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elder sigil all contracts solo

Solo, so right off the bat you need to have vr11, triple packed as well as the scorcher; without these, this honestly would be 10 times more difficult than what it already is, but right off the bat, just go directly to the left with the scorcher and just knock this one out of the way while doing so, aim for the ladder because the fewer zombies chasing After you the better upon doing so, go on the roof, grab this cute little raggedy old teddy bear, and then while grabbing it, go ahead and start loading up your scorcher because that's less time zombies can grab you, and each time either have a Casmir AKA Gers device or a decoy, throw one of those out for each and every one, and you can easily get out without killing any zombies.

I will never try that challenge, but you do it for number one. I'm doing it for number two; if I could ever attach it there, it would. So that is done, then go ahead, get on the edge, and fly over to the third one, as you see right there. Casmir, pretty clutch. And then for the next one, this one is the most daunting: the escort.

I did this one second because I wanted to end on a good note, not a stressful note, but upon doing so, don't do what most people do and go around the side where the mega abomb is; that's just not feasible whatsoever, and see if there is a tur cuz if there is, go ahead and place a circuit in that, but since there wasn't for me.

elder sigil mw3 zombies

I just went ahead and went around and went ahead and started this contract. And part of doing so here, I learned that whenever you do go down, try to land in front of it while it's going because while doing so, you get credit, unlike Outlast in the other contracts. You still get credit for being down in front of this, so one, it continues to push you, and two, the zombies aren't going to go after you or the actual machine.

And three, it's pretty simple doing it this way; however, it does make a turn, but upon doing so. I got back up, and then I was launching on the building to the left of it, and upon doing so with this part, you just go back and forth and dodge all the zombie meat until this is actually, you know, done doing this first phase.

And here again. I toss the Casmir behind this because you don't want to put it in front because all the zombies attack it from the back, and just wash, rinse, and repeat with the Casmir, and just always, no matter what, stay in front. As you see here the mega bomb, there's just no point in attacking that for this next phase.

elder sigil solo play through

I went ahead and launched straight up. Usually you can land inside the little airplane tube, but obviously I didn't make it this time. That's where I will usually stay. And then here, obviously, the longer you're in the air on this part, the better because it's less contact with zombies, and make sure you always keep shooting at the machine to repair it for the last phase.

I just jumped on top of this truck here and just really Camp there and just made sure the zombie meat couldn't hit me and always made sure that the machine was refreshed, also be mindful of ammo, and for the very last one, this one was honestly the easiest. You jump on top of these bookcases to the left and really just skate along the top and go left and right because, instead of just training, you know why work harder when you can work smarter, so you just stay on top of this bookcase and go left and right literally the whole time.

You can get by easily one if you have a golden plate that refreshes and two if you just also refresh yourself. You see, there's the third one, and that wraps it up. I look forward to seeing you all next.One,

This solo guide tackles the ultimate challenge in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Season 1 - the Tier 5 Elder Sigil Mode! In this full solo playthrough, we aim to conquer all three contracts within the Elder Sigil Aether, facing the intensity of tier 5 zombies. The contracts - Aether Extractor, Escort, and Outlast - demand precision, strategy, and quick thinking to be completed in just 15 minutes or less.
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