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Com, use my promo code glitching for 20% off so now I'll show you guys how to keep your containment level and your Tombstone but first I want to show you how we got over 100 containment levels in one match you first want to reach 100 Levels because the perks are great and then you want to maintain it and myself tag 935 and BBK went in to see how many levels we could do in one game by speedrunning it we do have a method I'll show you what it is, and we were able to do it.


Containment levels in one game, and that was by doing 41 contracts, you only have 45 minutes before the gas comes in, and we did 41 contracts in 45 minutes. There are some very specific strategies where you can just crank through these contracts and you want to do them in Tier 3 because when you do one contract in Tier 3, it counts for three containment levels.

It's a pretty simple strategy, but there are some very specific things that you need to make it work. One thing you're going to need is the Jack purifier, flamethrower, and attachment to any weapon that it goes on; this is critical for killing bounties. Very rapidly, you're going to be mowing down megas, disciples, manglers, and mimics.

tombstone glitch

Another thing you have to have is a scorcher. And the scorcher is going to allow you to quickly get to these contracts pick them up and then blast over to where they are and get them done out of all the different contracts that you can do in tier three we only did two different kinds we did bounties, and we did cargo only and we avoided all the others again we were able to complete 41 contracts in 45 minutes by doing only Bounty and only cargo how it would work is we would do a couple of bounties and then a cargo would pop up so we would go do that and that would refresh, more Bounty contracts and we go do the bounties and then wait for the cargo to come up and then we go do that and just keep going back and forth we also used our Scorchers to stay in the sky to, hover.

As high as we could for as long as we could wait for those bounties to pop up or the caros to pop up, then one of us would like to dive bomb and go pick it up while the other person went to where the bounty was or where the cargo was. At all times, everybody was doing something; one person's picking up a contract, the other person's finishing it, and then we had to refill the ammo on the flamethrowers.


For the bounties, let's say I got to go refill my flamethrower. The other player is going to go kill one, and then I'll come in and kill the next one while they go refill their flamethrower. We were working in unison, and we were rapid. We got a lot done, and we made a ton of money for our tombstones.

We went hard on this, and we got 41 done. We think we could do 45, but that's not necessary if you're trying to reach 100 levels. All you need to do is sign 34 of these Tier 3 contracts, which will give you 102 containment levels. That is all of the tiers, and you'll be getting all the perks at that point.

It is absolutely unnecessary to go above 100 containment levels because it does nothing for you, and shout out to BBK. This is his screenshot. He's got over 1,000 containment levels. He's just been going through grinding to see how high he can go, but he gets no extra Ben benefit from having all these levels.

warzone 2

In fact, what will happen is that if he goes into a game and dies and doesn't succeed, he will lose all of these levels, and he will go back down to the containment level that says 75. Like below the 100 Mark So again, it's totally useless to like grind and go really, really high; he's just doing it for fun to see how high he can go, but all you need to do is again maintain staying right at 100.

Well, the math is very simple, and that's really all it is. Every time you go into a match, if you do nine-tier-three contracts and then leave by setting your tombstone, you will maintain it.

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