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Pro breakdown this time is actually PR loing on his own channel so make sure to check it out if you haven't already this man is a part of opdate Texas, many of you guys already know him obviously but I'm going to be breaking down his game play okay that's the highest quality we're working with today all right you know what YouTube will listen to you quality is not the best but we'll make it work so what we're going to be doing is breaking it down from the title you can see I dropped 40 kills on the new patch okay so this is going to be the game play I Believe from yesterday, on the new patch basically update and we're going to be breaking it down and just seeing how he's playing more importantly the rout he takes and all that good stuff so I mean we're starting off with a banger look at this play he jumps down the stairs as soon as he sees his opponent slides across gets a nice little kill there.

So you can already see the skill gap on Modern Warfare 3 in terms of the movement already kicking in p1's kind of going even, and he's currently with Ho Vle and IL. Okay, they're going up against a very good team against, you know, draza and celium, who are playing with slashers, and so I think the other team actually has a really, really stack squad, but yeah.

I kind of want to break it down and just go through certain gun fights that he wins, so some of them may seem obvious to you, but a lot of the time, you know, we don't really think of it in game, so right now, this challenge is here. Because he got that first sh it makes a challenge a lot easier so now what he does as he goes around the corner you can see as soon as he sees his opponent, even if the opponent gets a first shot here he's going to win the gunfight simply because he got that first shot off getting the head shot as well is obviously going to help him out and just so that he gets a first kill going to slide across to the left here there you go sees a second there you go takes him out and there you go it's four down okay, now one thing he should be doing here is being careful for the spawn flip it looks like his team's going to be there so he goes through watchs the left now I feel like they're going to spawn behind, in my opinion but let's see what happens here.

He might have gotten fortunate. Okay, I think somebody's B the spawns on. I don't know what's happening, to be honest. I feel like somebody spawns behind him, but yeah, what's he doing right now? Okay, you have to be very careful, so once he goes through, just push his hair. If you don't have a teammate blocking the spawns at the back for P2, this is a bad play in my opinion cuz what happens is you end up spawning the opponents there and you giving them the spawns it looks like right now they have somebody at the back there apparently because they're not losing spawns, so it works out okay but I would say it's a very risky play he sees he goes through he's trying to watch the middle M pair I don't mind somebody holding middle M but my biggest problem here especially with this game with spawns kind of all over the place you don't want to lose spawns okay so I'm hoping you know they able to hold the SP he goes through the middle, and he sees one there takes him out spots a second on the left going to jump off get a different angle there you go he spots him slides across and absolutely fries him so as he goes through look at this he slides.

Centers right back, where he knows the player is, gets a nice jump shot and takes him out, going to back off, and there you go, the opponent spawns at the back. This is what I was worried about for this team. I don't know; I don't think he needed to push out as much as he did, especially with no one sitting at the back, but we'll see what happens he goes through.

If he gets his kill, he will be on a cruise missile, which will be very helpful. Takes out MC, and there you go now he's got the cruise so he's kind of beaming right now he's doing his thing he's just getting the kills middle map just kind of just kind of playing credy right now so while his team doing a really good job of soaking the hill he's doing okay with in terms of killing around and just over doing a good job go through takes out another player slides across almost gets a second, fa play on Nine Kills now I will say I'm a massive optic fan I'm a huge PR fan.

I do think some of those kills were a bit wasted, in my opinion; maybe that's not true, but I do think that a lot of them were wasted, and they weren't like all important kills. I think some of the middle map kills didn't really change the map too much because they basically spawn at the back. I have I have a sore throw so I do apologize if my voice is a bit Croy, he goes through and look how he uses the cover here okay so straight away he goes go around, and look what he does he sees the player on the left he shoots him backs off he sees the player now go to the back of that crate okay so what he decides to do is go into cover reposition get into cover and now he can reposition slap onto celum take him out go towards the left cuz he knows his teammate's got the spoon catch this player off guard and he almost takes him out as well so, so far so good on this P2 gets a decent amount of time on the P1 going to go through us his cruise missile now the only thing is if they have a trophy at the back is obviously going to be annoying so they're going to try to you know make a play to see what he, does.

Okay, there you go. The trophy system is there. It's really stupid. The fact that a trophy can block a cruise, I think, is really stupid. Something that you earned from a six-kill streak should allow you to get at least one kill because, especially in a pro Lobby, getting a six-kill streak means you know you're not getting that every life, so I think you should be rewarded for it.

I definitely think that they faded with that one the game goes through jumps across. Okay, with 15 seconds left, you want to be rotating now at 100%. So look at what he does in very small detail. This is what you want to do. When he spawns up instead of just going forward, which most people do, he turns around and backs off now the reason he's going this way is cuz on this specific hard point they want to hold it from the back they want to hold it from the middle and what they're going to do is they want to make sure they got the spawn here okay he's watch the flank on the left there you go watching the left going to go back again making sure they've got this left area, because what happen you spawn so close to the hill takes out real goes through and now they're in a really good spot so IL with the back of the Hill what they're going to do now he's going to go through he's going to try to just watch over basically.

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