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War Zone 3 just came out, and there's a lot of stuff that either changed or that players just simply don't know, and that's what we're going to be going over in this article, giving you guys tips, tricks, and 10 things to take your game play to the next level and make you win more games and get more kills.

I do have a lot more guides coming out for War Zone 3, so if that interests you, like I said, please subscribe. With all that out of the way, let's get into the 10 tips. Everybody on your team is able to see the red dots, and the portable radars are a lot cheaper than UAVs. Uavs currently cost $6, 000, and there's an unlimited amount of them in the buy, but with cash very hard to come by, they're pretty expensive, and typically, when you pop a UAV, by the time you get over to the enemy, the UAV is already running out, leaving you in the proximity of an enemy with no kind of information, whereas portable radars cost $2, 000, and there's two of them in every single buy station, and they're just as effective as uavs, especially considering the fact that you can put them on cars and drive those around, and then you have essentially a portable UAV, and then you get the benefits of a UAV for a fraction of the price.

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Moving on to our next tip, if you happen to see somebody driving around in a vehicle with a portable radar or just driving around in a vehicle. In general, if you want to kind of catch him off guard and pick up an easy kill, what you could do is actually throw a shock charge at the vehicle, and it will actually disable the vehicle.

For a short period of time, it works essentially as an EMP, forcing the player to either stay in the vehicle and be an easy kill or hop out and pretty much still be an easy kill. I can't tell you how many people I've caught off guard using this now. If you want to be safe from shock charges, the best way to do that is to fly around in the air, and one of the vehicles people don't even know is in the game is the Heavy Chopper.


These were in war zone 2, and they take heavy Chopper fuel. It can typically be found on the train, as this is technically a hot drop, and this fuel is used to go ahead and start the chopper and get it into the air. Now, what people don't know is why a lot of people don't use the heavy chopper. Is it because they think they can't repair it and they can't refuel it?

Once you get the heavy chopper up in the air, it works as if it's any other vehicle. If you take damage or are running low on fuel, you're able to actually go to gas stations and fuel up the heavy chopper. Portable buy stations now work in gas as well, so if you have a portable buy station in your bag, you can actually throw it slightly into the storm, or where the storm is going to be, and this will allow you to make gas plays.

Every station has gas masks in it, so you're able to tank the storm just a little bit longer, and if you really wanted to get crazy, you could use stems and Muni boxes to literally live in the storm for a very long time now. This next tip that I have for you guys that people don't know about is not only for movement gods, but for anybody who wants to have slightly more fluid movement in the game of war zone.

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Obviously, if you guys have slide-only enabled, which most people do, then your movement will feel better, but if you want it to feel even better and give you that edge, there is a brand new setting that dropped with the full game of War Zone 3. The setting is called slide maintenance. Sprint: basically, when you're done sliding, your character will automatically get back into tactical sprinting or just sprinting.

This makes the movement a lot more fluid; you'll feel a lot less clunky moving around the map, thus resulting in you getting places faster and picking up more kills. While we're on the topic of getting more kills, one of the best ways to get more kills is to know where other players are on the map if you don't have the cash to buy a portable radar at the buy station or a UAV.

There are a bunch of heartbeat sensors around the map, and the heartbeat sensors are back. They work exactly like they do in War Zone 1. They work up to 60 m. They do have a battery life on them, but the battery life lasts a very long time. Another thing worth noting is that the heartbeat sensor is no longer equipped for loadouts.

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It is one of those things that is found on the map and it technically is a field upgrade, with it being a field upgrade you can equip it use it and then put it back in your bag if you want to you know throw on a Muni box or something else, or you can even stack multiple heartbeat sensors so you'll have them throughout the whole game you will find these all over the map almost nobody picks them up but mostly that's because people don't know that they're actually really good again now if you're able to find players pretty easily you're obviously going to need to have your load out in order to take them out and the fastest way to get your load out in this game is going to be landing on these cash locations.

Money around Ekhan is actually pretty hard to find, so having these specific cash routes or, if you're playing in a squad, having each player land on a cash in a general location will allow you to almost get an instant load. And a UAV or portable radar; these are also great for regaining locations.

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Since they're pretty scattered throughout the map and they are kind of in these odd spots most of the time, they're unlooted, and you're able to get a quick $3, 000 from a single cash to go ahead and bring a teammate back, the next tip is going to be kind of for my more advanced players because it's going to be based on a timing mechanic, and that deals with the zip lines.

There's a ton of tall buildings throughout the entire map, and most of the time there's zip lines to get on the roof, and the zip lines are met with this animation while they speed them up, which can get you killed a lot of the time, so there's actually a way to get out of doing the unhooking. Animation, that's going to be to actually time it and jump off the zip and grab onto the wall right at the top of the zip line or sender, and this is going to allow you to go ahead and skip that animation and just mantle up silently.

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