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Snipers can 1 shot in warzone 3

Snipers can 1 shot in warzone 3

Today we're focusing on one-hot snipers, and there's actually four to choose from, and hopefully as the seasons progress, we'll get some modifications to this, especially when there's a bunch of Bolt actions that you would think could One-shot or should one-hot, but definitely do not One little disclaimer about the firing range is that it should not be used as a way to test damage values.

Stop using the firing range to test damage

We have the dummies set to three plates, and we know that the dummies currently sit at 100 health; they don't match the 150 of MW3 or the Battle Royale, and this should be a one-shot sniper. But it's not; it just breaks armor; it's using multiplayer values, so they don't even relate to the war zone, so something to keep in mind if you're going to do any testing, it has to be in a real match , and whether it's plunder or Battle Royale, so to save you time on testing.

Testing 1 shot snipers with full health and plates

I've already done that. You can see the side-by-side comparison of a player at full health while I'm shooting the gun, getting a head shot, and getting the instant down in plunder. This is Mr.

1 shot sniping isn't all that matters (ads speed, bullet velocity & bullet drop)

1 shot sniping isn't all that matters (ads speed, bullet velocity & bullet drop)

In the cycling of the different guns, you can see that all four of these will have one shot head shot, and although that is probably the most important stat when you're looking for a sniper rifle, it's not the only important stat; you also have other stats like aim down sight speed, which you can see here, kind of like how they aim down sight.

For the most part, you're going to have the MCPR. The vicus has the fastest aimed sight out of this bundle, the cap being the slowest, and then the fjx somewhere in the middle, and this will really determine the play style of the weapon. Obviously, if you get a fast-aimed sight, you can be more aggressive.

If you have a slower one, you kind of have to pre-aim a little bit or just be a little bit quicker with your drag scoping to get those shots on Target, and lastly, one of the other characteristics that's pretty important is bullet drop, so what I've done with this one is put on that vulture optic. You can kind of see a target at about 100 m versus a target at 200 m.

One thing I'll point out is that some of the optics just look a little bit wonkier. On different guns, the pullam yacht and the cat you can see right here, where the level of zoom is slightly different than we're seeing with the MW2, guns, so it's just something to consider when you're choosing your optic because it might look a little bit different. And that could also impact how you snipe, but you can see that the bullet drop for the three MW2 guns is pretty significant; their bullet velocities are all hovering right around 500, which isn't all that crazy, and then we got the cat, which is a little bit over a thousand, so I thought.

Ranking each of the 4 1 shot snipers based on range

Ranking each of the 4 1 shot snipers based on range

I'd put together this little cheat sheet for you to kind of have an idea of what's going to work with what, and then we can give you some loadouts if you kind of want to try these out for more aggressive snipers.

This little chart includes the information that I just talked about, but you can see that under 100 m. I think the MCPR and the Vicus are great options because there's not a ton of bullet drop and you're able to aim down sight a little bit faster than you're going to be with the cat right around 500–550 milliseconds.


And that's pretty fast, at least for this game then when we jump into the 100 and 150 M you can go ahead and see that those tiers kind of to drop off a little bit and the cap becomes a little bit better because you're not going to have to deal with much bullet drop and bullet drop becomes a bigger issue for all three of these other weapons then once you get out 150, plus meters as we saw with that bullet drop on 200 M becomes pretty significant to lead the shot and not only that you have to be aware of the bullet travel time and you can literally see the bullet Trace, which is kind of a cool effect if you're playing Battlefield, but with it that slow in this and the movement as fast as it is it becomes very difficult near impossible to hit a Target unless they're just standing still and then you can see there are s tier for the cat so it becomes slowly better the further it gets out and then the other ones all become worse and I put the fgx.

As the worst sniper that you can use out of the one-hot category because it has a very slow aim-down sight, you might as well use the cat, or go ahead and use one of the other ones to just be faster because the muzzle velocity isn't enough to justify using it over the other two and something a little bit just to throw it in there because people don't realize how broken the Kar98 was. Here's a little bit of an example of the ad speed, as well as the muzzle velocity or bullet velocity, if you want to say that, so it would pretty much stier everywhere and completely broken, and on top of that, none of these get aim assist in the rotational by strafing car98k did, so with that, we'll briefly go into the loadouts.

Best practices for snipers

Best practices for snipers

You can see the MCPR. Pretty straightforward build here, not covering up any of the attachments. This is pretty much how you build it out. You can put on a muzzle to make this thing get a little bit better bullet velocity and get a suppressor, but it's just going to be slower. You have to run the explosive mags for all the MW2 guns, and that drastically hurts the muscle velocity.

One thing I will point out is that you could actually get rid of the laser; they added a brand new optic as far as aftermarket parts, and these are pretty interesting because if you go right here, you can get the endless Cass 14, which is 2.5x magnification, and it comes with a built-in laser that will speed up your aim-down sight speed by about 9%.

best mwiii console settings

This is not going to have a glint, so it can kind of be broken if you're using this one and you're worried about aiming down sight. You can get a little bit faster, and the target, as you can see, is a 2.5x, and it'll make it look a little bit smaller there, or you can go with the brand new one that was just added this week, which is the KR Inless.

Lsj 3 and then this one will give you a little bit of a glint, and that one is also going to help speed up the aim down sight so you can actually get a little bit faster, as this is definitely better for the aggressive snipers because you're just able to aim down sight Target Quisition and get into the gunfight.

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