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In this article, we're going to be covering the best loadouts after the season 2 reloaded update in Call of Duty War Zone that's going to include the best long-range and close-range snipers and sniper supports. In this article, the entire article will be time-stamped, but I really recommend you take the time to listen all the way through.

I'm going to be explaining each of these guns strengths and weaknesses, as there's not really just a clearcut. This is the best gun for each category. Each one has its own perks, so let's first start with the long-range meta here, and we are going to jump over to GG, which is my website again; this is GS.

Long range meta

best 3 loadout

It's probably the best AR out there today. As we do these loadouts, I'm going to give you guys several different options here. This right here is like you're all around kind of any player should be able to use this. You do ideally need to run iron sights on this build because we need to max out the recoil, control, and attachments with this gun for it to be viable.

I think the Cassis break is one of the best muzzles I like to use on assault rifles on your long-range guns because it helps your horizontal recoil so much but also your firing aim stability, and basically this drastically. Reduces, the visual recoil of this gun it just makes it so much smoother to shoot, now you can go with the Zen but the ZEM hurens our bolt velocity which is generally something you don't want to do on your long range gun you also can elect to just go with the regular old vt7 Spirit fire suppressor, and this is still very good but the recoil control is a little bit harder so I'd only recommend this if you have very good recoil control overall I do not recommend using the Jack BFB anymore because the penalties when you use this are massive, to your handling and also a big bolt velocity penalty even though it does help you recoil a ton now there's one other build that I'll recommend here and that is if you switch s the core Mark Barrel out for the Cronin.

best loadout

Headwin long the reason for this is that this one gives us more range and more bull velocity if we go back and look at the core mark. Not as much range, but it gives us more recoil. So essentially, what I'm saying is if you struggle with recoil or you just have a kind of average to good stick with the core mark, but if you are a very high-level player, use the Cronin.

Longwind, paired with that Cassis break and that build, right here is what the majority of the top-ranked players are running in resurgence. The next thing I want to talk about is the Hoger 556. Which is going to be the blue line, and it did receive a very nice buff to its damage in this update that's close to mid-range; it's kind of right on par with a lot of these other guns, but you're going to see it has a very nice damage range that doesn't drop off until 46.

best loadouts 3

M, and it continues on for a while. It's just one of those all-around good assault rifles, because one of the main advantages of it, if we look over in this first row a five out of five recoil rating, is super easy to use, and is pretty good all around. Factor is it's damage for mag you only have a 40 round mag with it so it is going to struggle in that department if you're going to run trios or quads especially if you like to split off on your own so this is the more aggressive build which is going to have that Cassis break and make it super low recoil, now one thing you might see that's a little bit weird is I'm actually running high velocity, and not high grain the reason for that is high velocity gives us a better boost or bull velocity and that is one of the a little bit of a weakness to this gun and it hurts our range but because this gun has such good range I don't really feel like you need to run High grain and get that recoil penalty you could go either War but I think High Velocity is a slightly better option now if you don't like the iron sights on this gun take off High Velocity altogether.

meta loadout 3

And I'd recommend going with the Jack glassless optic if you're going to run an optic. I think this is by far your best bet. This is one that you can unlock on one of the weekly challenges. Coro Eagle 2.5 is fine, but it just has a lot more visual recoil, and then again, you can also feel free to switch out the casses again and go back to something like the BT7 Spirit Fire if you want to stay suppressed.

The recoil on this is still not bad at all. Next in the purple line is the SOA subverter. Battle rifle: this is the new gun that was added in season 2 reloaded, and you're going to see it's time to kill is the second fastest here up to about 29. But even beyond that, it is still one of the best times to kill guns at mid-range fights, and even at long range, it is still very competitive.

modern warfare 3

Now we were able to find a build that we think the recoil is very manageable, and we've got it rated as a five out of five, but this build is an iron sight build. It's another kind of slight downside to it, and its other weakness is that because it's a battle rifle, it's handling like it's ADS time, sprint of fire time, and reload speed are going to be a little bit slower, so this is kind of your all-around.

modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded

Balance build that's going to feature low recoil but also good range, however if you want to make this even lower recoil switch that Spirit fire for you guess it the Cassis break you could go with the Zen compensated flash hider as well but generally I just like the Cassis break better cuz I think it Smooths it out more for longer Range Guns if you don't like the iron sights switch the stock then for the Jack glassless optic that's a great option as well if you want the absolute, lowest recoil gun in the game the SVA 545, on Burst Mode the red line here has basically no recoil like I'm not even kidding it has no recoil you will see though its time to kill is much slower compared to some of these other guns however if we scroll down here and look at the expected accuracies at 91.1%, basically that's saying because of how low that recoil is you're going to be far more accurate compared to something like a ram 7 for example and then if we scroll down here and look at some of its stats in this second to last row of course at ttk, not very good this thing needs like a 10 out of five recoil rating because of how low recoil it is it actually has very good handling and Mobility, all around great damage for mag also with that 60 round mag so minus the time to kill this gun is phenomenal in every other category so because this has such little recoil on burst moded again you need to toggle this to burst or single fire essentially, even though it shoots like a burst because of that hyper burst feature we don't have to run something like a vt7.

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