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modern warfare 3 zombies basics

We're jumping in with some Modern Warfare 3 zombie basics. A lot of people have been playing zombies for a while now, but whether you're just getting the game now or have been playing for a little bit, these are some things that you might not know yet, so let's jump into it. The first thing we're going to talk about is the setup that you should be using, which I personally love using.

I've used it since the game first came out for your primary; it's going to be whatever gun you really feel like using for your secondary. I personally love running with a knife; it allows you to run faster; it allows you to take out zombies in the Tier 1 zone with one or two hits; as well as just being able to get around the map a little bit faster or run away if needed for my tactical I love using decoy grenades or monkey bombs.

They give you around 5 seconds, giving you a little bit of time to reload, kill, or put some distance between you and the zombies. I personally think these are the best tacticals that you can have. I also love running with Seex. Yes, you can use normal grenades or whatever you want here. I just love using Seex, especially for those annoying shielded mercenaries that are almost impossible to kill, as well as bigger groups of zombies that allow you to take them out extremely quickly for the field upgrade.

modern warfare 3 zombies explained

I love using the energy mine or the healing aura personally. I love using healing AA because it allows you to restore everyone's health in your general area, or you can pick up players, which is absolutely ideal, so you start out with a one-plate vest and a small backpack. Your first objective should be to gear up with things that you can keep into the next game and going forward, which would be your armor plate vest, a bigger backpack, self-revive, and a gas mask to help you out with some survivability.

As well as allowing you to store more items, we're going to start with the three-plate vest, which means you're going to have to loot a mercenary stronghold, which guarantees a three-plate vest every time. By looting the safe, you're going to need to get a mercenary stronghold key, which you can do by either doing a mercenary camp or a mercenary convoy or by buying one from the buy station.

modern warfare 3 zombies guide mwz

The easiest way, in my opinion, is to clear a mercenary camp because you know where they spawn. If you don't want to do that, do one of the easy contracts. I'm pretty sure they're $2, 000, From the buying station Once you get the mercenary stronghold key, clear out the mercenary camp. Don't forget to loot the safe, because that is where the three-plate armor vest is going to be.

Don't forget to get a self-revive. These are essential; you can get them by doing contracts, by looting random caches, or by buying one from the Tier 2 buy station; this is the way that you can get one guaranteed. Every time, how to get a large backpack is normally pretty random. It's possible to find them in reward Rifts loot caches and hidden caches; it's kind of random.

Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't, and that's the only way to get them 100% of the time, guaranteed. Every single time is to buy one from Tier 3, the Red Zone buy station. It's also going to cost you 10, 000 points, so you're going to have to save up a little bit, but it's going to be worth it.

modern warfare zombies

It should be pretty easy if you follow a couple steps. Look around the map. See where the buy station is in Tier 3. Hopefully it's on the outskirts; that'll make your life a lot easier. You're going to need decoy grenades or monkey bombs if you have them; ideally, you want to fly in; if you can't fly in, you can run in; ideally, use a knife, or without a secondary at all because you can just run faster; that's more ideal.

Once you get to the bus station, throw a decoy grenade right away and open up the bus station. Be as quick as possible to get the backpack out of the buying station. After you buy it pretty much, you want to run right back out of Tier 3. As soon as the decoy wears off, the zombies are going to be on your tail, hunting you down.

modern warfare zombies guide

This might be a perfect time to throw your second decoy grenade just so you have time to actually get out of there before they come after you if you do have the self-revive and you do go down. You can pick yourself back up and get out of there, so when you leave, you don't really get to keep that much, such as your money and most items; you only really get to keep things that are equipped, such as kill streaks, your armor vest, your backpack, and your gas mask.

Your grenades and tacticals—the only things in your inventory that you do get to keep are your perk can schematics, Pack-a-Punch crystals, and ether wrenches. Everything else pretty much just goes straight to XP, including your money, which is kind of sad. I wish you got to keep your money. When you do XP, you do have a stash that you can put items away for future games.

Say you get a couple pack-a-punch crystals. You don't want to bring them all in, but at the same time, you can stash them away for future games. The downside is that you only have 10 slots. Use those 10 slots wisely, and when you do, you will lose all your active perks. Your gun rarity: when you start a new game, you lose all of that; it's just going to be a normal gun in the next match.

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The easiest way to get money is through a delivery contract. All you have to do is drive the truck from point A to point B, getting chased by an attack helicopter. It's really not that hard; the attack helicopter has terrible aim and is not really difficult at all unless you really can't drive, but for the most part, it's pretty straightforward.

You should complete it every single time. The next one is the bounty contract. I would recommend doing this if you have a pack-a-punched weapon because the bosses are a little wrong if you don't have a pack-a-punch weapon or if you don't have a high enough rarity, but if you're playing solo, you should be doing the delivery contract.

The time for money is probably the greatest in the game. After you get the progress to around 70, leave the building, and zombies will keep spawning in even if the progress hits 0%. You won't fail the contract. You should go around the building and try to find where they're actually spawning to maximize your time while getting these kills.

mw3 zombies

Once the progress does reach zero, go back and get it to around 70%. Again, because more zombies will spawn pretty soon, rinse and repeat. You can pretty much run anywhere on the map, get your Pack-a-Punch, and run back to the contract. It won't fail unless you cancel it, so you can pretty much run this the whole game.

If there is no Outlast contract, the next one up is Xville. All you do is call in the xville. Kill all the zombies; don't get on the helicopter; wait a minute; then you can recall it. Just rinse and repeat until you want to leave. Let's talk about the best perks in Zombies: hands down, stamina up, and speed cola.

ive been playing a lot of call of duty modern warfare 3 zombies lately. I noticed that a lot of people that are new and don't really know what to do or how to gear up. this video is for those people or maybe even people who have been playing for a while now but might not know of some of these yet. these are some tips to help you gear up, getting you ready to to fight anything in zombies.
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