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Modern Warfare 3: Zombies has a new endgame activity that's even beyond doing the Elder sigils in the dark for Rift. It's a unique boss that you fight in Ukan, and it's a giant worm—not the worm from the end of Act 3 or the worm from the end of Act 4—this is a special worm called grum. Most people just seem to be calling it the red worm.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to spawn the red worm because it's not as easy as it looks and how to beat it. We've attempted it four times, and we've been successful three times, so I think we've got a pretty good idea of how to beat this thing. And it is worth beating because you can get some exclusive schematics from it, including the Flawless etherium Crystal that will immediately pack-a-punch your weapons to level three but does have a free-day cool down, which is absolutely ridiculous, the special Epic epha tool that will immediately get your weapon up to Orange Rarity, the highest rarity it can go, and that only has a one-day cool down, and the scorcher schematic, which I still haven't found yet; it's the only thing I don't have in this game, and it's absolutely driving me mad.

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So gyam first of all I think you probably have to finish the act four Story Mission and unlock the dark EA before you even take on this boss and I think that's a good idea anyway because it's easier than doing this boss, and it gives you the chance to get some upgrades that will make this boss fight so much easier, so do the act four mission where you'll end up going into the dark EA for the first time and then completing some quick like challenges in there and fighting a big worm boss on the beach if you need any tips on how to fight the worm boss on the beach I strongly suggest you hang around in the bathrooms kind of on the right hand side of the beach if you go out the front there you can easily duck in to avoid the worm's laser attacks, and it generally won't come up and eat you and the orbs seem to get stuck on the cliffs as well so it just makes this entire fight much easier.

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Then you need to unlock the dark EA by doing the Easter egg. There's plenty of other guides on channels like Mr. Offer Waffles, Noah J., and Mr. D.J.D.; they've all got amazing guides on there, so I'm not going to go through the whole thing, but basically you have to get four items. One is from Act 4 Story Mission, and you'll get the journal that's kind of misty, cold, and locked.

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Then you also need to go get a brain-rot-infused weapon and shoot one of the spores in the eye until it turns green, then interact with it to get some pills. And then you need to take that through one of the e for Rifts that kind of throw you up in the air then fly through the portal that takes you through and complete the special purple contract that it takes you to you also have to do that for two other items to get the CCTV, camera you have to get dead wire on a gun and then shoot one of the E orbs that's flying around it will turn yellow destroy it that will give you the CCTV camera then again go through a rift jump through the second Rift that spawns, and then you'll get another contract that you have to complete and finally you have to find a dog house and put a m mov in it you don't need a piece of meat just the molotov will do and then destroy the dog that comes out of that get the dog col off it and then again go through the rift go through the second Rift and complete the contract, once you've got all four objects you can put them on the Alters on the object where the big kind of portal thing is where the big tornado is in the map at the moment.

That will light up all of the altars, assuming you put them on the right one, so the dog Coler is on fire and the CCTV camera is on fire. The pills are the brain root one, and then the journal is the ice one. Once you put all four of those on, you'll have to fight another abomination. That's not too hard if you've got like a few turrets and a decently upgraded gun; you should be absolutely fine, and then you would have unlocked a dark EA.

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Phew that was a lot of hard work then you want to go into the dark EA if you go into the normal dark EPA using a normal sigil you'll be able to get some really cool items like an EPA blade case that gives you a special lethal, that won't ever get used up you kind of throw it and then it recharges a few seconds later it's like a blowing purple knife that will kill free zombies or so then come back to you and you can just keep on using it over and over again it's even a One-Shot kill on tier threee zombies which is super useful, you can also get the dog bone which will instantly summon a tier threee dog companion that if you're solo will actually revive you I have heard it revives you in teams as well but I don't think I've ever actually seen that happen, and then finally you can get the golden armor plate which I think is the most useful, this replaces your armor satel with sort of Golden Plates that will con stantly recharge so you don't ever need to worry about plating up.

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If you manage to get an older signature, you can actually go in and do those contracts with a half-hour time limit, and then you can get the schematics for those ones so you can make one for yourself every 2 days. Now I strongly suggest you do all of these things, because even though that seems like a huge amount of work, having those special items, particularly the golden armor plates, but also.

I think, the EA blade and the dog bone, really will help you in the gym fight. It is a tough fight, but now, finally, let's get to the part of the article where I show you how to summon this worm and how to beat it. So in the game where you're going to be fighting Gream, make sure you're as set up as you possibly can be with the gear that you bring in.

If you can bring in Golden Plates, an EA blade, a dog bone, or all three, that's absolutely amazing. I would suggest bringing in an LMG of some kind, just because it does a huge amount of damage and you'll be able to have a massive magazine size. The ones that use a magazine to feed them also help a lot, so things like pulling up where you've got the belt that takes too long to reload.

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I really like using the other ones, like the new Tac Eradicator. I think that's an amazing gun for this. If you've got an epic EA tool, that's incredible because if you get it up to Orange Rarity, obviously it does an insane amount more damage than a normal gun would, and then obviously bring in your perks and everything like that.

Don't worry too much about having to bring in an epha crystal that's like a high rarity. You're going to be waiting around right until the end of the game anyway, so you're going to have plenty of time to pack and punch things. Once you get into the game, the first thing you want to do is find out where the USB sticks are going to spawn.

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