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There's been a super mule kit glitch found on Modern Warfare Zombies. This allows you to hold eight weapons; it's super OP, and shout out to serial glitchers; they're the ones that figured this out right there. I was flipping through all the weapons that I was holding. I'm holding five, but yeah, you can go up to eight, and you can triple-pap all of them.

You can also use the crystals in your inventory if you have those to Pap them, so yeah, it works both ways. If you go to the ammo cache, it refills all the ammo in all the weapons that you're holding. There's also something special that this glitch does to Wonder Weapons; shout out to BBK. He and I went in and spent about eight solid hours trying to work this out, and we finally got it figured out, but in addition to stacking weapons into your loadout, as you stack them, you can quad-pop the Wonder Weapons and make them ultra powerful.

Right here, I am going up against the storm collar with the quad-popped Wonder Wolf, and it absolutely melts. In this game, I am holding five weapons, and two of them are Wonder Weapons, the Wonder Wolf, and the score, and both of them are quad-pack-a-punched. The Wonder Wolf quad-papped is, in my opinion, one of the best weapons in the game.

There's a specific trick you have to do to quad-pap the Wonder Weapons when you're stacking weapons, like this, and I'll show you all of that and how to do it. The first thing you want to do is have two weapons in your inventory. That's pretty basic, and then go find one of the USB stations for the redworm boss fight.

Make sure you have Molotov; that's really important; that's really the only way to do this and time this, so throw down a Molotov, go up to the console, and interact with the console when you have about 30%. Health left you should be like interacting with it and getting down at the same time the timing is pretty easy and you'll get the hang of it after you're down you can revive yourself with a self-revive, you can have a player revive you or even your dog can revive you all of it will work but if you get the timing right you will revive and you'll notice that you now have a third slot that has no weapon you don't even see your hands it's just blank.

At this point, you could go buy any weapon, pick up any weapon, and you would have three, and then you would just continue this process, but if you want to quad Pap Wonder Weapons, you need to open a Wonder Weapon Case or pick one up at this point. When you're stacking weapons and having multiple wonder weapons, you're only able to quadruple two of them, and they will be held in your first and second slots.

You can hold all four wonder weapons, but only two of them will have that extra quad pet power. I'm setting up to have the scorcher. And wonder Wolf Quad Pap so right now I'm going to do the process again I'm going to get down and this time I'm going to be opening up the Wonder WF case so make sure the console, is available it takes about a minute for it to cool down once you do it so just throw down the molotov, make sure you're close enough to interact with it and then when you have about 30%, left of the white bar of your health interact with that console, and you should be getting downed at the same time and then just revive in whatever way you want now you want to switch your weapons until you see that blank slot where you have nothing in your hands, and that's when you want to equip another wonder weapon if you want or just go get a regular gun So right now I've got two weapons in my first and second slots that aren't Wonder Weapons, and then I've got the scorcher and the Wonder Wolf in my third and fourth slots, so I need to move those weapons down, so you need to drop your first and second weapons to move those Wonder Weapons up.

This is the only way you can quad-pap them now. You could leave the scorcher and wonder wolf in the third and fourth slots, and they'll work like they normally do, but yeah, this is how you superpower them, and you'll notice that these weapons have been stripped of their rarity if you see on the bottom right there the wonder wolf scorcher.

They are at a base. Rarity right now allows us to add legendary tools, and that doubles the damage of these weapons, but you cannot add that legendary tool to these Wonder Weapons yet. There's something important you have to do. If you try to do it right now, the tool will sound like it's being added to the weapon, but it's actually not, and it's not doing any extra damage.

The tool will be wasted, so don't do it. What you have to do is make sure you've got whatever Wonder Weapons are in your first and second slots, and then you have to take a teleporter. I don't know why this works, but we were messing around for around 4 hours, and finally I got the tool to go onto the weapon and turn it to legendary, and I watched my playback, and I was like we teleported.

Right before that, we tried it again, and it does work, so right here I'm putting the legendary tool on the scorcher and wondering vaol and you can tell that the legendary color turns to that orange, which means this thing is quad-papped and fully ready to go again. You can throw these in the machines to Triple Pap them or use crystals; it doesn't matter, and you can use crystals at any point.

You don't have to teleport before you do that. Once you get this process over with and you've got both Wonder Weapons in the first and second slots, you can go back to the USB machines and start adding more weapons to your loadout and stack them up all the way to eight this glitch can get glitchy and in a bad way if you don't do it exactly like I showed you then you're not going to be able to add more weapons to your load out and it will be stuck and it won't work and again this is only if you're wanting two.

Mega Wonder Weapons: If you want just regular weapons, you don't have to worry about this process with the two Mega Wonder Weapons; you have to do the process exactly. Like I showed you right here, I've gone back to the USB machine, and I'm just stacking more regular weapons on top of the two Wonder Weapons again.

You could add more Wonder Weapons here, but it will be just their basic level of damage with no double damage. You can triple-pap it, but it will not allow you to put any legendary tools on. Now we'll talk about the things that you don't want to do and things that don't work, so any weapon you pick up when you do this glitch where you have no hands and you're able to stack weapons, any of those weapons that you pick up you cannot drop if you put them on the ground; they just instantly disappear.

You are, however, able to add ammo mods to any of the weapons; that does work, but like I discussed earlier, you cannot add any rarity tools to these weapons that you pick up in this way, so you might want to make sure that they're high rarity before you get them, or you have to make sure that they're in slot one or two.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Here is how you can hold up to 8 weapons at one time. You can also Quad Pack-A Punch the Wonder Weapons with this. MW3 Zombies Glitch Glitches, Legendary, Pack-A-Punch, Crystals, XP, Rank, Duplication.
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