News - Free Warzone 2 Multiplayer & Zombies Access Update, New Free Rewards & More (season 1 Dlc)



We're finally getting free access to Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and even zombies. I'll break down all the details and times in this article, plus I'll go through my Cod picks for week two of the CDL, how to get those free rewards, and much more.


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Mw3 free access release times & file download

Up here we have free access for MW3, we have MP Maps, a bunch of modes, zombies, ground door, let's go through all the details, so first off, MW3 free access begins on December 14th at 10:00 a. M pacific time and ends on December 18th at 10:00 a.

modern warfare 3

M pacific time, so a couple of days there is not too bad. An additional download is required to play; see your platform for details on file size. Of course, if you don't own MW3, you only have War Zone downloaded. You're going to have to make sure you have the Cod HQ application downloaded, which is around 80 to 100 GB, and then also the extra multiplier and zombies files as well.

You won't have to download the campaign, but you're going to have to download a bunch of additional content to play MW3 for free. I'll break down those specific details in a couple days, but it should just pop up in the Playstation. Xbox One. Battle. Net, or Steam Store, wherever you're getting it, on any platform you're going to be able to get it for free.

Of course, the trial will end, but you do have to download all those files to get that free access, which is a lot. Hopefully you guys have room for that to go through and, just in time for the holidays, get a taste of MW3. During the free access period from December 14th through December 18th, players will experience a variety of MP content throughout the event, from classic maps like high-rise rust and shipment to the new season 1 meat map plus the new war mode, the zombies mode, and much more, so first up here for multiplayer.

All mw3 multiplayer free access content revealed

All mw3 multiplayer free access content revealed

We're of course getting access to that meat map, which, again, if you guys haven't played that map, is probably one of my favorite maps in the game Super Close Quarters. I honestly enjoy it more than shipment; I'm kind of sick of shipment at this point, and meat is just as good for getting camos GR grinding weapons quickly.

It is super hectic and a ton of fun, so Meet season 1 introduces the new map. Meet a compact slaughterhouse located in California's Port of Oakland. Whether you battle in close quarters through the meat locker and processing plant or extend the fight into the mid-range by taking to the outer loading dock and parking lot, the new tax sensibility is perfect for this environment.

Combining agility and accuracy to stay light on your feet while remaining on target, combat moves quickly on this small siiz map, so be ready to engage right at the start of the match. Shotguns and SMGs are your prime cut here, with mid-range weapons gaining some traction outdoors. Stick with your teammates to keep the odds in your favor and be fast on the trigger to gain the initiative over your enemy, so again, you're seeing some gameplay in the background right now, which is super hectic and a ton of fun.

Make sure you're pre-aiming. If you have an AR lmg, a sniper because you don't want to get caught lacking, and if you have an SMG and shotgun, just go full guns blazing at the other side of the map into the middle of the map as well if you're playing hardpoint. It's really a super, super solid map, definitely the best Close Quarters map in this game.

All mw3 zombies free access content revealed

All mw3 zombies free access content revealed

Pretty solid; MW2.2009 maps as well, switching over to something I didn't think would happen: free access to Modern Warfare Zombies. This is so interesting, zombies. For the first time in the Modern Warfare universe, free-access players can get more than a taste of the new gameplay experience.

As they join Operation Deadbolt in their mission to contain the exclusion zone taking place on a zombified version of the new Big Ukan, map players will deploy to and complete missions and contracts and acquire high-value items like acquisitions and schematics that could be exfiltrated from the match for use in future deployments.

Power up through classic zombie items like the mystery box and pack a bunch of machine-equipped Wonder Weapons like the Ray Gun, the Wonder Wolf, the vr11, and the new scorcher. Modern Warfare Zombies is a fully cooperative game mode where squads work together to push farther into the exclusion zone, gaining greater rewards as the threats intensify.


Overall, for those who have played MW zombies, let others know. I've seen, a wide range of opinions on MW zombies in this game some people think it's the most boring thing they've ever played other people think it's actually better than round Bas zombies and I'm kind of in the middle here because it actually is pretty fun it's a better version of DMZ in my opinion if you were a big DMZ fan last year you're definitely going to enjoy MW zombies I think it's all the great parts of DMZplus zombies, plus a bunch of new missions and you know different Easter eggs as well new boss fights, the only thing that they don't have is player versus player I know a lot of people kind of enjoy that in DMZ fighting other teams but I feel like most DMZ players didn't like when you would actually attack other players that seemed to be a pretty big thing there and they got rid of that for MW zombies so for the hardcore DMZ fans I feel like MW zombies is a pretty good mode and for hardcore zombie fans if you liked outbreak if you like that style of an open world map completing, missions and getting stuff that way you're definitely going to like this as well now if you're a round-based player it's not round to based zombies, it's definitely, completely different.

And obviously next year we're going to get some more round-based content for Try's next CoD, but I think MW Zombie is a fairly respectable mode, a lot better than Vanguard Zombie, not better than Black Ops Cold War, but it's pretty solid, so you know it's going to be for free. Be sure to check it out if you haven't played it yet.

New mw3 war mode & map free access

New mw3 war mode & map free access

Here's what you're getting with the free access: We have a new war mode here. Compete in wars. Operation spearheads a multiphase, objective mode. The attacking team's objective is to three-fold destroy the enemy teams. Sam site and radar escort a tank through hostile territory and upload override codes to prevent an incoming missile launch on the defending team.

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