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So recently, I posted a article talking about how the red zone is unplayable because there are so many players taking all the contracts, and it's hard to actually complete some of the contracts. But lately I've been playing the Red Zone, and I'm noticing a lot of zombies, and the majority of them are runners.

I feel like most of the zombies are now running, catching me a lot faster, so right here is some of the loot that we just got in the Red Zone. We got the red gun, and we got some schematics. You know, it's kind of hard to do without ether when we can't even get through the red zone. So anyway, these are some of the items that we're going to be using right here.

So we're going to pack a punch to level one, we're going to use the legendary tool right away, and we're going to head straight up to the Ray. We're going to go ahead and complete some contracts. I'm going to go ahead and show you how to actually master the R zone in the best possible way for you to complete contracts and grind for that high-tier loot.


First things first, when you first come to the Red Zone, you're going to notice there's always going to be a lot of zombies, especially if you're one of the first ones to actually get here. Now, you're always going to be the Outlast contract. This is going to be the Outlast contract. This is going to be one of your first contracts that you're going to see at the beginning of the match.

As soon as you pick out that contract, make sure you guys are wrong, as you can see me doing right here. You pick up the contract, and you run right away now. By far, this is the best weapon. Now we're going to go back in here and make sure we didn't miss anything in this crate. Also, don't die picking out this contract if anything goes to the other door.

But anyway, so we're going to go ahead and do this Outlast contract right here, and, like I said, this is the best weapon to play in the Red Zone if you're still a beginner or if you're still having issues playing solo doing this tier three. You know the area, so basically, the WSP Swarm is absolutely OP.

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I noticed that a lot of people have not been using this weapon because it is getting boring using the most overpowered weapon if you guys are having issues actually staying alive and completing some of the contracts. And just looting here in the Red Zone, definitely use the W USB SW. So anyway, once you activate the Outlas contract, the thing you guys want to do is climb right here.

After you climb here, all you have to do is pretty much just stay up here and shoot some of the zombies that are climbing up. You see, we are talking about 200 rounds on each weapon by the time these zombies try to climb up. I mean, you hit there with a major amount of fire, rays, and. The shots are just coming at them as fast as they can, so anyway, so right here, another thing you can do is throw a thermite, right where they're climbing up, and the dogs.

If you blow out the dogs, they're going to burn the zombies as well. That's going to help as well, so if you fall, go to the opposite side. Right here now, what's going to happen at this moment is that they're going to go outside the window, and they're going to come from this side of the window.

easy red zone in mwz

If you feel like you're getting overwhelmed, make sure you throw a deco grenade. A deco grenade is definitely one of the best things that you can use. As you can see, they have two areas that block the right and left sides. It was a little hard for me to actually let me climb up here; it's a little hard for me to actually get around here, so if anything, just throw a deco grenade.

So we got two self-revised, and we got. Ethereum Crystal, but we don't need that one, so we're going to go ahead and climb up here, and I'm going to show you guys another thing that you can do right here, so as far as the r on one of the things you guys want to notice is that these weapon stats right here are always going to show up here on the same spot, so if you just did the Outlast contract, expect that you know one of the next contracts might be the weapon stash.

easy red zone mwz

So once you get here, especially in the Red Zone, you want to notice a few things, so here you got a few, ethernet-infested strongholds, you got yours. You know Pack-a-Punch, and then you have your ammo stash, so the ammo stash for you to refill your ammo always keeps track of where it is in the map, so learning the map is definitely key in M3 Zombie because it's going to allow you to, you see, right here I'm going to throw a thermite; it's going to actually destroy them a lot faster.

And remember, don't get burned. If you guys do get burned, try to heal up with your armor as fast as you can, but always have a self-revive. So on this article, you're going to see me actually having multiple self-fires. So this guy right here is going to show me, you know, throw me an invitation, and we're going to go ahead and accept it just because I know he wants to complete the contract as well.

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So anyway, right here we have Tombstone. I know the CST, so we're not really getting enough loot. So one of the things you want to do if you're going to go get your weapon Pack-a-Punch, you jump from the wall you're going to jump straight into the zip line you're going to climb right here and then you're going to Glide all the way down so what this is going to do is you're going to skip all these zombies that you might be fighting and facing you're going to be able to get all the way over here which is, the best thing that you can possibly do so right here we got a pack-a-punch level two now we're going to go ahead and pick up a few perks especially since we are able to start the match, at least with 5, 000 Essence since we already got the containment level all the way up so we're going to go ahead and pick up a few all so we missing the speed cola.

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And that is it, so a dead shot is going to give you critical heat damage. When you aim at the side of Speed Cola, you're going to be able to aim fast. Armor play Fast And, basically reload fast that's what I mean and you got Quick Revive which is going to heal you a lot faster jugut you got extra health so another thing is if you come from this area right here this is the safe heaven right here so if you're going from the left or the right when you first start the match and you guys want to go straight to the Red Zone come to the heel up here you're going to see this Tower, think I made a article a long time ago explaining about this Tower so this Tower you able to see the whole entire map from up here especially the red zone so basically even if you come from the bottom this is one of the best spots that you can actually go so right here you can plan your next, step you either as you can see we got two self RIS we got a Epic tool now we do got two Wonder Weapons.

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