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Jt5 here, and we are attempting the act four story mission called Bad Signal. I'd highly appreciate it for full disclosure. I haven't completed this mission yet. The purpose of this article is for you to see what you are up against locations and some counter moves against the final boss. This mission is by far the hardest that I have encountered in MWZ, based on what I've experienced in multiple attempts or multiple failed attempts; rather, a solo can finish this either through an exploit or just play Old Gunfight.

It just depends on some RNG aspects, which I am still looking forward to happening, to start things off the same as in every other story. In the mission, you will be sent to another location. The locations for the dark ether are Alra Fortress and Al Mazra. The zombies are all tier 2, and there are more of them compared to the Earth Ex0 Map, so some of you might already be familiar with the map, and for those new to the game, this is a part of the map that has been used in BmZ.

In MW2, here is the map for dark ether. You have your four objectives: north, south, east, and west. You also have a dogghouse towards the upper left of the map, a Pack-a-Punch machine in the middle, and an RNG turret that you hope will spawn when you go in. For the objectives, you have to break four seals.

modern warfare 3 zombies

For each location, there is a monument that you need to activate. Once activated, a circle will form around the monument, and you will have to kill zombies within that circle for the bar to brew. If you kill zombies that are out of the circle, nothing happens to the progress. After breaking all four seals, it will tell you to escape, but the mission is not done.

Yet, a worm will appear as the final boss. This worm is much tougher and hits harder compared to the Act Three story. Mission: This is where the RNG turret comes in. If it's there, it will make things a bit more manageable. There are a few attacks that the worm makes, like the laser that comes out of its mouth.

You can avoid it easily before it fires since the motion of the head is from down to up. The next attack would be the ground pounding its head. You would know when it makes that move when you see your POV slightly dimming on the sides. This is your cue to run, dive, or slide away. Another attack is when it comes from the ground and swallows you when you are in its mouth.

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You can shoot, but don't forget to spam your parachute. This will help you avoid an instant down when the worm spits you out. The final one to look out for is when it spits out four orbs. I've dyed more through these orbs compared to the worm. If you see those orbs, shoot them immediately so that you can concentrate on the worm.

You don't want those to sneak up on you and damage you four times in rapid succession. Those are some countermoves that I can share. The most damage that I was able to do as a solo player with no exploits was 50% of its health. If nothing is watching your back, those orbs will get you sooner or later.

Later, I will still upload a article where we can beat the worm as a solo game without exploits. I just need to have a little bit of patience for that because I'm still experimenting with some things we can still do. I hope that even with this information, it can help you plan things accordingly based on how you would approach this particular mission.

Bad Signal SOLO Attempt Act 4 Story Mission MWIII Modern Warfare Zombies MWZ.
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