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So I was about to make a article talking about the VR11 and how it's returned to Modern Warfare 3 zombies in season 1 and how I went in and tried it out, and I wasn't super impressed with it; in fact, it lost some of the cool features that it used to do in Black Ops 1, but then we discovered that it has a hidden ability and something entirely new to it, and that changed my mind completely.

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Vr11 abilities

Vr11 abilities

I know I will be because Modern Warfare 3 zombies are awesome, and we've been having a ton of fun discovering all the things that this vr11 can do. Now we went in and tested it against all the enemies, and yeah, it's pretty amazing against most everything, and it definitely is. RPGs these zombies will attract other zombies, but not at the pool that a monkey bomb would like if you get too close.

the zombies are definitely going to come running at you these human guns will last for about 15 seconds and then they will explode and they will damage a few zombies and knock some of them to the ground and make some crawlers but it's not a powerful explosion like you would get from a monkey bomb. And the guns that these human guns are wielding and shooting, yeah, they shoot at zombies, but they hardly damage them at all, like it does nothing.

You're not going to get these guys killing zombies unless maybe there's an instakill running. They're most useful whenever zombies are around them and they explode, and then they have a chance to kill a few that way. This thing is really good against the disciples, the manglers, and the mimics, and it's about a four or five shot on the Storm Collar disciple, which is really good because the enemy is super tanky, so to be able to take it out this quickly, yeah, this gun is strong.

Another thing it's really strong against is the Mega Abominations. You can take this thing out with probably three shots to each of its mouths, like when it's open and the light is on, you can take out that whole mouth with one shot. Now this is a triple-papped version, so keep that in mind. We did go in and try it against the red worm, who's the hardest boss in the game, and it did practically nothing to it.

I was really surprised. One ability that returned from the Bo1 version is the zombie blood effect, so one player shoots another player with it, and they are in zombie blood for a short period of time. Two things that didn't return from the V1 version are that these zombie bloods could stack in V1, so you could shoot a player and empty all the ammo out, and that would give the player zombie blood for a few minutes.

Also, it gave that player insta kill during that time, and that's not returned either, so in Modern Warfare 3, you cannot stack these shots on a player; one shot will put him into zombie blood for 5 seconds, and then you have to wait for that to time out, and then you can shoot them again, and they do not have insta kill while they are in zombie blood, unfortunately.

But it looks like they took those abilities, removed them from the weapon, and added two new abilities. One is that this weapon does something no other weapon in the game can do, and that is run super fast. When you hold this out, you run faster than any weapon in the game, including fists or a melee weapon, and the final new ability is something that only activates once you pack and punch it, and that is that it repairs vehicles fully to full health, and it also refills.

The fuel completely, like what, but yeah, you just shoot a vehicle and it will fully repair it and also fill the gas tank completely up now if the vehicle has exploded and is completely disabled. It's not going to bring it back from the dead, but yeah, me and Tag got into a vehicle he was driving.

I was in the passenger seat with the vr11, and I was just shooting the floorboard, filling up the gas tank, and repairing it as we drove around. This works on all vehicles that you can drive; you don't have to be in them; you can just shoot them from outside of them. This also works on those tanks that you have to escort for those contracts.

These escorts exist in all the tiers, and this is going to be a really good weapon to have if you are doing the high-tier dark ether contract. An escort like that is so tough, but with this, you can keep that tank healed. That is amazing. You just shoot the tank from any side, and there is a bit of a delayed reaction, but it will heal all the way to 100%.

Now, it may take a couple of shots depending on how damaged it is, and that's the same for all the vehicles; it may take a few shots to fully heal. Vehicles, depending on how badly damaged they are, were also tested on other things, like other players. Can you heal them or revive them? No, you cannot, and you can't heal your dog if you have a pet dog.

This doesn't work on any other equipment; there are other contracts where the equipment can be damaged, and this does not help at all. Although they've done some cool stuff with this weapon, you know it's pretty strong against enemies. Basic weapons are pretty strong as well. I would probably just save this for that dark ether escort, and that's about it.

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