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Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3: Zombies is out, and within this update, they gave us some new schematics. And one of the schematics gives you an absolutely incredible weapon, and in my opinion, this is the best weapon in the game. This is so incredibly overpowered that it makes a lot of the other weapons pretty useless.

This is the dark ether, the throwing knife, and this thing is infinite. It has a really short cooldown and will kill multiple zombies. wreck dogs you can take out Abominations, with this thing it's so good this makes you absolutely unstoppable in the red zone and even in the dark ether tiers there's three tiers and even in the highest one you were still wrecking almost everything, me tag 935 and BBK went into the red zone just messing around, we were calling in Abomination, contracts, and just using the ether knife, we were wrecking these things back to back rapidly, like these things did not stand a chance.

A cool thing about the ether blade is that when the Abominations start doing their laser attack, you just throw it at their face, and it kills their laser attack instantly. Yeah, we just kept throwing our ether blades, and it wrecked these guys pretty rapidly. The ether blade only has a 3-second cooldown, and it's infinite.

It will kill multiple zombies when you throw it, and it acts a lot like the tomahawk from Mob of the Dead. This thing will instantly kill all zombies, no matter what the tear is or how high their health is. We did some testing with this to see what's the best scenario to use this ether blade, and it looks like it's great for zombies and dogs, like you're pretty much going to always use it if you have it, and it's great for Abominations, but we didn't really use it a lot on things like mimics or manglers.

Or the disciples, and it's not because the ether blade is weak and won't work; it's because I always bring in the Karambit, and this thing wrecks. All those guys like it will pretty much instantly kill the anglers, and maybe one or two will shoot the other guys, but for the abomination, you want to do a long-range attack.

You don't want to get up close; well, you can, and I do with a knife sometimes, but the ether blade is perfect because it's got that long-range attack. It's really powerful, and you can just chip away at them and stay safe. Tag 935 and BBK went into the dark ether to fight the boss worm only using the ether blade, like all of us were throwing the blade at it based on how amazing it is on the other bosses.

I was hoping maybe something amazing would happen with the boss Worm, but it didn't; it was really, really slow damage rate, and it's not going to be a good weapon for that guy, but everything else it's amazing for, which is good news because that's what you encounter the most, but yeah, if you take this into the dark ether and do those contracts, you're going to absolutely destroy and have no problems, survive, and be successful, and I wanted to do this kind of thorough review for you guys to show you how amazing it is.

This thing is considered an ultra, so it is top-tier. when it comes to weapons, and you are able to collect this schematic and craft it, and you'll find it under the classified section, and this thing has a 2-day cooldown. That's how OP it is, and because this thing is so overpowered and you're so unstoppable with it.

I was worried that they might try to nerf it some, but this 2-day cooldown lets me know that they probably won't. Let's hope they're like. Nope, you get this for one game every 2 days, and that's it, and of course me and my crew are duplicating the absolute crap out of this and using it in every game for those of you that don't know how to get this blade.

I'm going to explain it as quickly as possible. They really put you through some to get this, but it's definitely worth it. I made this visual road map so you can see everything you have to do. I know this looks a little crazy, but I'll just explain each of the steps as quickly as possible so you can just have that quick overview.

Of what it takes, there's a step where you have to match up relics with certain elements, and if you just want to like a screenshot of this part of the article, just save that somewhere so you have that quick reference when you're going in and doing these steps. The first step is to do act four of the story missions, and this puts you into.

Tier one of the dark ether tier one dark ether's entrance is just south of this island that's in the Red Zone. There's three different entrances to each of the tiers, and Tier one, the first one you go into, is at the bottom. It's a light blue. You're going to go in there and fight a boss worm. Tier two is the yellowish orange, and Tier three, the most difficult, is the red color, and you actually do see these on the map, like these archways turning colors based on the severity of the dark ether and what you're about to go into, but yes, these are the locations of all three entrances.

When you're in the dark ether, it directs you to four different locations where you have to feed zombie souls, and it releases these relics. It will release a camera, dog collar pills, and a diary. After you feed all the zombie souls, you see these relics fly up into the sky, and where they're going is back to the main map.

They're leaving the dark ether, and then you have to go back to the main map and find them. Before you're allowed to leave the dark ether, you have to fight the boss worm, and once you kill it, it will drop a reward rift and give you one of these items. Back, and it's going to be the diary. By killing the worm, it turns this diary into a legendary item, and that's what you're trying to do with these other relics.

You're going to go back into the main map and turn them all into legendary status, so on the main map, you need to find the pills, the dog collar, and the camera, and you have to use specific ammo mods to collect these items to get the pills. You have to have brain rot attached to your weapon, and you can go into any building on the map that has these cysts; it's like the infested buildings.

You have to shoot one of the cysts with the brain-rot weapon. It will turn from yellow to green, and then you can interact with it and get the pills for the dog. You also need to go to one of the dog houses. It doesn't matter what tier you're in; you just give a Molotov to the dogghouse instead of chunks of flesh, and it will produce a hellhound instead of a friendly dog.

You just shoot it, kill it, and it will drop a collar, and you can pick it up. The final relic is a camera that you have to use to use dead wire on a weapon, and you have to shoot that flying orb that you will find randomly. On the map, once you shoot it, it will turn yellow, letting you know you are doing it right.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Here is the best weapon in the game the Ultra Legendary Dark Aether Blade. Here is how to get the schematic. MW3 Zombies Glitch Glitches, Legendary, Pack-A-Punch, Crystals, XP, Rank, Duplication.
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