News - Inside The Mind Of A Warzone 2. 0 Pro: Solo Quads (ep02)


The Jordan stuff doesn't look open, but we did see a lot of people land that way, so I'm in between two teams fighting someone. Try to wait and get a third party instead of trying to fight two teams at once as a solo. So tell this guy running up—let's try to tell him real quick. I got gunned down, then knocking a fool, they've got to find a gun, foreign.

Now I'm going to jump out of here and try to glide out of here, knowing that the time it would have taken me to reload both of my guns and play it off would have been probably around 30 seconds, which means if they had pushed me at any point. I would have been dead. I'm actually going to head to a stronghold real quick because, when you're playing solar quads, the most important thing is obviously having your loadout.

It's extremely important, and if you don't ever have your load on solar quads, you're going to lose. It's just facts; there are ground guns that are good, but they're not that good. I'm going to try to get to a stronghold before everybody else and get my loadout. I kind of look around and see what's going on here, obviously.


You have a team that's very, very close by. I'm going to watch these searches and say, "Over here, I give myself, but if I die, they can climb up in time." Just try to come back up and challenge me. Actually, no one else has. I do see people flying in and stuff, though, so I know that there will still be a lot of people.

I'm going to try to get this kill with this guy. but crossing is going to be hard. The great thing is that if you kind of do a stronghold, you will always have the constant pings, which are very nice all the time, and you can really play out those pings a lot. I'm going to pop this now that I see there's only one guy here, so it's probably somebody trying to regain I'm going to kind of play around with this, knowing he's probably trying to barge money back or buy information, so I'm going to kind of play around with this and not let myself see him.


I'm going out to the bottom; you get the knock, and I get this forward, knowing he's probably trying to regain, And I got my Vasnam—shoot, I'm faded, sorry. We're going to buy another UAV and then keep a rock and roll in, so I see that there's somebody flying in. What's going on here? They actually flew in on the bots, so if they came from Gulag, that means that they're going to have a pistol and no loadouts fighting bots.

And while there's Botsford over here, yeah, there are actually two in there now; another guy is flying in. What am I going to do with this? I'm going to bait for this guy here, knocking full speed ahead, who I think actually sniped in the back. So we have an interesting rotation now with Zaza, which is good because then I kind of know there's nobody behind me.

Tyler games for 18 with 65. The problem is that if you die in Solo Quad, the game is practically over. The great thing, obviously, about playing with four people is that you can always get ready. I'm going to be taking this holiday kind of fine above ZaZa. And if I see anybody, if I don't, I'm going to go buy a beer and keep it rocking.


Another one is this one lad here; there's something on the grill log; I'm going to try to torch him real quick. All right, so we're doing two, which is phenomenal because of the realism where he can be falling from the sky from 19 000 stories and live, so what we're gonna do is buy a UAV here and then go look to chase that because he can actually live falling from a 19 000 story spot knocked so somebody actually close to me.

Throw a little flash there. Chuck? My shots got him fully flashed, knowing he was flashed by time. I'm going to get the kill now, and as you can see, there are going to be two or three people trying to come up on Zaza, which means I should have free beams. There's no point in even taking the helicopter yet because I can look down on these guys without seeing much yet.

I think I'm going to jump down to the other rocks to get better angles. I didn't really see much; we only see them actually going up Zazza. I'm going to shoot the guy in the back first. I mean, if I hadn't, you could have found a way to hide. That moves on; we're going to get that other knock, and now we're looking for the third.

best loadout

That guy did 12 threads; we got him then; we killed him; now I'm going to check my vacuum because we didn't know that there were three; I only saw two, so that's what I got here again. I'm definitely not going to be on the team that was in the building. What I'm going to try to do now is kind of get at a better angle, a better high ground, and probably grab that streak, but it is what it is.

The knock, the full kill, and the team wipe that was another solo, so knowing again that I could be wrong. I thought that I heard two sets of footsteps in the building behind me, on the same team. I'm assuming because they're in the same building together, so I'm going to come up on this ladder and kind of look around me to see if I see anything, and then I'm going to be taking a dive off into it.


Go find some more people. TDOT got flying in deep, your shots behind me also, but if you did hear the UAV trying to just make sure before I go there aren't a lot of people around, I see this guy here. I'm not going to chew yet because I don't have a clear kill. I'm going to wait until you get to the open, like now I get the knock, and now I see another guy on the right.

I'm not going to jump off yet. I cracked the third guy. I'm going to be pushing this now because they all did have Blue Shield, so I do need a plate up here real quick and get knocked, but it's okay because I can maybe even self-rez if the teammates don't have comps. I can run inside the building, and there's something tough: you have 24 of 36 people left.

I need to win their school log and go land on a loadout, and then I'll keep rocking and rolling, and we do have a shotgun with our most headed goose, so I need to play this interestingly. I'm going to probably even use the seven, or, I don't even know what this was; I think this one's there. My teammate is insane.


Like I said, I hate that goose. We'll take it. We got bailed out all right; we're flying back in. I'm going to kind of glide around Zaza just to make sure that my back is cleared, and then I'm going to grab this loadout. Someone else is also guiding us. I'll see somebody here. So I'm just going to play this really slowly, knowing that there are a lot of people here.

Okay, never mind; I'm going to be going. I don't even think I can get a loadout. You can actually play this one really slowly because I saw the guy running up the hill and he's going to grab it but, honestly, you need it to hold out so, okay, so the first thing we're just shooting with the guy that just got his loadout and grabbing her away now I'm kind of in a pickle here; I'm trying to get into this and I die.

Today we focus on approaching solo quads. This game more than ever I . In these videos I do my best to give real time thoughts and breakdowns of how I go about winning my games with high kills.
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