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If I am unlucky enough to go to the goog. I get to use the goog gun that's pretty much it this is going to be a real doozy, when it comes to actually getting kills with this thing there are two schools of thought the first is become a vulture Circle High up in the sky and wait to just third party somebody if I get in a gunfight with someone who has basically any SMG, straight up I'm going to lose with this thing the second is to just hide in some of these hide in buildings wait for people to Push Me Maybe I get sneaky and I execute them if they run right past but this is not going to be a very sweaty game if I do that I'm just going to be in the goog repeatedly.

I'm going to have to play like 27 different games to try to get this thing done, and I will slowly lose my grip on sanity and reality. Going along with that, where I drop doesn't really matter. I guess I could try to take a stronghold, but these are always pretty hotly contested. And again, if someone else meets me there, I'm likely dead.

What I need to do is hoard utility; I've got to find a lot of different grenades I got to find. I just need good things, and I have always had a lot of luck with, well, you can't see because of the plane that's building right there. I'll zoom in for you on this one; there's usually a lot of money.

I don't really care about the guns in this SP. All in all, this is a very weird feeling, dropping into the war zone, not concerned with how I'm going to get my load out. When I'm going to get my load out, all I need to do is use this for the entire game. I suppose I'll pick up ammo and stuff, but I don't know if I need all these pistol bullets.

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I've done something. Very wrong stun grenade smoke grenade I'm basically just going to have plates and lethals and Tactical in my inventory might as well run around without my pistol out cuz I'm faster that way heartbeat sensor, no I don't really need that honestly it's hard to program my brain not to grab all the guns that I see this is like causing me so much cognitive dissonance but we have enough for a load out so here's the first big question and test I'm going to go try to get it so I can have some perks battle rage I mean I'll pick it up cuz you never know now we go over and see if anyone's on this buy there's always a buy, yeah right there but people always Camp it so this is going to go one of two ways either I get my stuff I run away I have resupply and can throw smoke SL stuns out all game or I die and go to the goog immediately.

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I lied okay, there's a third option, which is that I just run away. I have no idea if anyone's here; hostile counter-UAVs are definitely overhead. I got my load out, though, so I'm going to try to run away. Where is this counter-UAV? Actually, they're like, right over the building, the bomb drone that's definitely going to come find me.

That bomb drone sounds like someone who is teaming. I can't have any of that in this game. Where are you? Is that where you go? It's going to be hard to hit. I'm probably going to get shot by it. I can't see. It i'll just try running away from it. Does that work? Come on, he's got to be so far away.

I don't really care. That was not a smart spot to put my load out, but I outran the bomb drone, so we survived to fight another day. Now I have to wait for my Lo to come down in literally the middle of the highway. I need to drop this riot shield because it's a starter pistol. Let me hide in here and do that.


We'll be seeing you later, my friend, and let me get the actual starter pistol back. Okay, wait, I don't want two of them. Well, I feel like I can have two. I have enough to go, my God, no no, smoke, run away, put on. I just heard him break. I'm in so much danger. The two people being here is not something I expected.

Pop that back on and put on my smokes. I want to get the stun that I left on the load out, but I got to see where this guy pushes me from, so let's put down some Claymores and be we're going to be sneaky boys. There's a stun grenade. Okay, now I see this; he's going to blow it up. I guarantee, it's not why it did not go off.

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Wait, I have one right here. I want to see if he runs through this Claymore, that CL he was right in front of it I call on that the man walked in front of the Claymore and it decided no man I got a case in the Mondays I'm not actually going to do my job that's why I put it down I think I would have been better off meleeing that person that's something I didn't think about before I jumped into this game melee might be the wave please come this way I want to get back so I can I don't know get my free load out doesn't look like that's going to happen, found a free armor plate that's nice I'm assuming they're right over in the middle, here, indeed all right free load out is down and that has a pistol class that I'm going to have to get problem is if you look on the mini map you see where this load out is there's an entire gunfight taking place, one guy just ran over to that building I'm going to try to be the world's sneakiest boy here could I have waited longer for this yes but I don't want.

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And now I run away and drop the riot shield because I have morals. There are rules to this plate seex. I'm going to Ste that but you know I got burned by I got burned pretty hard by that Claymore maybe I don't ever use those again I think we just hide in this building and hope no one pushes us or if they do I'm going to melee them that's going to be the change that I'm going to make going forward okay someone's riding around in a scooter over there night vision goggles we don't need them yet I got to close all the doors so people don't think anyone is home more some Texas, neat that's really what I'm going to have to use in UAV in the area that's why I put on ghosts if someone's remotely good they're going to see me on the UAV and they're going to push me because I'm going to be staying pretty much stationary in a building and I can't have that happen because I will die basically this game is just entirely about self-preservation, and I might have heard a footstep.

I'm trying to play for information as much as I can; that's a weird cracked door. Leave i think I leave and go into the water. I don't think I'm going to have the luxury of sitting around waiting to see where Zone goes. I'm going to go down this man-made water slide. It was less fun than I thought it was going to be.


When I think about it, water is probably my best bet for a victory. Here, I do have to be careful of that. That portable bum probably means someone's around there or was around there, but if I can get people to come into the water, I can actually get a kill. Maybe they're going to bring me some streaks.

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