News - All Working Glitches (after Patches) Update 1. 039 Warzone 2 Zombies


Season 2 of Modern Warfare Zombies is going to be here in 2 days, and they might be patching a lot of glitches. In this article, I'm going to show you 12 glitches that are still working, and one of them is one that I found; it's brand new, and I've never posted it before. The first one is the solo Tombstone method that is currently working.

I suspect this one will be gone on Wednesday when season 2 reloads. With this one, you get your money, you get your items, and you need to drink Tombstone. And then I would recommend getting stamina. Then you want to head to this building here in Tier 2 by the bad signal portal and enter this code here.


This is going to teleport you to a part of the map where you can get out of bounds. And some people use other locations. I use the one that's like an i a u and then it looks like a radish once you enter in the code you have to buy the portal for a th000 so make sure you have that then run out and Trigger the bad signal then run back to the portal and jump in it you just run out of this building and run until you're out of bounds watch that timer on the left when it says 2 seconds you open your menu and vote Yes then you keep running until you're out of bounds once you are you can stop, and then you want to wait for a certain screen and get ready to close your app it seems like people have different timing for this and what works for them for me on PlayStation 5 I wait to see the teleportation, screen then the squad eliminated, then on the black screen right after that that's when I close up for me it allows me to keep my ether blades my insured weapons are not on cool down.

And as long as I don't have too much of my stash, it will bring out all the items from my ruck set, and remember, whatever you just left the match with, whatever money you had, or whatever was in your ruck sack is what is going to be in your tombstone when you go back into the match. Number two is the tombstone, a method where you have to be revived in-game, and this can be with someone in your party or a random player on the map.


I feel like this is going to be the method that we will be able to use after season 2 is reloaded. Releases will have been patched the other way, but hopefully this will still work for this one. You want to gather all the things in your rucksack that you want to duplicate, save, and then get all the money that you need, and then you need to take a hard down where you get down and you bleed fully out to the point where you need to plead, then you can be revived by anybody in the game, and everything that you have in your backpack and the money that you have you can spend all of it and use everything, and it will be in your tombstone when you come back in the next game.

I have a really good quick strategy article if you're doing this as a duo or team. You guys care about two large re-sacks and two tombstones at all times, and you can just come to your location. Get set right back up and start playing immediately. Shout out to C. This is his strategy, and he's in the game with me right now.

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I might make a full article about this; it's a pretty cool strategy if you guys want to see it. One thing I love about this Tombstone method is that whenever you leave the match, you don't have to do any crazy timing or panic to get out; you don't have to fill; you just get down by a zombie and bleed out, and that's how you leave.

Also, do not buy tombstones after you plead and are revived, because at that point your tombstone is set, and if you go buy another tombstone, it's going to reset it, so do not buy that, and you have to keep reminding yourself to not buy it because it's really easy to go over to the Wonder Fizz machine and start spamming to buy perks and accidentally buying the tombstone.

There are pros and cons to this tombstone method. One pro is that you can play the entire match, like even past the gas, like you don't even care that the gas is coming in because you're just going to die wherever on the map there's no crazy timing to like hurry up and get out of the map to save your Tombstone.

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The cons are that you can't do this solo and you need someone to revive you, and you also don't keep your insured weapons. Whenever you just die and leave the game like this, there are ways around. There are plenty of guns in this game; there's a box you can hit; you can also bring in contraband; you can turn your insured weapons into contraband; multiply those and bring those in.

I'll be showing you guys that glitch in this article. Number three is how to quad-path Wonder Weapons. I suspect this one's going to be gone after season 2 is reloaded, and we do not have an after patch. You want to find a raid weapon stash and throw a Molotov. At it and get down, and at the last second, when you have 30% health, you want to interact with the safe once revived, and if you got the timing right, then you switch weapons until you're holding nothing, then you know you did it right, and then you can equip a wonder weapon from a case that you're holding or off the ground.

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Then, before you do anything else, you need to drop one of the weapons in your first or second slot, and then you're going to see that wonder weapon move into that second slot, and then you must pack-a-punch it in any way. You can use any level crystal sto or throw it into any pack-a-punch machine, and then you need a legendary tool to put on it, and at that point, this thing will be quad pack-a-punch.


Which means it does double the damage of a triple-pack-a-punched weapon, and the Wonder Wol is awesome to do with this, as is the vr11, which just absolutely destroys. A couple of things to remember: don't buy Flopper because then you cannot get down by the molotov. And then I always use a three plate V the timing is just a little easier with that number four is the new glitch, and I don't know how useful it's going to be it's kind of cool it's just a side effect of having one of these quad packed Wonder Weapons and then there's also another method that allows you to do it this allows you to unlock weapons you don't have unlocked in the menus including the battle pass like here I'm about to unlock the ram 9 that I've not unlocked in the battle pass but now I have full access to it with the battle pass skins, this method duplicates other players weapons to you and we don't have any methods for that anymore they've all been patched if you take a quad pack-a-punched weapon through this portal which is the sigil portal or Elder, sigil portal when you come out the game is like I don't know what the hell, you just brought in here, but it's not a legitimate gun because it's a glitched out wonder weapon and the game takes it from you and instead duplicates.

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