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Today one of my absolute favorite guns in Modern Warfare 3 just got its very first Mastercraft, and this thing is absolutely awesome, and actually, if you want my opinion. I think this is one of the most underrated slept-on guns in Modern Warfare zombies, and by the end of this article. I wanted to bring this thing in here because it is absolutely as powerful as possible, so we're going to start off this match popping more than an old folks home we also got a Flawless Crystal we got a legendary, ether tool a bunch of perks and we also got the scorer case to make this a little bit easier next to just inspect this thing real quick with the level three Pap and man it honestly looks good.

I love it. I don't know if you guys are kind of familiar with how I like to do these things. Usually, I kind of like to come in here with as powerful weapons as I can get, and then I like to test them on the HVTs. Inside of each zone and just kind of give you an idea of how powerful they are, so starting off in the first tier zone, we ended up getting a mimic, and honestly, just as I suspect, this thing stood absolutely no chance; he was almost like I had insta kill on, but this is where things kind of started getting interesting, and I was actually starting to scratch my head, so making our way over into the second tier zone.


I ended up getting this hvt. On a Mangler, now this thing went down fast, and I mean, most ARS can't even take this thing down that fast, like Lockwood or Tia Kimbo style fast. I was like whoo so immediately after that you know I had to head straight for the red tier Zone and I had to stop off right here just to kind of show you guys I wanted to show you what this thing is doing just against the regular zombies and against kind of a nice little horde and it just absolutely, shreds them this felt like I was in the first tier Zone just eatting through the regular easy mode zombies, just on a side note if you guys like to partake in a lot of safety meetings, man these tracers are awesome, so for our first hvt, in the red tier Zone I ended up getting a mimic and I had to actually go off and get ammo and then come back so I just didn't think it was very good for our next hvt.

We actually got the mega-abomination, which is actually what I was really hoping for, and this is where it just started blowing me away once I started landing my shots directly in this thing's mouth. You know what? Pause that, but the chunks of damage that I was seeing just fell off of this HVT. Mega was insane.


There's so many guns in this game that I cannot even touch trying to kill one of these things for this little SMG. That's not an aimo; it doesn't even have that big of a MAG to just be doing that size of damage, and being able to kill a mega that quick is honestly crazy. I would honestly go as far as to say this is one of my favorites, if not one of the best little weapons for you guys to use, in the red tier zone.

Like hands down, as you guys can see here. I'm having almost no trouble fending off the zombies that are coming at me on the roof, plus just shooting at this thing right on the edge of the building here, it's just so good. Sincerely, I cannot highly recommend this gun enough, even if you guys don't have the blueprint.

Just out the Rival N9 guys, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. So after our nice little fight with the Mega, I did have a Sigil, so I wanted to go ahead and take this thing into the dark ether and just kind of see how it's handling in there. Off our first contract in here, we ended up getting something a little crazy: three refined crystals.


Man, I don't think I've ever seen this in a single contract before. Even when I was doing the Outlast contract, I had no problem fending off all the zombies, the disciples, the manglers, and all that stuff. It was handling incredibly well in here after completing the missions that I wanted to do in here solo, besides the escort one, because that one, honestly, was just a complete pain in the ass.

I dropped all my Essence inside of the Dead Drop dumpster and then headed on up to the Xville, where I checked out my loot, honestly not too bad of a little run again. We're going to show you guys the load out here, and honestly. With their full attachments, you're going to have to trade out the attachments and skins for the default skins.

Your weapon's going to lose the look it has just a little bit, but it's going to keep its traces, and all of that aside, we're going to quickly go through everything that comes in the bundle here at the end, and I think the skin for Doc is honestly pretty cool. It's a nice little 80s-looking outfit with something like this pink skateboard that's on the back.


I think it looks pretty cool, Mastercraft. That's in this bundle of fire. Absolutely, fire Not going to lie, the MTZ looks a little bit mid-range, but the tracers are still really cool, and the rest of the stuff in the bundle, you know, I could either take it or leave it. I think the loading screen is kind of cool.

You know, the other stuff is Yeah, that is honestly going to wrap it up, guys. I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today; lately, the support on the channel has been insane. I cannot thank you guys enough. Be sure to drop their likes.

In this video we take a look at the new Rival-9 Mastercraft that dropped today and test it out in MW3 Zombies. I appreciate all the support lately you guys are amazing! - Ghost. Previous Video.
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