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Getting kills in solos, is tricky there is no one coming to back you up every decision you make counts and if you do make a mistake that's it it's game over actually wait hold on no it turns out there's actually three or four different ways you can actually get back into this one life game mode but that's besides the point pushing for high kill games in solos is extremely, difficult but there are a number of things that you can do to make it easier now the first thing that we need to acknowledge is that Intel is absolutely everything you need to be getting as much information, about where your enemies are as possible and then logging that information in your mind so when you are moving through the map you know where as many enemies are as possible now there are a number of ways you can do this now in War Zone 3 as I mentioned in an earlier article.

Portable radars are absolutely amazing. The radius used to be pretty bad over in War Zone 2, but they have buffed them to such an extent that even in the second to last circle, if you throw down a pable radar, you're pretty much guaranteed. What everyone left in the lobby now on top of those heartbeat sensors has also had a massive buff, although I wouldn't necessarily always have your heartbeat sensor up.

We saw this in War Zone 1 in Vdance G. Having your heartbeat up is a surefire way to not be paying attention and to get yourself killed. You will see that little do on a screen, and it might give you some information about where another player is, but chances are, if you're concentrating on that screen, you're going to miss that guy who's peeking you out of the window just to your right now.

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By far the best way to get information is obviously going to be UAVs, but one really interesting play style that you can employ while you're playing solos is actually going for the train. If you didn't know, in War Zone 3, you can control the train, stop it, make it go forward, and make it go in reverse.

But the interesting thing about the train in Ukan is that it actually has a UAV radar on it; it costs 2K a pop, and basically what this allows you to do is travel through the map to see if there are enemies nearby. When you spot an enemy, you can stop the train and then decide how you're going to push that enemy.

I'm not going to lie to you; getting kills in solos isn't always the easiest, but the best way that you can approach this is by having as much information as possible. But look, it doesn't matter if you have three kills—10 kills, 20 kills. If you do not win, does it even matter? That's why I want to concentrate on this next part of the article, where I'm going to show you the best strategies for how you can get that win.

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Now, the first thing that we need to talk about is your movement. Now, what I'm not talking about is like the cracked-out slide canceling evasion. Maneuvers that you see some of the absolute sweatiest, players use instead what I'm trying to say to you is be mindful of where you are moving to, so many players when they're playing solos.

Just get caught up in the moment and think that they always have to be on the move. This is fine if you're actually moving with purpose and you're heading to another contract, or if you see an enemy pop up on the mini map and you want to hunt them down. That's absolutely fine, but what you don't want to be doing is just moving aimlessly.

The sad reality is in solos. A lot of players are going to be standing still, holding angles. Not to say that this isn't a valid play style, but what it does mean is that if you are running around like a headless chicken, chances are that in the last 30 seconds you've already been spotted by five or six people camping their little ass off.

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With that in mind, you need to make sure that whenever you are moving in a solo match, you are constantly looking around your surroundings and seeing where your next cover is or where your next point of escape is. Obviously, the movement has been buffed in this game, which means if you do start taking shots a lot of the time, you're going to be able to maneuver faster than your enemy is going to be able to aim and get behind a piece of cover, especially in zikan.

That's a lot more built up and a lot more dense than our mazra, but to give yourself the best chance, you need to have already planned what your next move is and where you're going to be going next. It's a very good strategy to just hide somewhere, wait for your load to come in, and then stay still and just move when you have to when the zone pulls.

However, for a lot of people, this is going to be boring, and that's why I'm going to tell you about this strategy. The first person that I heard talk about it was Iceman Isaac in War Zone 1, and he called it the pinwheel strategy. And basically, it goes as follows: You land outside the circle. And you'll have some kills under your belt.

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Now there are a few caveats to this. For example, if you can tell that the zone is going to end somewhere with, like, a very obvious high ground, it's probably going to be your best option to secure that high ground. Camping on a rooftop isn't always the best play; however, the higher you are, the more options you have for fighting.

You never want to be fighting in the final two uphill. When you are aiming up at someone, all they have to do is crawl, and they're behind cover, whereas when someone is aiming down on you, it's very hard to get out of their line of sight while still being able to maneuver and potentially flank. For this reason, if it looks like there is obvious high ground in the final circle.


A band the pin wheel strategy, and move for that placement, and on top of all of this, one perk that I would say is a must is high alert for those of you who didn't know ghost only works in this game whilst you are moving, so you are covered once you are rotating into the circle, which is fine, but when you have found that position and you are staying pretty much still, you're probably going to Ping on someone's UAV, and as a result.

I just find it so much more useful to have high alertness. Being able to tell when someone is looking at you and being able to dodge out of the way of fire before they have even fired a shot is invaluable in Solo, and it gives you that much-needed information that I've been talking about this whole time.

Obviously, none of these tips are going to work unless you have a proper grasp on the mechanics of War Zone 3 in general, which is why I suggest you watch this article next, which is going to give you some of those absolutely essential tips anyway. I'm AF joel, Peace.

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