News - Early Look At The Massive Warzone 2 Season 2 Content Update



Let's take an early look at the MW3 season 2 update, including the new content releasing, operators, weapons, events, and much more. Be sure to drop a like on the article.


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Season 1 reloaded update feature cancelled!

There is some pretty big news here. Over the last few days, we've seen your feedback about the covert Xville feature and have decided to not launch it in standard Battle Royale with season one reloaded. Next week, we believe that Covert Xville and the gameplay loop it provides paired with a weapons case will make for an exciting addition to War Zone, and that these features will instead launch both of these features in an upcoming dedicating mode.

We're looking forward to the new challenges that these features will provide and to your continued feedback once the mode is available. So pretty important stuff here. Two big parts of the War Zone season 1 reloaded update are now not releasing and are most likely being pushed to the launch of season 2.

Interesting stuff A lot of people didn't want to cover Xville in the Bas BR, so I think it's a good change overall. You know, being able to fill Xville super early and that count kind of as a win, I guess, kind of defeats the purpose of what it means to play a battle royale match. Surviving until the end is the main point, so filling Xville early is kind of cheesy, maybe, but maybe it's just better as a dedicated mood.

We'll see how it is, and maybe people will then decide we actually do want this in the normal BR modes. Most of this will probably just be released at the launch of season 2, which, of course. I'll talk about releasing pretty soon, but for a quick update.

New mw3 store bundle update just added

New mw3 store bundle update just added

Here in the store, we have one of our final Bs for season 1. Tracer pack Bladed Earth, which comes with an AR weapon blueprint for the F556, has pretty interesting tracers here. Arbor tracers and a rebirth death effect are here, which we'll preview.

Okay, that looks pretty cool. Nice little gold look of rebirth. Okay, so you grow into a plant, I guess, or a plant grows out of your body. That's kind of interesting. Let's watch that one more time. So I got the gold look; that's cool. Al, the gold also has the leaves, which is interesting. Okay, it's an interesting Tracer death effect combo.

I don't know I don't know if it's my favorite, but it's cool. Rival 9 blueprint as well, the camo will'll look at here, Not too bad; actually, let the UI kind of cool out with the yellow. Okay, not bad; more of a low-key camo, but it's not terrible. It's definitely not this one; it's actually pretty cool.

Not honestly, yeah, not a bad bundle there that would look as well as the vehicle skin loading screen, Emblem weapon charm, and mold. The only problem now is 2, 000 C points. I don't know about this. I mean, this is pretty cool, but 2, 000 C points is crazy, so I mean, this would be better at 1, 000 C points.

Mw3 season 2 dlc release date

Mw3 season 2 dlc release date

Getting this bundle, but enough for the season 2 content here. Of course, the expected release date of this update is Wednesday, February 7th. Based on the battle pass, that shouldn't change unless there's a delay, and we should get more download information on that very soon, and marketing should actually start in a couple of weeks.

We'll break it all down on the channel, but we already have a ton of info on what we're getting for this new season here.

All new mw3 season 2 weapons teased & leaked!

The first one is , which is actually an official image that Call of Duty released, teasing a new season 2 weapon, the F2000. Returning here is shown with one of the ranked play operators here, Kind of cool, but we have a full weapons list here.

At least so far, the leakers are saying we're getting the F2000, of course, but the ARX 160 as well as a bow and a sword.

New operators releasing in mw3 season 2 update

modern warfare 3

Operators here We of course talked about this official tease from Call of Duty they posted on their threads account of a couple of operators we know about ghost Captain Price Graves Gaz but they also include lwell here which teases lwell returning to the game and we got more information on this as well season two from this leaker, and lwell with a little placeholder image here so it seems like lwell is going to be a new operator in this game which I'm pretty excited about and wonder if it's going to be part of the battle pass Maybe the Meain season 2 operator tier zero tier 100 Lwell operator skins could be cool, but I'm just more hyped to see more campaign characters and campaign operator skins in the game.


I feel like they have neglected a lot of the cool campaign characters even over the past couple years, not just in MW3. There's been so many instances where, in past Cod campaigns, so many cool character skins were just never added to the game, so doing more of that for season 2, but for future updates as well, would be sick, and for other operators here, just a guess, but with what's in the file strings, it could be Kate lwell pretty confident on that Molina Romanova is another fire one.

I mean, she was actually pretty sick in MW 3's campaign for her as an operator; it would be cool, kind of like we wanted Valeria last year and finally got her. I think for sure people would be down with seeing her added to the game in the battle pass and maybe even in a bundle as well, and for other operators, of course, in that Walking Dead event, which I'll talk about in this article, you could eventually see Rick and Michonne join the operator pool as well, but those of course would be bundle operators as opposed to battle pass operators, but for the battle pass here.

Molina and Kate Lwell. That could be very interesting, so I like the sound of that. Maybe you want to see operators added to that list now, real quick in terms of operators. An easy addition would be the Hawk soap skin. This skin was originally available for the Task Force 141: Shadow Company event.

mw3 2023

After Shadow Company's victory, the skin was never rewarded, of course, because that side didn't win but still somehow transferred to the MW3 files. Here are some images of the skin: So cool. I mean, this is a skin they already developed; we could have gotten the game that just didn't end up releasing, so I feel like it would be a waste of development resources.

Just to release this skin, give it to us for free in an easy daily login event or even a part of Season 2, and another tease as one of the sectors whatever they want to do. It's really cool skin, honestly, so not releasing it would be a waste. Hopefully we do get it for season 2 and another tease as well from the official war zone marketing image.

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