest zombie map ever? It's the biggest zombie map, and when you think about it, it's just a copy and pasted war zone map. They didn't have to make the map. What did they do? They made it darker. They put the storm in the background. They had that.

You know, you know, you get the goofy ass purple tornado. I don't know what the hell is going on. You get all these. It's basically DMZ. Obviously, mwz it's Modern Warfare Zombies. It's DMZ, the other mode they ditched. By the way, that should have been a telltale sign, right? Because of the second, they named this MWZ.

warzone 2

After DMZ, they're trying to learn from the DMZ fans. Well, didn't you learn the first time DMZ fans got rid of your mode before they ditched you? Now they're trying to get you on this mode; they're trying to get you to pay $70. To pay for this mode, they're saying Treyarch is developing it; it's going to be good, but in reality, they never needed to develop it in the first place, and the entire plan was to just slap their name on the title just to get you to buy it, even though it turned out to play no real factor because they were going to be out anyway in High Moon.

Anyone or any developer team could have put out this mode because, again, all it is the copy and pasted war zone map of the reused assets from, you know, Cold War zombies. Vanguard zombies or whatever, it's just all reused assets; this is garbage. This is total garbage, and the mode is boring; it doesn't get updates.

What are you going to do over and over and over again? Sure, yes, but it's the most kill-game mode. I feel so killed when I play it. I understand it must be a good break for multiplayer. God forbid, you put in any work into what you do. Name me one aspect of MWZ. That isn't a reused asset. Think about it: you got zombies, You well you get you have contracts you got contracts.

Those are reused assets from DMZ. Everything is reused; everything is copied and pasted in MWZ. This mode is a total scam. Modern Warfare 3 is a scam. Modern Warfare 3: Zombies is a scam. And again, I am baffled that no one is really talking about this. Where is everyone on this topic? I could be wrong.

Maybe somebody, one of these bigger creators, you know, briefly touched on it, but I haven't really heard a peep about this, and by the way, guys. I don't know You can comment on what you think about this mode. I mean, I've played it a little, I guess, a fair amount enough to know what the game mode is all about, and it's really not all that engaging.

I have more proof that Modern Warfare 3 2023 is a scam, and its RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. Call of Duty did the community DIRTY with this oneespecially zombies fans. Watch my last CoD rants here.
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