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Let's go through some big changes. Sledgehammer Games is making plans for the upcoming MW3 DLC map release.

Mw3 season 1 reloaded & season 2 updates release

First up is season 1 reloaded , expected to release on Wednesday, January 17th. I made a whole article going through all the content we're getting across multiplayer, including War Zone and zombies that'll be linked down.

Below is the description, and then season 2 is expected to release on Wednesday, February 7th, as well, which will get a whole new content for all those modes. Let's talk about it on the channel in future updates, but for this article, I want to break down how maps are changing for MW 3's DLC Seasons.

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The released mw3 multiplayer maps so far␦

The released mw3 multiplayer maps so far␦

Maps—we're talking all 16 of the OG and MW2.2009 maps. The maps are pretty good classic nostalgic IW design; they really didn't change much of them at all. We have some doors on some areas of the map, but for the most part, the maps look and feel the exact same, at least in my opinion. Of course, the movement makes things a bit different.

Sledgehammer games releasing more treyarch style maps!

Sledgehammer games releasing more treyarch style maps!

There are completely down for different op opinions on that, but Rio here has more of them. Try Vibe at least based on the tack map, so came wa for that one; we'll see very soon again based on Meet and Greece. Rio should be a decent map here, but then we got this from not a leaker but a former pro player, someone who's very known in the scene.

Parasite he was talking about future updates for MW3, and he's coming from a competitive Cod perspective, but this is still pretty interesting, and he says it's also less bomb. I'll drop maps designed for comps that the developers want us to play are coming, so you guys might be thinking I don't care about competitive Call of Duty.

Who cares what types of maps they're releasing for comp players? But at least if you're a try fan and you're a fan of those classic Close Quarter small to midsize maps with, you know, mostly three-lane designs, those are the types of maps that comp players like to play on the most, so Maps you saw Back in Black Ops 2, you know even Bo3.

Bo4 as well; those styles of maps are what comp players love to play on a bit more barebone, not many sniper Vantage points. 2009 maps that really aren't classic style maps in terms of TR; they're more of classic IW maps, which are cool, but again, for the DLC season here, just to mix things up. Obviously, they want to focus on uniquely made maps.

It's hard to describe to you guys what those uniquely made MP maps would look like. I have some concepts here as a thumbnail of what they could be. I have a space station, which I feel could be pretty cool. Some type of, you know, infinite Warfare Advanced Warfare throwback a turbine map as well. For other maps returning, these are.

Dlc map remakes in modern warfare 3

Dlc map remakes in modern warfare 3

Close Quarters, Classics At this point, at least in my opinion, this one might not be a classic; it just came out, but I feel like it's kind of an iconic map. Dos House from Vanguard was probably one of the best maps in Vanguard and the most notable map.

It was a ton of fun, super hectic, insanely fast-paced, and maybe too hectic, but you would at least play on it and not be bored. A lot of the other Vanguard maps, in my opinion, were so boring, but this one was fun. Dos House 24/7 was always so insane you could go for super high kill game plays any mode you're playing great for leveling up your weapons as well.

I feel like that would be a pretty cool map to return, and of course it was Sledgehammer, map as well, so if anyone's going to bring it back, it would be them another map here, which I'm surprised we didn't see in MW2 last year, one of my favorite maps, and this was actually from Cod 4 as well. Killhouse was such a fun map.

I played it a lot back in MW19; that is a map that is guaranteed to return. I would play that 10 times more than Shipman. Solid map design is very iconic; it was remade in a couple previous Call of Duties, but if you just bring back resistance, as is with better graphics in MW3.

Final batch of bundles released in mw3 season 1

Final batch of bundles released in mw3 season 1

Now we're going to break down a bunch of the bundles that have been released in MW3. Of course, as we near the end of season 1, especially past the reloaded update, we're going to get less and less bundles. Most of the main Mastercraft bundles and the stuff we talked about earlier in the season have already come out; there are very few left, and we'll get a whole new batch for season 2, which will break down on the channel first.

This is the one we've been waiting for a while now. Tracer pack insert coin mcraft, here we of course have an operator skin for Doc called High Score. It looks interesting and is definitely pretty cool. We'll preview this one here. It's very vibrant. It's a colorful skin, so if you don't want to be seen, it's probably not the best decision to use this skin here.

modern warfare 3

But if you're just playing, you don't really care. Maybe you're playing zombies as well. I guess this could be pretty cool. We're also getting a rival 9 weapon blueprint, with some arcade CRT tracers and the pixeled dismember of effect, so let's preview that first here. Okay, so here it is nice and green arcadey, got a little rainbow effect at the end there a little pixelated effect as well for the dismemberment thing I mean it's pretty solid it's a cool unique little Tracer and death effect combo not too bad one of the better ones actually from you know compared to the past couple bundles we've seen we also have an MTZ Interceptor blueprint coin feeder preview This one here looks pretty cool.


I got a kind of retro, purple, pinkish, maybe bluish type of pattern here, not too bad, and actually, before the first one, let's preview this. This one kind of looks a little better. The yellow and the blue one, of course, we talked about the inspect animation, which I'll maybe show up on screen here where you see an update that requires a restart, and then you see an advanced warfare popup as well or a main menu, but here it says Call of Duty ghost, so I guess the inspect animation is advanced warfare, but in the bundle menu or on the weapon, it's COD ghost.

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