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Welcome back to another article. Today we're going to be showing you guys how to increase your stash space. Basically, we're going to be doing the glitch using the tombstone. Now this is not the duplication one that people have been doing; this is going to be a little bit different. As you can see right here, your stat is pretty much 10 out of 10; you can't increase it.

I'm going to show you guys right here that I got 13 out of 10 right now, and as you can see right here, we're going to go ahead and equip the seal. And then after that, we're going to go ahead and unequip the other item. As you can see, we are able to put all of these items in the stash, even though the stash is already full.

Prior to this, when I was trying to put one of those in the stash, it did not work; you had to take one of the items out of the stash and then put all the other items in the stash. Now you can only do this after you do the Tombstone glitch, which I'm about to show you guys exactly how to do, especially if you want to do a solo.

It's definitely easy to do solo. You guys are now about to show you guys. I just crafted another item to see if I could put it in the stash, and it did not work. I'm going to go ahead and craft another item right here, and I cannot put it in my stash even though my stash set is full. I'm able to put so many items in there.

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Another thing that you guys need to remember is that the items that you're going to put in there are not recognized by the system, but they're still essentially the same thing, so we're going to go ahead and jump into a match. We're taking these four, these five items, actually to the masch. Now we're going to go ahead.

First things first, we're going to find a tombstone. After we find Tombstone, we actually need some money for that, so we need $2,00, so basically, just complete a contract, and then you'll be able to get $22, 000. Also, you can always bring a tombstone from your stash if you have one, but like I said, I already used it, so I got to wait for the cooldown.

The next thing that we need to do is drain the tombstone. Like I said, as you saw in the intro, I already did this once, but I wanted to go ahead and do it one more time so you guys can follow every single step. So right here, you're going to go ahead and die since you already have a tombstone equipped.


You're pretty much not going to lose any of your items. For the countdown, make sure nobody revise you, and do not plead for help. After this, you should get the elimination screen, which is all R. You're going to go ahead and leave the match. After you leave the match, you have two choices right here: you can switch to a different Strike Team with a bigger backpack, and the only reason why I took the same option is because I only brought five items either way, so there was no point in me switching to a different operator with a bigger backpack.

how to do the supplication glitch

Also, you guys, this part right here was actually cool right here, but anyway. After that, go ahead and go to your tombstone. Make sure you guys do not die right here, because if you do, you're pretty much going to lose everything, so right here, throw a decco grenade. Grab all the items that you need right here which is pretty simple do not equip any of the item and sure you guys press X if you on Playstation to basically put it on your backpack after this you're going to go ahead and go to the reath activate the reath because this is where you have to go make sure you guys don't die I do recommend you guys throwing that second decoy grenade, just to actually get the zombies off of you make sure you guys vote, once you vote make sure that Deco grenade is out you guys and as soon as the countdown start be ready to close the app once you go in the portal and the screen is purple that's when you're going to close the Call of Duty app after that you're going to go ahead and get back in the game and continue, now I'm going to go ahead and show you guys if I try to unequip.

Any item right here will still not work, so what you guys have to do is take one of the items from the stash. Make sure you guys take one of the items from the stash. I always take the sel, and then you can go ahead and un-equip everything else, even the one that you took out of the stash. Now look at this.

how to get s stash in mw3 zombies

I got 23 out of 10, and you can go ahead and keep doing this over and over again. Now, why is this important? Because you can go ahead and craft every single item and every single schematic, and then you're going to go ahead and do the glitch, and then you're going to equip everything in there so you can go ahead and have multiple legendary tools.

Epic tools refine etherum crystal. Flawless etherum crystal Pretty much every single item is a weapon. Classify items pretty much everything, you guys, but I do recommend playing the game the right way, but if you guys want to try, this is the reason why I made the article. Drop a like on this article.

We're on the road to 10, 000.

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