News - First Look: New Warzone 2 Mastercrafts, The Boys Event Bundles & Season 1 Blackcell Rewards

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All right, guys, so Call of Duty just revealed the entire MW3 season 1 battle pass and black cell upgrade. Let's go through all the content. We're getting the weapons. The Operators and much more are here, so first off, again, an overview of Black Cell Season 1. We're getting the new operator skin abolisher, which looks pretty cool, a weapon blueprint, and a finishing move.

1,00 extra C points The battle pass includes 20 plus-tier skips, a bunch of bonus operator skins, six weapon blueprints, and the vehicle skin, and of course, if you got the MW3 Evolt Edition, you will automatically get access to the black cell upgrade tomorrow, when season 1 goes live, which is pretty cool.

And of course, before we go any further, be sure to check out u4 GM if you need help getting MW3 mastery, Camos zombie schematics, rare unlocks, and much more. They have a bunch of stuff over there. Use code mat for an extra 5% off. There's a lot of stuff here that they just revealed today. Of course, with the battle pass, you get 20 battle token tier skips.

25 PlayStation the black cell includes all that as well. If you buy the black cell, it's $30 USD, but you do get a lot back if you go through everything. You get a lot of C points back as well, so if you already planned on buying C points, it kind of makes it a little less expensive. I guess it's still pretty expensive, though.


But for the black cell again, season 1, here are some of the operator skins you're getting that mean new operator abolisher, It's pretty solid. The black and gold is cool, and I do want them to switch it up eventually, but at least the abolisher skin has a little bit of a red glowing effect as well, which makes it a bit interesting and a bit more unique than you know what we saw for previous black cell upgrades last year in MW2, which is pretty cool.

Of course, the black cell sector is a separate sector in the battle pass that gives you all that extra content. The new operator abolisher is there. 1.00 C points are there as well. We have a Man of War Haymaker shotgun weapon blueprint that features Blood Rose tracers and the Blood Rose pedal dismemberment death effect, which, as we talk about, looks pretty solid.

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You're also getting that warhorse vehicle skin looking pretty cool, that exclusive operator finishing move as well, and all that good stuff. Black cell again; they go through that operator all right for some more operators. I feel like a lot of the base operator skins in the battle pass already look pretty cool.

And it's not like I don't like the black cell look, but I feel like if you just got the battle pass, you can't afford the black cell upgrade. It's not that big of a deal, and if you can afford the black cell upgrade and get the V Edition, it's still pretty cool. It's just a little extra content, so you know again.

For the other operator here on the left, that's the base one, and on the right, that's the black cell one. the black cell one here for what's this done by, I still can't pronounce that correctly. Maybe it's just based on that. But the black cell variant of this operator does actually look pretty solid, so I'll give them that, of course.

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But for some more operators, here we have foliage skins for jet at sector A2. On the left is the base one, and on the right is the black one, so in this case, the base one, in my opinion, looks pretty good. Maybe it's not as vibrant and doesn't pop like the black cell one with the gold here and the gold hands, but I think the camo has more of a, you know, cooler lowkey milsim.

Vibe right; they even say here G. Gear up with a milsim look featuring full body camo and a cape designed to match the color and texture of fallen leaves. That's a pretty solid look. We have the undaunted skins for Pathfinder on the left here. A black, white, and orange type of color scheme that you see throughout the entire battle passes on the right.

The black variant is pretty cool, but for this one, I prefer the base one that's sector A3 again. Now we have the resonance skins for Enigma sector A5 on the left, a little less vibrant, the same type of color scheme as well, and the black cell variant on the right. Okay, we have the speedrunner skins for Doc at sector A8 on the left, and there is the base one on the right.

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the black cell one the black cell one actually does look pretty cool. the completely covered face there we have, let's see Scorch here these two or no. the base one I think the base one is for sure better, actually, with the gas mask as well. Now we have some BBQ operator skins. Here on the left is the base one on the right black cell.

The black cell here actually looks a bit better. I'll tell them that we have new score skins again on the left tier that look white. I actually like this one a little more, but the black one's still cool. Okay, now for some weapons. Of course, now that these weapons are new DLC weapons, you don't have to buy black cells, and you don't have to buy the battle pass to unlock them.

All you have to do is progress normally, get your battle tokens, and progress through, and you'll unlock those weapons for free, which is pretty cool. First up here, we have the XRK stalker sniper rifle at sector A4. Again, a free unlock there. It looks like a pretty cool sniper, of course, based on the ballista, you know.

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Sol stuff there we have the ram 7 returning sector a 7 you're unlocking that for free can't wait to get that one we have the stor render launcher at sector a12 again for free we have a jack purifier aftermarket part at sector A14, also for free and other DLC weapons will release later on down the line for season one reloaded and Beyond pretty much.

We're also getting new weapon blueprints, vehicle skins, and additional content. 20 weapon blueprints, a vehicle skin—they go through all that stuff. a quick preview of some of the COS minutes we're getting here we have the 03 yellow Barrel pretty solid there sector A10 sector a15. We have the carbonized; look here, that's pretty cool.

A couple of the skins we're getting go through; it's the same skin, but you obviously get it for different weapons at different sectors. I actually like that they're doing that there, so those are some of the sectors. You're getting this one at this one's fire, the charcoal molten red. We saw this previewed in the trailer a couple days ago or last week, and I thought this was potentially a new boy camo since that event is returning.

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I thought maybe it's going to be a similar type of vibe there, but no, this is a base battle pass camo that you're getting that, I guess, kind of slightly animates. I don't know if it's a full-on Mastercraft weapon, but it's still so cool. We have the M25. The black cell variants literally all look the same, which is fine, but you know.

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