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All right guys, in this article I'm going to be showing you step by step how to do this glitch that I just stumbled upon myself, and you will get access to the secret vault instead of taking the whole 30 to 40 minutes to do the four objectives first. This way, right here, you will get to the stash really fast and really easily, and you can do it over and over.

Let's all right guys I know this article is going to get 100 plus likes man because, this is a way of getting 7K Ence the first time you do it and just keep doing the same thing and you will just keep doubling your essence using the duplication method which I will also get into after I show you guys this glitch so you can do the exact same thing and so let's just go ahead and get started guys now I did a article about this about a month ago I think it was on how to complete all four objectives, before you can even access this safe and unfortunately, to do that way it takes like 30 to 40 minutes well this way right here I'm about to show you guys this glitch will bypass that but before we get into it if you guys are trying to unlock camos, and get into some bot lobbies check out today's sponsor take a look at today's sponsor dan.

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All right, guys, so before you head on over to 87, which is where the cave is underneath that mansion, you want to have the scorcher, and you want to have another weapon because, for me, once I got into that location, there were a lot of zombies around, and you do not want zombies to be messing with you while you're trying to do the glitch; it could mess it up or prolong it.

You just don't want it to happen, so that's why I brought another weapon, and yeah, guys, this is where we are going. I just want to show you guys that before we get into the glitch part, we are going to follow this cave, and we're going to follow it, and we're going to hang a left, and when we hang a left, we're going to go through this well.

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We're not going to go through this door, but I'm just showing you guys exactly where we're going, and this is where the stash is. Now that I found this out, guys. I have my scorcher. And I forgot I had the scorcher, and I was aiming down the sights, taking out some zombies, and it launched me as I was in the cave, and it totally glitched out, but here's how it works.

Get right next to this construction light and hold forward while you launch yourself; it's going to launch you on top of that light, and then just launch once and then launch again, and then you will be in the glitch state. Like I said, now I know for me I've never done any kind of God mode or glitch like this, so it was pretty trippy.

I'm not going to lie, so it will trickle out if you haven't done anything like this before. All right guys, so you're going to follow the same steps right here just like we did before, but now we're on top of the area, which is pretty trippy. I know for me it was trippy, guys. I know it looks crazy and weird, but trust me, it will work if you want to jump over this little area right here and just continue to walk this path now that I walk slowly.

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And be careful not to go over these edges, because one time I did go over the edge, and it glitched me outside of it and into the water. I almost drowned, but luckily I didn't, so just be careful, take out your other weapon, and go prone. And you have to go as low as you can because you're going to crawl low, and that's how you are able to reach these.

Crates—now one crate will spawn the mimic. That is by default because if you watched that other article I did when I did this the long and difficult way, then one of those crates will spawn the mimic, so that's normal, but this time he will not bother you; he does not even know you are there, so as you can see, you will get two that are worth $3500 a piece, so that's $7.

cod mw3 zombies tips and tricks

Right off the rip, guys, and there's some other good loot in there. You can grab whatever you want to grab while you're here, all right guys, so once you are done getting your essence and your loot or the gold bars in your loot, follow this same path. Don't touch the edges yet until you are ready to go, and then you're going to find this area right here, pretty much underneath the pool, and you want to just get into it.

That area, guys, and you are it. It's going to look like you're going to drown, but trust me, if you do it like this, you will not drown; you will find your way out just kind of keep moving around guys and eventually it's going to get to the point where it will tell you to deploy your parachute, and then cut your parachute so just do that do your parachute then cut the parachute and then it you may have to do it again if it doesn't work, but the second time it will go ahead and glitch you even further down.

cod mw3 zombies tricks

And then you will kind of do that free fall thing, and then you will use the parachute. I'm going to show it again so you guys can see. When it says cut the parachute, go ahead and cut the parachute, and then deploy your parachute. If it doesn't work, do it again. Cut the parachute deployment, and then you will be in free fall, and then it's going to tell you to deploy your parachute again, and there you have it, guys.

That is how you pretty much get the same Essence gold bars and whatever loot is in that stash. In that cave, rather than actually doing the entire mission, Taking up the whole time on your map to do it, guys. Now you have a couple options. Here, you can keep the gold bars in your ruck and then do your tombstone, and when you come back, you'll have the gold bars, or you can just keep playing and get some more essence, or you can just sell the gold bars like I just did and do your tombstone, and do your tombstone right.

Then, in either case, guys, go ahead and purchase or use a tombstone Cola. Head on over to the bad signal, Xfill, Activ at The X-Fi jumps into the water. It's the Y you hold down why. Then, of course, go to your keyboard and wait until the screen goes black. And then you want to hit Alt and F4, and that will close the game on the console; it's whatever button you use.

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Vote yes, and then close the game out completely. All right guys, now when you come back, you could possibly be at the mansion location, and your. Tombstone, of course, is going to be at the graveyard because of the bad signal X fill. When you die and come back, that's where your tombstone is, so just head on over there, guys, and as you can see, we had our same essence minus, of course, when we bought the tombstone, but your essence is going to be there, and of course, come into the game again with another scorcher.

Stumbled my way into a glitch in COD MW3 Zombies, that can be done over and over, making lots of essence! Unlimited Essence Glitch! Also checkout damnmodz. com for anything you need in Call of Duty MW3 and so many other games.
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