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All right, guys, this is still one of the easiest ways to do the tombstone duplication glitch in Modern Warfare 3. Zombie zombies duplicate any item in your stash, but this one tweak will make it twice as easy. All right, guys, I know this article is going to get 200+ likes. I'm going to show you guys one small thing that's going to make doing this Tombstone duplication glitch 10 times easier.

I know it did for me, so real quick, we're going to duplicate these two signatures and these two vr11 cases, so just kick this off and let's go to the settings on PC. Go there to search, type interact, and go down to interact reload behavior on console; it's on the controller settings, gameplay, and combat behavior.

Guys, make sure you change it to tap to interact instead of tap to reload. Speaking of which, if you guys are looking for schematics, bot lobbies, and camos, check out Danam Mods, Com. Take a look at today's sponsor, {677}. Below is the description, guys. They offer the quickest and safest Call of Duty boosting services for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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They unlock Interstella and Bales Camo, which you can play in bot lobbies, and they will unlock your zombie schematics. They have plenty of five-star reviews; just use coupon code Zilla for up to $100 off your order. All right, guys, so of course the first thing to do is go ahead and purchase Tombstone Cola if you don't have it crafted or got it from your stash, and the good thing is that at over 75 containment levels, you already have enough to get Tombstone and have enough for the portal, but you lose your containment level down to 75.

I was at, like, level 350. But the only thing you lose is the percentage off the pap 3. Now when you guys come up here in that building right across from the bad signal, just like before. I'm going to put it right up here, the lowercase you with the dot-up arrow and the rectangle with the squiggly Now check it out.

This is what you tap to interact. I did it again for you guys. See how quick it is to tap to interact. Now where it really pays off is when you get to the actual Bass Signal Portal. This is just new to me; this is game-changing. This right here shaves off like at least one to two seconds. Boom, notice how quick that was, guys.

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You might have missed the opportunity to rewind it and look at it again. You know what I'm saying, guys, but yeah, that's tap to interact. It will make it just that much quicker and easier. Right about here, I would already have about 10 seconds, maybe 11 seconds, and I still have about 14 to 15 seconds.

Now, here's where you guys got to pay attention right here. Watch the timer. At about 2 seconds, you want to go ahead and pause, or stop, go to the map, and then make sure you accept the mission; that's very important, because at about 6 seconds, just like I just did, that's when you want to go to the edge.

If you do it right, you'll see the article eliminated, and you'll see the black screen just like before. I've done this, and then I wait till I see where it says waiting right there on the right-hand side, and I tap alt for F4 for console. Close out the game all right guys, so of course when you come back, you will see that number one, you're down to level 75 containment level, which is too bad.

cod mw3 zombies season 2 reloaded tombstone glitch

It's not hard to get back to over 100. Just take those items out of your stash out of your ruck and put them in your stash before you get on with the next game, and if you did it right like I said in the next game, as you can see. I got Tombstone favor. I made that up, and that's when the game put you in real close proximity to your tombstone.

That's Tombstone's favor, guys. You can use that. And there you go. These are the duplicated items in our tombstone, so I just went ahead and put them here so you guys can see them. U boom, I'm taking these duplicate items and putting them in my stash right now so you guys can see it actually worked, and that's how to do it, guys.

Like the article guys, if you're looking for a article on how to get the mag of holding schematics, check this F out right here.

One settings change will make the tombstone duplication glitch so much easier and better! COD MW3 Zombies glitch! Checkout damnmodz. com for anything you need in Call of Duty MW3 and so many other games.
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