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It is a beautiful and sunny game day in Ekhan, and I am proud to welcome you to this special event with today's four games. Here is the game opening dive; let's directly head over to Ekhan. Marcus, well, thank you, Marcus, and it looks like we're going to have a spectacular start. Three are landing over here at least, and that's an aggressive and bold start.

He can land some shots, but he can't finish him, and now he has to engage another one, and he kills him. He's able to kill him, but he doesn't receive the kill over here. He probably didn't do enough damage for it to reload everything to loot a bit up, but there are still players in the area, and there's indeed somebody to his left.

Can he take him out? Will he wait for him? And there's a lethal coming in. He's trying to get the kill. He probably missed his first shot. That's not looking too good. Another leel comes, and there comes the slide, and he dies. He's not able to land any shots on him, and now we have our first player in the group that doesn't look too good.

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Rough start hopefully, you had a better start. Marcus, let's head over to you and tell us about: It, well the start over here was a bit on a lower Pace the player managed to get his load out by completing a contract which was an upload Intel contract and now he's probably heading to another Power position and secure the area and there he spots the player he misses his first snipe second one hit and the third one killed him that player wasn't able to land any shots the power position paid off over here, but yeah like I said the start was a little bit on this slower pace and now we will see if he can keep up the pace or if he will head over from Power position to power position and just go for the win over here it looks like he will first of all he will hold it for a bit Marcus tell us about your game what is going on over on your.

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Side i don't want to disappoint anybody at this point but it feels like he's chasing that specific player for hours now he was able to finish and upload Intel contract it seems like the strategy nowadays to do that, and now he closed the distance we can hear him underneath will he be able to finish that play here finally and he climbs up the ladder and is so not aware of what is happening around him, that is ridiculous, but it is an easy, kill, hopefully, they will keep up the pace now, and Chase for more players there's a bounty contract and they will pick it up but there is still a lot of ground to be covered they still don't have their load out yet but let's watch our fourth game of the day and please don't tell us they're doing an upload Intel.

Actually, we witnessed a risky start over here with the most wanted contract, but I'm afraid this does not contribute to a more exciting game. The most exciting thing I saw was a vehicle swap, and that does mean something. He definitely plays around with his weaknesses, which we saw over the last few weeks because he wasn't able to win a lot of gunfights.

That's why he probably has a running strategy here, and this is all we've been seeing so far. Finally, he's about to complete the contract, but this is overall rough. At this point, there is a sniping stand-up happening over here quickly. We made an aggressive play, jumping off that roof and diving down deep towards this guy.

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Will he hold the position up here? He had the advantage right now, so he dragged down, and there he goes. Finally, he got killed. That was a classic rookie mistake, and here we see the kill cam jumping right into his enemy's crosshairs, so that's going to be tough for him to come back in this game, and now we have a gulak over here.

I hope it's any better in your game, Marcus. As the fighting went on over at your location, we witnessed a death over here too. A simple slide was just enough. You just don't win games like this if you can't handle it. There's no good news over here, so correct me if I'm wrong, but that leaves only one left.


Right, there's total chaos going on over here. There was a kill we just saw, which appeared to be their Bounty Target, but as it turned out, it wasn't, and now they are in a fight with their Bounty, but that Bounty is defending themselves very good now they're jumping into a car proba you want to go over or will they just disengage no they're going over to and they lose that fight with the car over there and now they get out of the car and they lose that fight my that makes it the fourth goolock of the day I can't believe what I see right.

Now, not only do we have four gulocks, but all at the same time. I don't know if this has ever happened before, but here we go. Looking at the four gulocks right now, I can't believe what I see. Everybody's going for the same. Strat they can't all pull it up can they four is already firing shots they won their gun fight one is following up they can't even see their target but will they win with W bang they win now we have two and three left can they win two is L shots onet Target disappears, three are already firing, and two finish up at three too.


My God, I can't believe what I saw. They all got their goolag, and now we have four players back in the game. God, this is crazy right here, but let's jump right back to you, Marcus. Tell us about it. Will they have any chance to get back into the game? Now that is an interesting question. Marcus and I'm not quite certain if they can get a win, but what I know is they have the chance to get their gear back to loot up again and maybe to pick up some kills, but by the looks of it, they first grab an upload Intel contract to get back some money, and of course Intel, about their next step, which is a small play, but like I said.

I don't know where this will really lead to, so for now, let's head over to the next. Game, this is getting hot right now. We heard some footsteps around the building, and we just have some ground loot here. They are very careful about their steps and the player's appearance right now. They are fighting them, and they won that fight.

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They kept firing through that door, and they could finally down that player and get their loot. Now they are back on track, and maybe this will lead to a good endgame. We are close to it. How is it over, and what is your location? Marcus, it's been going well so far. To be honest, the player just got his load out back, and he's rocking a tack of evil ve in the stands and the xrk.

Stalker, as they go to sniper weapon, and we just saw a player arriving; there's gunshots over that building, explosions, and probably at least two players fighting in there, but what we see here is a player that stays calm and collective throughout the game; they of course know that they don't have a chance to get back into the game because of the gock they used, and they already have the intelligence that the Zone will pull over here.

It is Game Day in Urzikstans WARZONE. With 4 GAMES AT ONCE this is one of the most intense events you can witness between ZARAVAN CITY and ORLOV MILITARY BASE. Sweat, blood and the sweet smell of WINNING sometimes whining are in the air.
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