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Free rewards for weekly mw3 cdl 2024 matches!

I know what's going on I've been watching these players I've watching cot Esports for almost a decade now so I like to think I know what's going on here of course if you correctly predict these matches you will get extra XP extra rewards, make sure your activation account is connected here but as long as you just copy these up on screen or if you know yourself you could disagree with me of course but if you guys don't know anything about the CDL just copy these here and you should be able to get some free rewards there extra XP other Cosmetics, all that good stuff now week one might be a bit hectic I might be wrong on some of these here cuz it's the beginning of a new game there's a bunch of new rosters.

I know how the players perform for the most part, but sometimes there are upsets, and you know that. Heretics Carolina royal Ravens are new teams here that we don't know for sure how exactly they're going to play in league matches, so it might be a bit iffy, but as the weeks go on.

All modern warfare 3 free rewards & xp for cdl events!

All modern warfare 3 free rewards & xp for cdl events!

Also, there's a ton of Cod League viewership rewards they're giving out here, so let's break down what we're seeing for the season 1 major one split starting today, Friday, December 8th. Make sure your Activision account is connected to YouTube because the CDL is streaming exclusively on YouTube for MW3.

Here today, you're going to get a bunch of these rewards: 60 minutes of Double XP. Unlocked at an hour of watch time, a clutcher kick emblem at an hour 30 minutes of watch time, and a shoot frag celebrate calling card at 2 hours of watch time again. If you don't like these streams, you don't really care about watching them; just have them in the background; it's easy cosmetics and XP.


Next here for Saturday at 1 hour of watch time you're going to get 60 Minutes of double weapon XP and an hour 30 minutes you're going to get this callon card here 2 hours of watch time you're going to get this animated emblem, 2 hours and 30 minutes watch time at TV charm there on Sunday an hour of watch time more double XP there an hour 30 minutes you're going to get to have a nice day sticker at 2 hours you're going to get a exclusive weapon blueprint which look pretty cool and 2 hours 30 minutes of watch time you get another emblem there so simple stuff and throughout the entire, split as well for the rest of the major one qualifiers, each weekend if you guys don't know there's new matches so throughout all these matches when you just watch the game play each weekend each day you're going to get more double XP and more double weapon XP so if you guys really want to level up your weapons especially this is just easy extra XP to get just make sure to tune into the live matches.

Every weekend Friday through Sunday and you're going to get all of this XP pretty easily it goes up to 14, hours there so it's pretty simple to do and of course for the final major one tournament at the end of January that's going to be in Boston we're going to have some more cosmetics and XP as well so on Thursday January 25th you're going to have more double XP at an hour another emblem here at an hour 30 minutes, more double weapon XP at 2 hours of watch time 2 hours 30 minutes another calling card there on Friday more double XP another pretty cool callon card double weapon XP, another emblem there I mean usually the CDL Cosmetics are pretty solid honestly.

Saturday, the same type of stuff here: Double XP will be right back emblem here; more weapon XP; another callon card; on the final day, we have a double XP. Another charm another pretty solid blueprint as well and some double weapon XP, so again, nothing crazy, but it's just easy extra cosmetics to get, so be sure to get all that there, and I'll be sure to update you guys exactly when all this is going live at the end of January. I'll, of course, update you guys again because you might forget at that point, but you know we'll go through that when the time comes.

New separate mw3 & warzone season 1 viewership rewards

New separate mw3 & warzone season 1 viewership rewards

There are also some more viewership rewards, and we also have a separate war zone and MW3 rewards here, so we just got this revealed yesterday, but now we have more information on what we're doing here, so apparently if you watch a Twitch streamer that is playing MW3, specifically, you're going to get these rewards here.

This Emerald bot hits different blueprints and a war drone. You have to watch every streamer play Just MW3 to get these cosmetics, and for the War Zone cosmetics, you have to watch a streamer play War Zone exclusively.

Special warzone gulag event releasing soon

Mw3 ␜the boys␝ event for season 1 reloaded

Mw3 ␜the boys␝ event for season 1 reloaded

Mortal kombat crossover event in modern warfare 3?

This could just be a bundle or an actual in-game, you know, XP event or a challenge event; there is no confirmation there, but it could be interesting.

More dlc weapons for modern warfare 3 leaked!

For , some more DLC weapons as well, probably even more for season 2, but you never know, we have an AK 556. Interesting there are two more ARS releases as well.

Again, they're always going to release new DLC ARS. That's how it is.

Free modern warfare 3 access weekend coming soon

For an update on a free trial, there is going to be one at some point during MW3. Very soon.

All new modern warfare 3 season 1 operators early preview

With this game here we went from absolutely no bundles and barely any Cosmetics when MW3 first came out for the first couple weeks which I thought was really weird to just so much content so again a lot of these look pretty cool the main operators are okay the bundles that don't cost that much those operators are solid they're not too bad but then you have the ultra skins which you could easily tell which one is an ultra skin by the amount of just glowing, effects and light coming out from the operators and some of the operators, clearly look a lot better than others at least in my opinion I feel like there are some objective, better operators here in this article there are some season 1 battle pass operators of course we already know those are in the battle pass those aren't that big of a deal but most of these are all you know the new bundle operators.

And I doubt, I don't think any of these are for events as well, but in the future, as we talked about, we would love to see an event reward be an actual operator. We barely get operators for completing events and challenges, but there are some things like, you know, the zombie operator you get for completing all the MW3 zombie missions—that's pretty cool, but for a new event.

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