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I've got an unboxing article for you guys today, and on top of that, this is a special one because this item is on some kind of crazy super clearance right now. This is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 collector's edition, and I'm going to unbox it for you guys to show you everything that's in it. Also, this thing is $9.

Right now, that's crazy; it's like 90% off. Also, there's kind of a hidden Zombies surprise in this collector's edition that they didn't display, and you wouldn't know it was there unless you purchased it. I don't know what it means or could mean in the future for zombies, but we can speculate on it, and a huge shout out to perkaholics gaming.

He messaged me today, and he's like, You got to see this? This collector's edition is $9. I went and checked it out, and yes, it is, and I went and bought them, and yeah, they really were n bucks. You can get this at {398}. I think it's only the online purchase and having it shipped, and it only allows you to buy two at a time, so I bought two for $18, and I saved $141.8.

I did have to pay a $7 minimum fee order and then some taxes, and it came up to like 27 bucks now. This is for the US; I don't know about other countries. Also, this does not include the game. This is just the collector's edition; you're not going to get a game with it. However, I did buy the $99 version that did come with the game, and that's the one I'm going to be unboxing right now and showing you guys everything that's in it.

So the potential zombie Easter egg is on the outside of this box, and this is what comes inside of the Bravo 6 custom retail box packaging. It is made out of thin cardboard, and on the top, it's got multiplayer, logos, And then, when you turn it to the side, you can see that it has a monkey bomb logo, so they're repping zombies here.

I appreciate that, and then on the other side, it's got favella, But then on the very back of it, which is interesting that it's placed on the back, this thing says widow's wine. This has a brand new font-style logo with a knife and then a spider on top of it with spider webs in the back. This is a widow's wine logo that we've never seen before.

To me, it says, Hey, widow's wine is coming, eventually. And yeah, it could be cut content, but if they're putting this on the collector's edition, I'm pretty sure this was well thought out. I think this could be a great addition to Modern Warfare zombies. When you think about things like the dogs that are jumping on you or just being in Tier 3 or the dark ether, those zombies get really happy, so this would definitely help.

We have multiple seasons that will be coming, so this would not surprise me if this was a future edition. When you open the box, the first thing you see is the zombie night vision metallic poster. This is 12 in. by 16 in. It's a heavy card stock. This had a zombie Easter egg on it that we didn't even know about.

This is Greylord the Redworm, the boss fight that we didn't get to do until season 1. I would assume this is representing the red worm, seeing how it's red and how you can see the disciples in the background. It does have a metallic foil sheen, and it's reflective in the light, so it's pretty cool.

I don't know if there's anything more hidden within this. I don't fully understand why night vision is being represented here in such a big way with this worm. You can see more items. The game sits up there on the top right, there's some images on the left in a folder, and then there are some enamel pins.

This is a set of eight enamel collector pens, and we've got two representing zombies. Here we've got Juggernog, and then also the monkey bomb, and then this M16 pin is super cute; it's got like a camo on it. On the left here is a folder with a set of four special edition lithographs; they are 4x6; one is representing zombies with the ray gun; and this is on card stock, but it's pretty thin and a lot thinner than the poster.

Then you take that top layer off with those items. There's a foam piece underneath it. You lift that up, and this is the star item in the box. I guess it's a bronze-washed wall plaque featuring ghosts. It's 10 by 8 inches, and then it's got like a 2 inch depth. This box is metal and it is solid, and pretty heavy, and it does have a wall hanger on the back.

So yeah, this box is definitely worth n bucks, and that might actually be an error; they might not have meant to put it that low. It's definitely going to sell out with that low of a price as a Pur zombie player and not a multiplayer. What I love about this box are definitely the pins, the Juggernog, and the monkey bomb.

Those are cool, but my favorite item is the poster. When I first saw this collector's edition, I was like, I don't know what the hell I'm looking at here with this picture, but now you know me and my team go in and fight this thing all the time. It's so much fun, so we have kind of a connection to it, and it's cool to see it on a poster.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. An easter egg showing that Widow's Wine could be coming to MWZ. Also, here is an unboxing of the Collectors Edition and how you can get it for super cheap. MW3 Zombies Glitch Glitches, Legendary, Pack-A-Punch, Crystals, XP, Rank, Duplication.
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