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7 secret rebirth challenges & rewards

7 secret rebirth challenges & rewards

what's going on guys welcome back to a brand new article today what I got for you guys in this one there's actually a set of secret challenges that you can do right now on rebirth. All the upcoming season 3 operator bundles: If you want to know about the bundles, the weapon blueprints that they come with, the Tracer effects, and the prices.

Anyway, let's go ahead and let's jump into it, but the very first Easter egg challenge that you can do this one is as a squad have three UAV.

Squad assemble secret challenge & reward

Towers are active at the same time on Rebirth Island, although in the challenge they mentioned that as a squad, you can do it solo, and that's what I did here in this article clip.

The first thing you want to do is locate three UAV towers that are right next to each other. I would recommend this area that I landed in; they were very close. Usually, you get around a minute per UAV tower once they start activating. What you want to do is go over and collect as much money as you can.

You'll need a total of $6, 000. Once you get that money, you can start doing them. Run to each UAV tower, activate it, and keep going to the next one. You have to make sure that you do them quickly, and once you do it correctly, you will get the secret challenge popping up, and that will unlock you the brand new missing home weapon sticker, and this is what that weapon sticker will look like.

This challenge is a little bit different from the others; you will need to actually build this UAV tower. It's not very common for you to have three UAV towers active at the same time anyway, so this is definitely a challenge that you need to go out of your way to actually complete. Following Other challenges are going to be a little bit more time-consuming, but you can usually complete them by simply playing Resurgence, the next challenge that we have.

Vehicle secret challenge & rewards

Vehicle secret challenge & rewards

This one is going to be driving a vehicle in 25 matches of Rebirth Island Works in any of the game modes. All you have to do is simply land at a helicopter and just get in it and drive it for a couple of seconds, and then you can back out and redo it, and you'll have to consistently do this; there's around three to four helicopters that are very consistent; they don't ever change, so you can always land at those same spots.

I did it, and I never really had any issues with other people trying to get to the helicopter. So this is something that you'll definitely be able to knock out. Usually, you can mix this in with some of the other challenges that you need to complete for this Easter egg, but once you do,. You will unlock the new ominous Runner ATV skin, and it's a Coney-themed ATV skin.

Although you don't really see ATVs on the map, this is the reward that you unlock for the following.

Squad assemble secret challenge & rewards


The next challenge that we have, this one, is going to be performed on May 25. The squad assembles on Rebirth Island, so you better understand what this challenge is. Call of Duty now rewards you for playing with your squad and landing with them, so what will happen is that at the start of every match, if you mark a destination, you actually get a free 5,000 XP.

Right at the beginning, this is something that you can do in every game and always get XP. This won't really help for the challenges, just to better understand what the squad assemble is to explain: if one of my teammates ends up landing at a POI or any sort of location, it will have a little marker icon that will appear, and if you land within that radius of the marker, it will count as a squad-assembled landing, and you'll know that you actually did it correctly because you will get extra XP for landing together, and you'll even say squad-assembled.

You'll need to do this a total of 25 times. It doesn't matter if you land first or your teammate lands first; as long as you guys land together and right within the radius of the area of landing, you should be good to go. By completing this challenge, you will unlock a new animated emblem called the tower.

This is definitely one of those challenges that you will complete over time simply by playing, as long as you land with your teammates and play with them. This is definitely something you don't really have to worry about too much; you'll end up completing it regardless.

Container secret challenge & rewards

Container secret challenge & rewards

The next challenge that we have is actually very straightforward and easy, but it is time-consuming, and this one is going to be opening 25 containers on Rebirth Island. As it is. I don't think this counts towards rank, so if you play regular rebirth modes, as long as you open these crates at some point whenever you complete the challenge, you will be good to go, and they're really hard to track.

I noticed the only way you can track them is with the weekly challenges. Because one of them is to open 75 crates. If you have been consistently playing Rebirth Island, this is a challenge that you will complete with no problem. Once you finish it, you will unlock the fire below the loading screen.

You can also check the loading screen tab to make sure and see if you've already completed it.

Contracts secret challenge & rewards

cod skins

You may already have this reward available for you, but following that There's also another challenge, and this one is to complete 50 contracts. On Rebirth Island, and the only tip that I can really give you is to do contracts that you're most comfortable with.

I tested out every single one of them, and if you know what you're doing, then every single one of them is a valid one. Completing the SC scavenger contracts was pretty quick for me, as was uploading the Intel. Sometimes the Intel would probably be located at the top of the prison, where there would be a lot of gunfights going on, so it''s very hard to actually upload it because you have to sit there and wait for it to oad.

free operator

Another option is if you see a pretty sweaty lobby and there's a lot of people running around eliminating each other and everyone's running it down, you can actually grab a bounty contract. There's been numerous times where, as soon as I pick it up, it will automatically get completed for me. That's because as long as the bounty is eliminated, it doesn't have to be by you; you end up actually getting the rewards, and it completes the contract for you, and then the scavenger boxes are pretty straightforward.

As soon as you grab that, you just run in and open these boxes. If there's nobody near you, they're very easy to complete. Sometimes they also all spawn right next to each other, making it one of the easiest contracts to actually complete, and then there's also the new spy drone contract. In this one, you just go over to the spy drones and shoot them.

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