News - How To Beat Red Worm & Keep Tombstone W/ 999999 (leave Thru Portal) Warzone 2 Zombies Glitch



I'll show you guys what me and my team do to keep our tombstones.

Noah getting ddosed

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Now I'll show you guys how me and my team fight the red worm, and then leave the map and keep our tombstone. And there are multiple ways to leave this map that affect the tombstone: you can fill it normal, you can fill it with a dashboard, you can leave through the dark ether, or you can leave through a story.

In Mission Chopper, the exits can definitely affect the tombstones and make them not reappear when you come back, and there's also timing involved when it comes to PC. On PlayStation 5 and Xbox, me and my team have fought this worm multiple times, and we all play on different platforms. I'm PlayStation, tag 935 is Xbox, and BBK is PC.

We've all been able to fight this worm, leave successfully, and keep our tombstone every time. If you are successful in killing Gry, then an Archway portal will pop up that you can interact with, teleport out, and kill successfully. What we all do to keep our Tombstone intact on the map so that it's there when we come back in is to leave the game dashboard disconnected.

While you're teleporting, you're going to see a black screen, and then you'll get a successful fill. Well, we make sure we are out of the game while we're still teleporting, and Xbox and PS5 do something different. I'm PlayStation 5, and I'll show you how I do it now. This may not be necessary, but I do this because it works every time, but as soon as I see that teleportation, I spiral.

I pull my Ethernet cable for me. PlayStation 5 has been tricky with the timing, and I just go ahead and pull the cable. Now you might be able to just close the game, but I just never want to risk that because, again, the timing can be critical. Then I go ahead and exit the game fully before I plug the Ethernet cable back in, and then I can go back into the game for tag 935.

He's on Xbox, and all he does is go to just close out the game, and that seems to work for him just fine, and for PC, it's the same; you're just closing out the game, but if you want to be serious about it, you can definitely disconnect from your internet. One thing about this is that, yeah, our tombstones are there 90% of the time, but sometimes when we're just doing Tombstone normal and just using it legitimately, the tombstone won't be there because it's very buggy, so just be aware of that, and when you leave the game using this method, yes, your tombstone will most likely be there when you get back into the game, but you will not be able to keep your unex fillables like this.

At least that's what I'm experiencing on PlayStation 5, and what I mean by non-ex fillables is The Ether blades like you're not supposed to be able to keep those in your lethal slot when you expel them, but there is a way to keep those ether blades in your lethal slot. I made a article about that a few days ago.

When you leave through the red worm portal and disconnect during the teleportation screen, you will be able to keep all the schematics or whatever you're leaving with; it's just the unex fillables that you won't be able to keep, and yes, when you go back into the game, most likely your Tombstone will be there unless the game is bugging out, which it can do.

Again, this is what we're experiencing so far and what's working for us.

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