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All 9 free operators & bundles to claim now in mw3!

All 9 free operators & bundles to claim now in mw3!

Welcome back to a brand new article. This one is going to go over all the free rewards that you can currently claim right now. There's like around five different operators; you can get there's different bundles and packs, and I got all the details covered in this article, so that way there's no confusion and you don't miss out on anything.

Some of these are only here for a very limited time, and I'm a section off the article, so if you know about a particular set of rewards, you can go ahead and skip to whichever part you want. That way, you can save yourself some time. Also, a quick reminder: I did double-up yesterday. We talked about the full season 3 road map and all the Le the Intel the information that we have for that update.

But let's go ahead and get started.

Cdl viewership rewards & mcw blueprint

The first set of rewards are the current viewership rewards for the CDL Tournament. I'll go ahead and show you guys the different types of rewards you'll be able to get. It starts on Thursday, which is today. They're currently live as I'm recording this.

They go live again tomorrow at 10:30 a. M pacific Standard Time will live again on Saturday, and then on Sunday every day we'll give you different sets of rewards. As usual, the rewards will consist of a double XP token for 1 hour and a 1-hour double weapon XP. You get things like calling cards, emblems, charms, and stickers.

The most important one, though, is going to be on the final day, which is Sunday. After watching for 2 hours, you get yourself a new MCW and a weapon blueprint. I would highly recommend that if you don't plan on watching for the other rewards, at least try to claim the weapon blueprint, which is the best one. Because it's here for a very limited time, you're only going to have one day in order to unlock it, but these are the viewership rewards.

Free konig vapor operator, blueprint & more!

Free konig vapor operator, blueprint & more!

There's another set of viewership rewards, and these have to do with the launch of War Zone Mobile, which started the stream this morning at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, they're going to be going live for a total of 36 hours, so if I were to definitely prioritize watching this because the rewards are a little bit better and they're a little bit more limited, you can get these viewership rewards either on YouTube or Twitch.

I would recommend Twitch just because it's easier to track. So all you have to do is go to Twitch, make sure you go to the settings connected apps, and make sure your Activision account or your Call of Duty account is connected to your Twitch. Go to the official Call of Duty stream that says War Zone Mobile, and as soon as you click there on the right side, it'll let you know that there are viewership drops available, and here are the rewards.

cod dune event

At 15 minutes, you get a 1-hour Double XP token. After 30 minutes of watching, you get a 1-hour Double XP token. At 30 minutes, you get a 1 hour Double Weapon XP token; watching for 1 hour gives you the day Zero player card. At 2 hours, you get the day-zero charm. At 3 hours, you get the Zero Longbow weapon blueprint.

And finally, at 4 hours, you get the new Conic Vapor operator skin. The reason I like Twitch a little bit more than YouTube is because it actually tracks your reward progress. Say you left and then came back, and you just wanted to see how long you've been watching and what rewards are available.

It actually has a tab to show you that, and it is also in your drops in the rewards tab. After you get these, make sure you click claim, and then just restart your app, and it should be available across your account. The stream is going to end on Saturday, so definitely be sure to go over there and watch for that total of 4 hours so you can get yourself this operator skin because once the stream ends, you'll never be able to get these rewards again. Now The next set of rewards you can unlock is free pre-registration.

Warzone pre registration rewards & free green ghost skin

Warzone pre registration rewards & free green ghost skin

Rewards, which is the ghost-condemned operator skin to do this you will need to download war zone mobile, once you have fully downloaded it log into your main account you'll need to use your Activision, email as well as password for it to log in you can't use any of your other accounts like Playstation or Xbox so you need to have your Activision information, once you are logged in it's going to prompt you to play like a little tutorial, once you complete the tutorial it's going to drop you into the main menu, the problem is you're not going to be able to access anything in the main menu until you play one match so just jump into a match play it out once that match is complete you'll be able to head into the other different tabs that are available, go into the store tab within the store tab there should be a whole bunch of other tabs you want to click on the fourth tab that says Day Zero upon clicking on that there will be a new pack that will pop up it says pre-registration.

Rewards, and you only have 13 days to unlock this. You're going to want to click on this, and once you do, it'll go ahead and show you the ghost condemned operator skin, two different weapon blueprints, an emblem, and a large decal, and these are the same rewards that they promised us for the pre-registration.

You want to click on free, which is the green button. Once you click on that, it will grant all these rewards to your inventory and your locker. The bad news though is that it looks like it's only going to be war zone mobile exclusive because it has like the little Rarity icons and it says designed only for war zone mob mobile.

Apparently, in a Q&A that they did over on Reddit, they mentioned that the green ghost condemn skin will carry on over to the main accounts, but as of right now it's not in the files for PC and console, meaning that maybe in season 3 it'll become cross-progression.

Day zero event individual rewards & red ghost skin

Day zero event individual rewards & red ghost skin

I have no idea, but as of right now it's only war zone mobile exclusive, but the good news is there are some that will carry over, and this brings me into the next topic, which is how to get the individual rewards for the Brand New Day Zero launch event. This event will go live starting tomorrow at 9:00 a.

M pacific Standard Time, and once the event is live. Rebirth Island will be the first zone, so there will be a total of five different zones that you'll need to compete in, and the goal is to earn yourself event points. Within these zones, the first one's going to be the entire Rebirth Island map, so you just simply load up Rebirth Island, and once you are in there, you have to get eliminations.

9 FREE OPERATORS BUNDLE PACS TO CLAIM NOW! Free Operators, Bundles, MORE! - Modern Warfare 3. FULL MW3 Season 3 Content Update Road Map.
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