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Secret daily login rewards in season 3 mw3

Secret daily login rewards in season 3 mw3

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is that we're going to go over a set of free secret daily login rewards that you're going to be able to claim. Quick reminder I did post a article yesterday going over all the secret challenges and Easter eggs that you're able to complete on Rebirth Island and all the different types of rewards that you're actually going to be able to claim from that, so if you missed that article.

Before we get into it, a quick word from our sponsor, {718}, It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more. Currently, with the season 3 update, there's so much going on.

How to use new biometric scans explained

How to use new biometric scans explained

Many events are coming out; there's a bunch of Easter eggs; there's a bunch of different challenges. There's a lot to grind for, and you're probably missing out on some things or just don't know about them. And in this article, there's a set of free secret daily login rewards that I want to go over and talk about and show you guys how you're going to be able to get them because they're not really well known and a lot of people aren't really paying attention to them, so there's something on the map called biometric scans.

These we've talked about already in the past. It's a new feature where you can go up to one of 10 different locations that's available on the map. Later in the article, I'll show you guys all the different locations, and what it does is you go up to it, interact, and it will scan you for a couple of seconds.

In return, it will give you an ID key card. You can take this key card and go to a buying station to redeem it for cash.

Biometric scan rarity & rewards

biometric scans

Loot and even better rewards It determines how good the loot you get is going to be. The rarity of the card starts off as bronze, then you get silver, which is relatively common, and then you get gold, which is uncommon.

Platinum is a little bit more rare than polyatomic; that's very rare; and then Orion, which is the rarest one, depending on how lucky you are. Apparently, you can also boost your chances of getting a better one by having squadmates stand around while you do the scanner, and it raises the chances of you getting a better rarity.

Now here's a breakdown of the different types of rewards that you get: random ammunition and cash. Armor plates: lethals and tacticals; that's for bronze; then, with silver, you get the same exact thing, just a little bit more cash; then, on top of that, you get a perk package with gold; you can get random ammunition; you can get cash plates.


lethal tactical perk package, plate carrier, and a field upgrade Platinum is the same exact thing, but then you can get a field upgrade or a kill streak with a lot more cash. Then, when you start getting into Polyatomic and Orion, this is where you can get free equipment at the buy station, so in this case.

I scanned it and I ended up getting Polyatomic, and it actually ended up giving me a redacted weapon blueprint, which was for the cat AMR. I've seen other clips where people got one for, like, the Ram 7 and the HRM 9. It's completely random which weapon you get; in this case. The unfortunate thing is that these blueprints are not permanent rewards; there are separate permanent ones that I'm going to go over and talk about with calling cards, emblems, weapon blueprints, camos, and things like that.

But another thing that you also get, for example, with polyatomic, is that you get free items at the buy station. I got a total of five different free items. I was able to get anything I wanted, like a load-out drop or UAVs. In any sort of kill streak, I get a total of five items, and it could be the same item over and over again if you want, which is pretty overpowered.

I believe it does the same exact thing: if you get Ory, you get a redacted weapon, and then on top of that, they mention you get additional items. Let's talk.

All secret permanent daily login rewards

All secret permanent daily login rewards

Once you do it for three days, you will get a notification. It'll say you need a hand-calling card unlocked, and as you can see here, that's the calling card that you will end up getting. After doing it for 7 days, you will get a free 1 hour double XP token, and at 12 days, you will get a 1 hour double weapon XP token.

At 7 days, there's the encrypting, calling card, and this is what the animated calling card is going to look like. At 21 days, you unlock a new loading screen, which we're not entirely sure what it is, and then at 27 days, there's going to be the welcome to the mainframe, weapon camo. This is a showcase of what that weapon camo will look like in the game.

It's not animated, unfortunately, but it is a free reward. One thing that I need to let you know is that as of right now, it goes up to 27 days, but that's only because we're in the first part of season 3. Once season 3 is reloaded, these challenges are going to be reset, and there will be a new set of daily login rewards.

cod update

I don't see the biometric scanners getting removed from the game; it's a feature that a lot of people like, and it's something that they're probably going to continuously go on, and this is going to be bringing in a new set of daily login rewards for Call of Duty, so this will reward players who consistently play the game with the ability to get on with these scanners.

You're actually going to get rewarded for them, and you're going to start getting rewards, and the rewards go even further than this weapon camo because they mention additional and permanent in-game rewards. There's growing evidence that returning to a biometric scanner is subsequent but not consecutive.

Visits You may unlock a variety of additional assets, including a camouflage for your armor, which is the one we just talked about, but then they mentioned communications as well. Deemed most secret, no further details have been authorized. It looks like there's a little bit more going on with this, which is probably going to end up getting revealed with the season 3 Reloaded update, and there might be additional rewards.

Maybe we might actually get to see an operator skin; we do have that prisoner operator skin, which matches the whole theme of Rebirth Island. But yet he's still not available for us to unlock; he's not in a bundle; he's not available in any of the upcoming events; he hasn't been mentioned, and he's still been in the files for a couple of updates, so we might be able to see him. Maybe sometime during the season, it would make the most sense for them to introduce him in the same season that Rebirth Island came in; maybe there'll be a prison Easter egg in the reloaded update, something like that that'll be involved and bring in this operator, but let me show you guys all the biometric scanner locations.

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