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Ideal close range meta

Parts of Kimbo nonik Kimbo and all those various things, and what we can see here is that the close range meta usually it's in its sweet spot right around 600 milliseconds, at least from our entire history of War Zone, that's usually when it's the best when it goes under the Neath that gun just ends up being way too powerful.

Kind of breaks the game doesn't allow you a chance to react, and then when it goes above that, it just feels way too slow, and I think there are a lot of good options in that 600ish, ttk range as we can see right here, but one of the big problems is that there's a lot of other guns that are not necessarily going to ever be used mx9.

You can see it needs a bigger mag, and it needs a minor damage buff, so this ttk is closer to 600. We can go ahead and see this for the striker, Rival 9. The fck ended up maybe getting a little bit too harsh; it went from 550 to 660.

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Cor-45 warzone class setup & akimbo swarm warzone class setup

We'll go ahead and go through these I do have six different class setups for you, which are essentially highlighted on that list of the ones that I think are going to be the standout, so we can go and start off with a couple different outliers that are just kind of fun to mess around with. We do have the Aikimbo swarms, which work pretty well, but as you can imagine, they are akimbo, so they're not going to be as accurate as if you aim down sight.

best mwiii console settings

Then we got this Cor 45 with the aftermarket part, which has this weird trigger mod that every time you pull the trigger, it'll fire a bullet, and when you release the trigger, it'll fire another bullet, and that is how this particular one works. It does get insane; you can't change the trigger, and because of this trigger modification, the vast majority of players should be able to hit that trigger cap of around 400.

You'll go ahead and see that it does have a little bit of wobble. I built it for the lowest recoil with the attachments that are available, obviously got to have the aftermarket part and the largest mag, and then basically, when you pull that trigger, you can see it fires, and when you release it, it goes and fires again, so when you fire it, it feels like it's full auto; as you can see, it does have quite a bit of vertical recoil.

But overall, it's going to be relatively easy to control. I think this is probably a better keyboard and mouse gun, but everyone has different skill sets. I'm not necessarily the best at spamming semi-auto while maintaining accuracy and controlling recoil, unless it fires much slower, like the foul back in the day.

Then, for the Kimbo Swarms, you can kind of see how it's built out. This one's a pretty good fun competitive class that you can use at various ranges, but obviously kimbos are built for close range; you'd kind of strape it gets a little bit harder; there's probably a better keyboard and mouse because you don't get as much aim assist in the hipfire in this build, so sometimes controller players may struggle with that because of how reliant on assist most controller players are.

Iso 9mm warzone class setup & wsp-9 warzone class setup

Iso 9mm warzone class setup & wsp-9 warzone class setup

Then that brings us to our next couple of weapons. The MW2 weapon does slip into this and ends up being pretty good, which is the iso99 millimeter, pretty balanced build. A lot of people don't like the iron sights I included, so I run an optic with that, and you'll kind of see how that one builds out.

Then we got the WSP, kind of all around built, which we'll talk a little bit about, so kind of there's the build for the ISO; we'll go to Ahad and check that one out, so overall, pretty controllable, good fast fire rate. You can kind of see how it hits the target at that range, and you can kind of modify some of the things if you don't want a suppressor.

I generally put suppressors on most of my builds just because I prefer to stay off the mini map with the changes of reverting the red dots back on the map, but to each their own. If you want to be more accurate, maybe you drop the barrel and then put on something for muzzle that's going to help with recoil control that much more wsp all around.

This one does have a little bit slower fire rate, so it's less forgiving, but its DPS output is very consistent. It does have a slight open bolt delay, which you'll notice when you fire that first bullet, but beyond that, it has a great range that will allow you to have consistent ttks. At various distances that maybe other guns would struggle with.

Kind of see how that is now that we know the hollow point's essentially useless. The way they've nerfed it, most of the meta is going towards that high-grain round, and you can see this slow fire rate, but it's very, very accurate. I don't know if I'll hit that Target there; it is pretty good, and that's kind of how I have it built—so pretty and straightforward. Gun build there, and that's a fun SMG, just slower fire rate , so less forgiving.

Broken akimbo tyr snakeshot warzone class setup & wsp swarm warzone class setup

Broken akimbo tyr snakeshot warzone class setup & wsp swarm warzone class setup

Then we come down to these two. I don't know how this one slipped into the cracks. Obviously, the swarm I already built on that one right when the game came out. Turns out, it ended up being pretty good, and people are kind of leaning towards that one the most because of the fire rate.

Do you have to close that distance? The range isn't as forgiving, and then somehow we got the snake-snake shots. Down, how i recommended you guys unlock this one, so if you missed out, you still have a chance. You have to go over to the attachment, go to the snake shot, and make sure you do that.

Do the armory points, whether it's winds or however you want to do it. Zombie contracts daily contracts Whatever you get, and this thing is obviously broken in the firing range, it won't show off how broken or not broken it is. But if you close that distance, you're going to get that one tap, and it will take the player down, and it's going to be pretty annoying until they fix this one.

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