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Season 1 of Modern Warfare 3: Zombies just released, and within this update, they've given us access to three new areas within the dark ether, and if you've had a tombstone that you've been using on the main map to replenish your money and duplicate items. Well, when you enter the dark ether. Tombstone goes away, so you lose everything—all your money and all your stuff.

This is the same issue if you complete Acts. 2 or 3. You go into the chopper, and you go into a new area, Xville, and your tombstone will be gone. Well, now there's a method where you can keep your tombstone, and you can keep all your money and all your items. You can go into the dark ether as many times as you want.

You can come back to the main map, and your tombstone will be there. So this is so nice to be able to just go into the dark ether as much as you want and then leave and still have everything—all your money and all your items. This method is brand new, and it's easier than the first Tombstone method that everybody's been doing.

This new method doesn't duplicate your money, but it will save that million essence or whatever you saved up, and it will always have your items in there duplicating. For you, shout out to Bman; he found part of this new method and tag 935. And myself went in today to refine this method and make it just a little bit easier for you guys, and in this article.

I'm going to show you guys the PlayStation 5 version of how to do this. It skips a step, but it also adds a step, and it's a lot easier than the original method. So all you have to do to set this up is first fill up your rucksack with the things that you want to duplicate or have in your tombstone when you come back into the map.

So, however much essence you want, typically we've got it built up to a million, and then we do things like crystals and legendary tools, dog bones, and golden armor. The next thing you want to do is make sure you have that tombstone consumed. And I'm going to get down. I do have a tombstone. Then, once I am down, I'm going to hold on to giving up and just get past that.

Now I'm completely down, and I should be spectating the other players, and you'll see the option on the screen to plead for help. I'm on Playstation. So it's down on the d-pad. You just want to hold that and let that bar fill completely. Then you can let your teammate know. Yeah, you can revive me.

It's cool the bar is done. And I think the other method was that you had to have other teammates on other teams to revive you. That's not true; your own team can revive you, and obviously, this is easier to do if you're playing with other people because you are dependent on people to revive you. If you are solo, then you may have to work your magic to get other team members on other teams to revive you, but this is so worth it because now you can do all the story missions and xfill and everything and go into all the dark ether tiers and still keep all your stuff.

So at this point, you now have a tombstone. On the map, you don't see it right now, but when you come back in, it will be there wherever you just downed and then revived. So all you want to do now is go into a story mission, like you can go into any of the dark ether, Levels. We're going to go into the dark, dark ether of the highest tier, do a contract, grab some schematics, and then fill.

And when we come back, our tombstone will be on the main map. There is one last step that you need to do to ensure that your Tombstone will be on the main map whenever you leave the dark ether, and that is, whenever you get out of here, you need to dashboard. So right here we got some really great gear that we are going to xfill, with and actually keep, and then again also have our Tombstone when we get back into the game, so there's two ways to xfill whenever you come to the dark ether.

If you're coming into Tier 1, where you have to fight the worm, then that axill is going to be on the beach, but in Tier 2 and Tier 3, we like to use this underground fill. I believe there's another one on the map, but this is the only one we ever used, and once you trigger this xfill, you're going to see that teleportation.

And then, as soon as you see the successful xfill screen, you want to pull your Ethernet cable. I literally wait to see, like, right there boom, I've pulled it, and you'll see the land cable not connected, and then I go ahead and go to the dashboard. Select the game, and then close the game. Then I plug the Ethernet cable back in and go back into the game, and right here you can see all the stuff that I had in the game is still with me.

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