News - Huge Mistake With Perks Warzone 3. Stop Using Perks That Don't Actually Help

Perks slots 1-2

Perks slots 1-2

today we're focusing on perks in war zone and I did a little bit of testing and there's several of them that just do not give enough information, to tell you how good or bad or useful, the perk is when you're selecting it one example we'll go and kind of go down the line we'll start from left to right from perk one slot all the way to perk four we'll go through these Mountaineer, it just says reduces fall damage that doesn't sound all that great but this will literally double the amount of fall damage you can have before it's lethal, normally at around 13 and a half meters if you fall it'll be insta death up until that you'll get various degrees of damage that will tick away at your bar maybe half Health at like 8 m or whatever the case is.


This perk literally doubles that height up to 27 M you kind of see the little Clips I'm going to be running for some of these I did test the majority of these ones that are worth testing, to get a little bit more accurate information because they can be a little confusing so this one is definitely an a tier perk that's underrated at the moment especially when you're talking about something like vond or a shik you could just jump off buildings hit the ground plate up whatever and then when they got to jump down if they don't have it they got a parachute you'll shoot them out the sky so a ton of finesse potential mechanic says it reduced a vehicle repair time, increased fueling speed which are kind of the same bundle and then reduced fuel consumption.

Essentially, this one's going to help you out where it's going to fuel up, and you're going to be able to go and get the fuel. It's going to last about 20% longer, so 20% faster and 20% longer, which is cool, but I don't really see a use case for this, especially since it doesn't work for air vehicles.

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This would be very broken on the heavy Chopper, but it doesn't work, so it's not worth using shrapnel. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration. I believe it's about three and a half seconds; it'll add on to that time, so currently it's 7 seconds before you start healing. I believe this will knock it up to 10 and a half seconds, which is super powerful.

But you do have to hit them with explosives, so maybe if you're using a grenade launcher or something like that, that makes a little bit more sense. It slows enemy movement and then briefly disables tactical sprint when enemy legs are hit—so cool, but not all that powerful. I probably wouldn't use that one scavenger to collect ammo armor plates and cash from dead players.

Generally, you're going to get cash ammo and armor plates. I think this is only like $500 cash, so it's not even worthwhile. They definitely would have to buff it or make a scavenger so it's fully loaded, so if you go grab your load out, you will be fully loaded when you spawn in, so that's a slight change I think they should have for that one battle.

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We know that you know it's just not enough; it needs to almost negate. Damage or whatever, we know that the flash has changed so you have to actually be looking at it the stun Still freezes you for quite a bit of time even when battle hardened so for me I don't necessarily know if it's worth it frangible bullets people aren't really using shock sticks it's going to reduce the effect and IM immune to sh snapshots aren't really meta in the game so I don't see a Reason to Run Battle Harden currently EOD reduces damage from non kill streak explosive and fire, reset fuse timer when you picking up a grenade people aren't really running grenades, and if they are they're cooking them perfectly you're not going to be able to grab it refuse it and throw it back I think that's a little bit lackluster I think this one could be good if we were like in RPG meta or something like that but the explosives, although they do deal quite a bit of damage.

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These this will mitigate a little bit of that I don't know if it's worth it is still probably like a b tier or a B tier style perk strong arm this one's kind of interesting from the testing it shows that you're able to throw 25%, further which is nice see the trajectory of your throw so if you're not really good at throwing into a window or whatever you can actually just line it up see where the line goes and just throw it there so it's just a little bit easier spotter works very much like engineer and spotter from the past spot enemy equipment and killstreaks through walls enemy down site you can highlight them for the teammate, and then you can hack enemy Claymores proxim C4 and trophy systems which that one's cool maybe someone on your team runs that next one up this is slide of a hand it's super vague here says reload, faster so even though it has the same hand animation that we had last year for war zone 2 it is not the same perk we had fast hands and it was in the perk three category or whatever you want to call it was a second tier of perks.

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But this one is slight of hand; it doesn't come with any of the other stuff. You have to remember that they put some of it, like the amped weapon swap speed, and some other various perks in the game by default that you don't even have to worry about equipping. This one, so now it is just a slight of hand; it kind of got nerfed in a sense because we get those things by default and they are allocated to the perk one and two slots.

What this does is make your reload faster, but it varies wildly depending on what gun you have, and I believe Exclusive Ace did a full breakdown of the faster holster from MW3, which allowed for fast hands. This is essentially matching a lot of that, where some guns can see a little benefit of 5%.


Meaning it's probably useless to use with that gun and then other ones can get about 30 to 40% Improvement which it would drastically improve even the clip from you can see here the bass B goes from about 4 second reload, down to a little over two, and even improves so much so that it reloads faster than the Swarm would slide a hand so it takes it from a miserable reload to a well improved one so hopefully they dialed it in at some point I don't see that being the case but I would experiment see if you like it with the guns you have with and without and to see if you notice a difference if you don't notice probably a waste of perk in that scenario double time increased Haack Sprint duration, and reduces refresh time it actually doubles your tax Sprint duration you're able to tax Sprint for twice as long and it's going to refresh faster.

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