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Season 2 reloaded for Modern Warfare 3 was released today, and as expected, they patched a lot of glitches. Yesterday, I made a article talking about 12 glitches that were currently working, and they were popular. People were using them, and today, most of those are gone, strangely enough, though the solo method for Tombstone.

Using the bad signal portal and jumping out of bounds still works, like they haven't fixed that yet. That method is where you start at this portal and then open that up, go to the bad signal portal and start that up, and then head back to this portal, and it teleports you to the outskirts of the map.

You run out of bounds while hitting the menu and options at the right time, and then close up when you are getting kicked out of the game. I really thought this one was going to be gone today, but it isn't. I don't think this one has much time left, honestly, and when it is gone, we should still have the Duos method, where you have to fully blade out and plea in the game to be revived, and you can use everything in the rucksack.


I would think that they would have a pretty hard time patching that one because that's how Tombstone is supposed to act, and they'd have to completely change Tombstone to get rid of that number three on the list, which is a glitch that is gone now. We've had this one for a really long time since day one; they've never fixed it, but now they have, and this is the quad pack.

a-Punch of the Wonder Weapons, where you turn the Wonder Weapons into double damage of a triple pack, -a-Punch weapon How the glitch went was that you would down yourself in front of the safes, and you would do it at a specific time and when you revived. You would be holding out your weapons, and then you would switch your weapons and be holding nothing in your hand.

While having nothing in your hand, you would pick up a wonder weapon or open a case, and when you did that, it would strip its rarity, so it would just be gray on the bottom right, then you could apply a crystal or pack-a-punch it, and then it would allow you to put on a legendary tool, and that would quad pack-a-punch it.


Well, now you can still do everything; it still strips its rarity, but you cannot get a legendary tool to go on it, and that's what you need to be able to quad-pack-a-punch it. There was another method for taking Wonder Weapons into the sigil, or the Elder sigil, and when you opened it and equipped it, it would strip its rarity, and then you could put a tool on and quad-pack-a-punch it.

We tried it today and went into one of the sigils. And yeah, you cannot get a legendary tool on it, whereas before it was very easy to do. Also, I'm not aware of any after-patches to this, so I don't think we're going to ever be able to put a legendary tool on a wonder weapon, like they've blocked it number four.

I literally just posted it yesterday, and they've already patched it. This is where you could duplicate other players weapons and xill with them and not have them drop them, and you could unlock weapons from them, like the battle pass or other guns that you didn't have. There were two methods you could take in a glitched-out quad Pack-a-Punch wonder weapon, and it would remove it and then give you the load out of one of the other players.

warzone 2

It wouldn't take it from them; it would duplicate it for you. There was another way to do it if you died off the map, like completely. And then one of the players in your party went through the sigil or Elder sigil; that player would teleport through and it would drag you with them, and it would revive you and give you a duplication of their load out.

Well, we can't quad back a bunch of Wonder Weapons anymore, so we can't use that method, and then the other method of getting completely down and bleeding out and then having a player drag you through the portal. Well, now you don't get dragged through the portal; you just stay on the main map with a black screen, and you don't duplicate their weapons anymore.

warzone 2 zombies

Number five is where you could duplicate sigils or elder sigils, and you would place them into the rift and then open up your backpack at the same time and drop them off for someone else to pick up. Well, that does not work; whenever you drop it out of your backpack, it cancels the rift, and you will not get teleported, so you have to leave it in your rucksack, and then once you're teleported, it goes away.

Number six is another one that got patched today, and that was where you could duplicate ether blades and also strip Wonder Weapons, quad pack a bunch of them, and then also duplicate Wonder Weapons for other players. The trick is that you had to buy jugs, and when you bought jugs, you got down and fully bled out to the point where you had to plead to be revived.

While you were being revived, you could open your backpack and drop items for some reason. The Jug allowed you to do this, and now you can't do that. Even if you have a jug, you cannot open your rucksack, so you're not able to duplicate anything or drop anything, so this one is gone. Number seven, this was a big one, and they finally fixed it, and this is where Greylorm the Red Worm boss fight would follow you all the way to the final xfill.


If you didn't kill it, players would be trying to innocently fill and save their items and just get out of the game, and this worm would come and just up their day; it would show up at the very last second where you didn't have time to respond or even get out safely, and it would punch you up through the top of the helicopter, and most of the time break the helicopter.

I am definitely a victim of this. This worm got me good, but they finally patched it, so they just tortured us just enough, and they finally fixed it in season 2 reloaded number eight. I honestly don't know what's going on with this. Some people are saying that it's just a glitch; it's not intentional.

But I'm thinking it's probably a nerf; they didn't mention it in the patch note, so we're like, maybe it is just a glitch, but the ether blades seem to be nerfed. We'll see if they say anything and say yes, they did, or say oops, it was messed up, and they fix it later, but the ether blades are now not killing; whenever you throw them, it will take half the health of a zombie.

I tested it in Tier 1, and this is how the pattern is, so let's say you have three zombies with you. It will kill the first one and then only take half the health of the other two around it, and this is Tier 1. These zombies should be murdered, but this is how they've been reacting today. It's like you have to throw the blade twice now to kill a small number of zombies.

The latest update for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, Season 2 Reloaded, is here, and its packed with changes. In this video, I dive into the patch notes to reveal which bugs and glitches have been squashed and which ones still work! Season 2 Reloaded brings a fresh experience to MW3 Zombies.
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