News - Testing The Horsemen War Bas-b Blueprint Warzone 2 Zombies


Camo because with those little flickering, flares, and stuff, the camo just looks awesome on this blueprint, so first of all, we're going to be starting off with a refined ethereum. I'd like to go through each zone and test it on an HVT. As you guys know, the hvts are a little bit stronger than the regular bosses that you find around the map, so starting off in our first zone, we ended up getting a mimic hvt.

This guy stood no chance. Next, we find ourselves over in the tier zone. I ended up running into a mangler, and this guy ended up eating the entire thing. Mag before he ended up going out, and now when I was making my way into the third-tier zone. I ended up running into a mega Abomination, so you know.

I had to at least try it out really quick and just see what kind of damage this thing was outputting. Now, when I first started shooting him, it seemed like this thing was honestly doing pretty well, and if I had been in a better position. I probably would have been able to kill him, but he was doing some pretty good damage to me, and I only had one self-res, so I didn't want to die quite yet.


Let's go get Pap 3. This right here is a great little example of making use of your DEP perception. Always check these little boxes, especially in the third-tier zone. I ended up finding a legendary ether tool in here just by seeing this thing through the wall. I ended up getting another bounty on a disciple here in the third-tier zone, but I was running across this mangler, and I did want to see just how quickly this thing could take him out, honestly.

It's not too bad now. In this next little clip, I just wanted to showcase how this thing is handling the regular zombies in the Tier 3 Zone while also taking out a mimic. At the same time, this thing was actually handled. To be honest, now this disciple did something really kind of crazy on me, so I started shooting at him, and I was doing some decent damage, but then all of a sudden he flew off to the Tier 2 Zone.

I actually had to clear out this Merc camp, and it looks like he was glitched out underneath the ground under a vehicle. The second I moved the vehicle from underneath of him, he ended up exploding, and I got the contract, so now I was trying my damn hardest to find an HVT or just any Mega Abomination.


After I found that first one, I couldn't find one for the longest time, and the clock was running down. I only had a few minutes left, but I finally found one, and this is where I was actually pretty shocked. Now this thing was doing some really good dam damage to it. I was having to fend off a bunch of zombies at the same time because of the spot that I was in, but luckily they only come up from the ladder right there, so they're kind of easy to take out, but after just a couple of minutes, this thing was actually able to take out the mega-abomination.

Pretty damn easy, especially being an HVT. I would say the bass p is a pretty damn good weapon to use in Modern Warfare zombies, and this blueprint is pretty nice as well. I did change two things. I ended up changing out the site because I hated the site that was on it, and of course, this is zombies.


You're going to want that bigger mag, so definitely put on that 45-round mag. If I could say anything about the downsides to this weapon, that would probably be it would be the magazine and size. I was finding myself in situations where I was running out of ammo quite a bit, and I was like, man, if I just had a couple more bullets.

I probably would have been easier, but overall, great blueprint, great weapon; this bundle is honestly pretty nice too. I don't really condone spending a bunch of money in this game, but you only live once, and this is the game that we like to play, so this is going to be everything that's going to be coming in the bundle.

I appreciate everybody who stopped by the article today. Everyone who's been showing me love and support lately honestly means the world to me. Thank you, guys. The Zombie Community is hands down the best community, so with that, I just want to wish everybody a happy New Year's. Hopefully everybody has a really good time tonight.

Please drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive; get home safely.

Today the new Horsemen War Bundle dropped in MW3 so I figured I would show it off a bit and test the blueprint in Zombies. I appreciate all the support. You all are legends! - Ghost.
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