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New season 3 reloaded events & crossovers

New season 3 reloaded events & crossovers

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over and talk about the upcoming season 3 Reloaded events, the one that we have with Devon Booker and potentially the NBA. We're also going to talk about some other events and other leaks that have been revealed to us so far. A quick reminder: I have been posting for the last couple days, going over upcoming events such as the virus Mainframe event.

I got early gameplay of the rewards and the bundles, as well as the upcoming reloaded content, so if you've been missing out on this news, I highly recommend you check these articles out.

New cod endowment veterans events

I have a playlist of all the latest Call of Duty news that you guys could check out anyway. Call of Duty is surprising us with a couple of events.

They've been very quiet about what's coming in with the reloaded update. So far, the only thing that Call of Duty has officially announced is the Call of Duty endowment. You assist veterans in the season event. Other than this small little sentence that they gave us in the blog post, they don't mention if it's going to be XP-based based, they don't mention if it's going to be a challenge-based type of thing going on.

Last time we saw a Call of Duty endowment event, I believe this was actually the very first event we've ever received in MW3. And that was the true Legends Field event, which was an XP-based event. If you were able to equip The Warrior Pack, if you purchased that, you would get an XP boost and you'd be able to get some rewards, and it finished off with a brand new camo.

It may end up being similar to that if that is the case, which means this event will last a week. This entire reloaded update is going to be around a month long, which means that we should be seeing a total of two to three events, a couple of minor ones and one big major event, and that brings me on to the next topic.

Cod x devin booker operator skin crossover

Cod x devin booker operator skin crossover

This hasn't been officially confirmed by Call of Duty but has been leaked, and that has to do with Devin Booker. Update, and so far they've been very accurate, so we did see Snoop Dogg; we did see Chich and Chong; and it just makes sense that Devin Booker will be added to the reloaded update based on the information that the leakers gave us; as of right now, the operator skin itself has not been revealed.

I did go and try to get some AI photos made, and just like the Milson version of what Devin Booker would probably look like, obviously Call of Duty will do a much better job than the AI that you're seeing here. This is just to get an idea of what the operator could potentially be. They're probably going to try to customize him a little bit.

For example, Kevin Durant had a beanie on; he had like a little Scythe on his back, and it was a little bit more customized. It hopefully looks a lot better than this, because, yeah, this one's not really that good. I believe that violates copyright laws and all that with the Phoenix Suns, so they're probably going to end up bringing him as some sort of Coney msim operator, very similar to what they did with Snoop Dog.

Cod x nba more operators & event

Cod x nba more operators & event

The problem with this is that although Dev Booker is definitely known here in the United States as being a superstar in the NBA, outside the United States, people don't really care or watch basketball too often, and if they do, it's not really the NBA. And that makes it so they don't really know who the people are unless they're like the face of it, for example, LeBron James.

Michael Jordan, and based on the leaks that we have, he could come in two different ways, whether it's a bigger event type of style where we come in with modes or other operators from the NBA, which I'm going to talk about in just a second. The other option would be a minor crossover. What I mean by a minor crossover is that usually there are some crossovers that are added into the game, which means the bundle drops in all by itself.


You guys can get that. That's something we've seen a lot happen with Modern Warfare 2 here in MW3, when they do these crossovers. They may introduce a small XP event, and that's to encourage people to buy it so they could get an XP boost for the events and the reward, so there might be like an upcoming camo you'll be able to unlock by gaining a bunch of XP.

You put on the Devon Booker operator skin, and you'll get a little XP boost. That's what I think could potentially happen. If this happens, there's also the opportunity that this could be a much bigger event. Remember, when it comes to leaks, there's always the potential that only a part of a bigger picture has been leaked, and if that is true, maybe we could see some other operator skins that are tied to the NBA.

There might be an entire bigger event. I feel like the NBA as a whole is definitely a little bit better known than one or two superstars. If you remember, we did see that World Cup event where they brought in Messi, Pogba, and Neymar, and they brought in multiple different operators. With the events, they did have a small LTM; it was like a Rocket League knockoff.

cod devin booker

We also ended up having this thing where you were able to pick which team you think is going to win, and if you were able to guess the winning teams correctly, you would get a weapon blueprint as a reward, and there were like a bunch of other rewards you're able to get currently in the NBA as the playoffs have started.

This is a prime opportunity for them to do something very similar to being able to guess which team is going to win, and then following that, you might end up getting some sort of reward in regards to it. You can't even forget some of the other big players in the NBA, for example. LeBron James: I actually saw a couple of Call of Duty concepts that people did create for him, and they really wanted to see him in past Call of Duty titles.

This is definitely a collaboration that many of us would like to see, and just looking at this concept right here, if this were to come into Call of Duty, would you guys cop this or not anyway? If this ends up being a bigger crossover, this also opens up the doors to different types of modes and LTMs that we could receive, such as a basketball LTM.

Cod x nba limited time modes

Cod x nba limited time modes

That's definitely something Call of Duty could do; we've seen them do multiple different LTMs with superpowers, arcade modes, and playlists, and they could do something like that.

NEW MW3 x NBA Crossover Update! Operators, Event, More! - Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Reloaded.
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