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The new war zone drops, and everyone wants to know the meta. I think right now it is pretty hard to kind of nail down what the absolute meta is. I think there's a couple standouts on which I'm going to focus in today's article, but this is just a pure preliminary There's still a lot of MW2 weapons; we'll kind of see how they fit in the mix.

The majority of people are really trying out MW3 weapons. As you should, they're brand new, and if you have them leveled, you can enjoy them even though ttk isn't the most important stat. We can see that true game data shows that he actually has war zones updated, but it looks specifically at the MW3 weapons, which is important without some of the aftermarket parts, but it's a good starting point.

We got all the different damage values; you can see the various ttks. At the different health points, and you kind of look at the various graphs, see where things are, and kind of compare them to mine. Now, my ttk might be slightly different. I plug these values in, and I may have a different metric that I use for my combination shop placement, so it's worth checking out.

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There's going to be a couple guns that maybe even have a slower ttk, but that's because we're looking more at the practical ttk, even though you can get faster ttks if you get more head shots in the mix, so definitely check it out if you want to kind of deep dive: look at what works best for you and kind of where things sit ttk-wise.

So from my spreadsheet, I have all those numbers kind of plugged in and kind of figuring out where the ttks sit. I think some of the MW2 ones still need more testing because they might have made some more subtle changes that aren't accounted for yet, but this kind of gives us a rough estimate of where to start, and this is the top 75 ttks.

Out of the 100+ weapons that are currently in the game for close range, which is their first damage profile, and the far range, which is their last damage profile, there's probably sleepers in the mix where maybe they have a long first damage profile that will actually make them better in certain situations, or they have that middle damage profile that can actually allow them to excel, and it goes out to a pretty far distance before they get to their far range, but as of right now, like I said, it's preliminary.

best mwiii settings

And there's a bunch of weapons we're going to give you loadouts for, and I thought I'd focus on these, so we have a bunch of blue ones. Those are ones that maybe I'm not necessarily going to give a class setup for today; maybe one or two of them I will, but I want to go ahead and put those notes there so you can kind of see what's going on with those.

A lot of people will ask what happened with the MCW. It is low on the TTK chart, even though it's super accurate. Maybe once there's a tuning on these top weapons, it may come into the mix, but something to keep in mind is that this is kind of where we're at. It looks like the Baz B is probably hands-down the best gun currently.

We have the pullum, which is also pretty good. You can kind of see my notes for each of these if you kind of want to pause that, look at what's going on, and look at the ttks to kind of see why I've made certain decisions about certain weapons, pretty much the yellow ones. We're going to be giving you loadouts on all of those, so we'll go ahead and jump into those.

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Thankfully, this game does not have tuning, so this will be much smoother and quicker, and I'll go ahead and kind of explain stuff. The bass P, which I didn't really even want to include because of its slightly slower ttk that ranges up to 22 m, is huge, and it kind of looks nice with the little red blueprint that we got, and the zombies camo so well on that, but regardless of that, you can kind of see how the load out I have all of them built with a suppressor; if you want to have less recoil and show up on the mini map, that's up to you.

All of my loadouts will pretty much have a suppressor. Because I prefer staying off the mini map when I fire my weapon, and I think there's a lot of you out there; it's the same thing. Some of these attachments also come with a bunch of pros and cons, so we can go ahead and look at this D3 seven grip, and it says aiming idle sway, but when I go ahead and look at the overall stats, you can see that this is just improving.


Our recoil without the cost of ads speeds movement speed, which is an important SMG, and a lot of these things I'm talking about would carry over to the main thing. obviously my camera may block some of the stuff but you can see it for yourself we go ah and use hollow point just because those are still broken until those aren't we got the brew and heavy support this one's probably going to be a good go-to it does slow down your ads just a little bit but the recoil on the horizontal and recoil gun kick are huge, that it's enough for me to put that weapon on a suppressor that we're putting basically this one on that's not hurting our ads speed We could go with other ones that definitely help with our range, which isn't necessary, or our recoil.

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And then we'd have these huge ad penalties of over 330 milliseconds, which we do not want, so you can kind of go ahead and see how this one works pretty straight forward. In the class, we'll go ahead and come through here. And a pretty good 15 M; it goes up to about 20 M, which is a little bit short of the second target.

Even though I'm not a fan of iron sights on this thing, it does look pretty clean, and that's going to bring us to our next gun, which, in no particular order, you can kind of choose what works best for you. I want to include a few guns to at least start off with if you have already leveled some and not others while you do level some of the absolute meta, like the bass B currently, which I'm expecting to get a Nerf.

These ttks for long range are insane. For close range, they might even need a slight buff to some of the MW3 guns to compete with the MW2 guns because many of them are still very good, and then we got the Bruin 60 mag; it's kind of the return of this, you know, setup; we have a slightly different build for it.

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As you can see here, we're using this Broadhead on a lot of these guns because the penalty for ads is a little bit high, but it's giving us quite a bit on the other stuff, and the range, even though you are getting a negative, is perfectly fine. The rear grip kind of shows how that's built out, and the optic you can use, the aop, you can use this Coro, which a lot of people are leaning towards.

There's a lot of different ones you can use, but I haven't spent enough time trying other ones, especially the VK. I mean, probably has too much Zoom. I think they still need some tuning because some of the guns—I don't know if you saw True Game's article—have wonky aim, which is all wonky all the time for most guns.

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