News - Early Preview Of A Huge Warzone 2 Zombies Update Releasing. Season 2 Dlc



Let's take an early peek at some zombie updates releasing in MW3. There's a ton of stuff to go through here in today's article, but first off, happy New Year! I appreciate the support recently; it's been pretty crazy. We're super close to 114k as well, so thank you if you're a new viewer to the channel.


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Early preview of new mw3 vortex zombies map & event

But first off, we of course have that Vortex event and game mode in multiplayer on Wednesday.

January 3rd in Just 2 days from now, a bunch of YouTubers actually got out early and recorded a ton of gameplay. Of the three maps we're getting here, Spard, Satan's Quarry, and Tetanus, this is from Mr. Z JD, so shout out to him. This is some pretty cool gameplay here of what these maps look like in MW3.

modern warfare 3

If you guys don't know, it's pretty much a free-for-all multiplayer mode in MW3. Where you're fighting the other team, it's pretty normal, but there's actually one person with a RA gun, so you're fighting to get the RA gun as well, and it's just a little edit element for the most part here; it's more about the actual map itself; it's kind of like the holiday event to where you know for hangover, the holiday version of a highrise.

The game modes are all pretty much the same as what they normally are; it's more about the actual map change and the feel of the environment with Vortex. In my eyes, it's more about that as well, just playing on a really cool zombified version of an MP map, and what you're seeing here in this early gameplay from D is exactly what I thought from the image, because the images looked really cool and we had some early screenshots as well, but to see actual gameplay of what these maps look like is unreal and sparse.

It looks crazy—a super cool Cold War-dark ether-esque type of vibe there on that first map. I mean, that looks insane. The Satan's Quar map as well has a hellish, like I said in a previous article, almost Transit Lava type of atmosphere there with the Skybox. Completely, you know, red as well, so cool, and the Titanus Rust map one is cool as well.

Definitely not my favorite, but it does have a cool, you know, sci-fi, type of spooky feel. But the first two maps. St Quarry and Spard, are definitely insanely sick, so again, this is a mode that will go live again on Wednesday. January 3rd, and will only be available in MW3 multiplayer for 2 weeks.

New round-based zombies maps, onslaught or new dark aether!

New round-based zombies maps, onslaught or new dark aether!

What I've been saying is that CH realizes that these would be great maps to bring into the actual MW3. Zombies mode now there's a bunch of ways they could do this I talked about in so many articles so I'll say briefly here they could do just as has new Easter egg locations, or kind of like the dark ether location so instead of teleporting to the dark ether to complete contracts get stuff done and to fight the worm boss they could have a new update for season 2 Let's say where you know there's a teleporter.

On Ekhan, in Zombies, you teleport to Tetanus, or Satan's Quarry, and there's a new boss that you fight there. There's contracts to do as well as looting to find new schematics to get, and all that stuff would be a great use of the map. The next way would be to add the map as an onslaught map. So if you guys don't remember Onslaught from Black Ops Cold War, Zombies was where you could literally play Zombies on multiplayer maps, and the modes were a bit different.

You had this orb that you had to follow. You had different versions of Onsa as well. It was kind of like a round-based Vibe, but not exactly a round base. It was pretty cool and respectable. A separate Onslaught mode in this game would be sick now. What they could also do, which would be crazy, is have all three of these maps be added as separate, full round based zombies maps to where you have doors, you have the Pack-a-Punch machine, perk machines all over the place there just like a classic small round based map you know maybe town for example a smaller map like that although these maps are a little bigger but still that type of vibe to where you have a small map round base nothing too crazy but it still would be a really fun way to mix things up while playing MW3 zombies I still think most people will prefer the main zikan. Zombies mode, but to mix things up and play in these really sick zombie atmospheres for many round-based experiences would be insane.

New cod ghosts extinction boss in mw3 zombies season 2

New cod ghosts extinction boss in mw3 zombies season 2

So hopefully they end up doing that very soon. But for some more stuff here, this is so cool. We just got some leaks about some upcoming zombie content. Here we have a season 2 alien, Boss, which seems like it's a cod ghost theme, Gargoyle type of boss here, which first of all lets me play this through.

This guy looks unreal. Here now, based on this leak Sometimes you know we've seen bosses or other leaks as well. We've seen bosses that are in the files of the game that are coded as a zombie boss but also a usable operator, so we don't know for sure if this is just going to be a boss in the game we fight, if it's going to be an operator we use, or maybe both.

I mean, both are completely fine with me. Honestly, being able to use this guy in games would be crazy, like this is a crazy-looking operator to be running around with, especially in multiplayer or war zones. I mean, that is so cool to get some cod ghost love here or just COD ghost lore in this game.

Again, this is referring to Cod Ghost's third mode, which wasn't zombies; it was actually Extinction, which obviously had a bunch of aliens there, and I'll show some gameplay of the gargoyle. From that game, I'm pretty sure it was just on one of the final extinction maps. Awakening, I don't remember if the gargoyle was on other maps, but you know you could see the vibe of Extinction.

Super cool honestly, it's a pretty underrated map. It had an xfill type of thing where you would spawn to get some stuff done and complete challenges. I guess, and you would progress through the map, and at the end you would finally arrive at Xville, and you would complete the map, and that was it, but you know the whole atmosphere.

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