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So with the season 2 reload, we got a new D ether, and with that, there are four items that you are going to need to open a new D ether reft. Recently, I posted a article on how to unlock the new Dether Rift. Now, once you open the new D ether, you can either use a regular SE or you can use an elder SE right away, so in this article, we're going to show you guys how to complete the elder dark ether with some simple steps.

Now, using this method, I was using it on the other dark ether. Now, as you can see right here, we're going to be using the Elder Seure, so we can play the hard difficulty and grind for the schematics. Now, with these steps, you can actually complete this solo, or you can do it with some friends.

Now, it is kind of hard to do sometimes with friends because you have to keep your eye on them, make sure they don't die, and whatnot, but doing a solo, you can go out at your own pace. So anyway, if you want to do this solo, follow the steps, you guys. This is the easiest way to complete the Elder Dether.

So once you spawn here, obviously, you're going to have three contracts. Now that we have the bounty, we have the ether extractor. And we got the Outlast first contract, which is going to be right here on this building, so as soon as you spawn, it's literally right behind you. The first tip is basically to have at least four LT 53s.

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We also have two Decco grenades on top of that. Another thing we're going to be having is dogs, and we're going to have golden armor now. The golden armor and the dog are not a requirement, but if you guys want to make it easy, definitely have a golden armor. First things first, we're going to head to the back of that building that I was just talking about.

This is going to be the first contract right here, you guys. This is basically going to be the bounty. Now we're not going to be showing you guys the game play yet for this bounty that we're about to do. First, we're going to be doing the easiest one, so we're going to come back and show you guys that part of the game play.

I just wanted to show you guys exactly where the first contract was going to be, so we're going to climb on this building right here. At this point, I'm going to show you the next location, which is going to be on top of this tower if you guys remember the story mission where you went to the infested stronghold.

dark aether contract locations

Pretty much it's going to be on that building, but it's going to be on the very top, so you're going to drop down here, and then you're going to make your way to the left. Now that's one of the things you guys need to remember. Is that running? Without a secondary weapon, it definitely helps, so climb on that truck, climb on these crates, and then after that, climb on the building.

Unfortunately, as you can see, my friend right here fell down, and he had, like, at least 40 zombies chasing him. I mean, I thought he was a gunner, but anyway, we're going to go ahead and climb on this ladder right here now. You can go ahead and make a left right here to climb up, but I'm going to go ahead and show you guys the way that I took it doesn't really matter which way you go, so take a left right here and then you're going to climb, on top of these rocks right here, on top of this wall, so climb right here, climb right here, and then all you should be able to hear at this point.

dark aether season 2 reloaded

Is the contract, so right here, as you're going to see the bunny, you're going to pick it up, and right here you have the first contract, which is the Ether Extractor. This is by far the easiest one, especially since you're going to have the LT, 53. We're not going to be using the decoy grenade at this point; we're going to use the LT 53 because the decoy grenade is only 8 seconds, and 8 seconds is not going to be good enough to do this.

It seemed to me for whatever reason that the first ether extractor had not that many zombies, so if you don't want to waste one right there if you are playing solo, go ahead and throw a deco grenade, and then on the second one, go ahead and switch to your, you know. LT 53, so right here, do not go to the alley, by the way, because you might get trapped between zombies and you might die right here.

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My friend actually threw the first. You know, LT 53, so right here we're going to go ahead and activate this, and now we already have two. All we need to do is do one more, so now I have two LT 53s. In case he runs out, we're going to go ahead and throw mine, and he's going to activate it. If you guys are doing this solo, this is why I say at least four, just in case you had to get rid of one.

It's an emergency at some other point, as you can see right here—a second one because it was taking him a little longer to actually activate it. On top of that, we still had to collect the reward, so I definitely have an extra LT 53, so I still have two more. Now, at this point, we're going to go ahead and show you guys exactly where the portal is because, like I said, this was kind of like the end of the article.

But we're going to go ahead and go back to the actual first contract and show you guys again play for Bounty because that one did take a little longer. It's not really the Bounty; it's the M zombies, but anyway, after you complete the last ether extractor, make sure you guys just follow this straight path.

easy schematics mw3 zombies

Just follow this path all the way up. Basically, all you have to do is go all the way up now once we do the Bounty game play. The Bounty game play is going to be at the same location I'm going to go to and show you guys, so as you can see, the portal is right there, and this is where you're going to go ahead and exit anyway.

So, you guys remember the first contract that we picked up? This was the bounty all right, so my second tip right here is basically to always have every single one of these perks. Now, the reason why I have these perks is because all these perks are going to help me actually stay alive. We are talking about juga; we are talking about dead shots for that critical heat damage and stamina to be able to run fast and replay fast even though you have gold armor.

today we Easiest Way to Get The New Schematics in MW3 ZombiesDark Aether Guide MW3 season 2 Reloaded zombies tips and tricks and everything you need to know. I appreciate all the support lately. Thanks everyone! Jithegamer, check my previous video.
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