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New big mw3 content update now live

New big mw3 content update now live

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we have quite a few news topics to go over. We got brand new patch notes with weapon balance changes. There's a new playlist, a new set of weekly challenges, and a new lever action weapon available. There's also a free conic operator skin and a weapon blueprint that you can unlock, as well, and I got all the details covered for you guys here in today's article.

As a quick reminder, I did post one yesterday going over the season 3 Battle Pass. Be sure to check it out after this article, and also. I plan to double upload today and cover the entire season 3 road map in the next article, so if you aren't Sub, make sure you guys hit that Sub button, but anyway, let's go ahead and let's jump into It got a new set of patch notes, and here's everything that you need to know about them.

New mw3 & warzone update patch notes

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It says global customization. They've improved the visibility through the glass of the Aus Imperials, the riot shield, and the blueprint; they've resolved graphical corruption on the hands of the Battle Sister operator skin for multiplayer; and they did UI bug fixes in the quickplay filter menu. The map widget will now display the maps available in the selected mode.

Operator unlock challenges will not properly display the requirements. Remove locked and unobtained MW2 calling cards from the customization menu, Completed weekly challenges will no longer display an empty splash notification. In a private match, the HUD will no longer disappear during the escort phase of Operation Tin Man, and for the modes Jugger juggernauts are no longer immune to the following tactical equipment: stun grenades, flash grenades, and shock sticks, which address an exploit allowing players to equip custom loadouts.

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Entering water will no longer cause a player's weapon to lose loose functionality, and for the weapons and attachments, the soul render players will no longer experience a delay after throwing equipment or swapping to the soul render for zomb, so that basically got a buff, and then zombies UI address an issue where players could encounter an airor message when viewing their containment level from their player card stability added various crash and stability fixes, and then we go into the war zone side of things, so they actually got some weapon balance changes for the weapons, the SMGs.

The ram 9 near mid damage decreased to 27 down from 27, the mid damage decreased to 22 down from 24, and the HR M9 Max damage range decreased to 11.30. M, down from 12.95. And then, for the melee, the soul render was buffed by players. Players will no longer experience a delay after throwing equipment or swapping to the soul render; unfortunately, the Nerf really didn't do much to any of these weapons.

HR M9 and RAM 9 are still some of the best SMGs that you can use right now. More than likely, we'll see a bigger Nerf with the season 3 update for the gameplay and the night vision. Goog has disabled laser attachments, which have been removed and replaced in the Goog loadout, and then they did two bug fixes and fixed the issue causing the final elimination cam slow motion effect to persist after getting the final elimination with the vehicle.

They fixed an issue on Fortune Keep that allowed unmanned vehicles to remain attached to the research vessel and would eliminate players that came into contact with it anyway.

New weekly playlist update for multiplayer & warzone

New weekly playlist update for multiplayer & warzone

We got a brand new playlist update, and that brought in ship house 24/7, along with the hardcore variant of it, meaning that you have shipment and dos house 24/7. And then the next mode is a team gunfight. For war zone, they usually go live tomorrow, and here's the calendar that we have for that, so starting on March 21st, you have ring play plunder quads and years beyond Battle Royale and solos.

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Duos and quads, which are also on the Yik stand, and then trios, which will be on Vondo Resurgence, are available: Solos vondo, Duos Ashika Island trios, Fortune Keep, and Quads Yicam. POI rotation is not the best Resurgence playlist that they have going on for this season, but they said the purpose they're doing this is to test out and see how many people play which mode and which maps are going to be available in what sizes, and anyway, you can expect the playlist update to get a lot better in season 3 when they gather all this information and find out which modes people prefer and which squad sizes anyway.

We have.

New jak outlaw 277 lever action rifle

I received a new set of weekly challenges. This brings in week seven, which is the second last week that we have for this entire update. By completing five out of the seven weekly challenges, you can complete any of these challenges in any way you want in either multiplayer, war zone, or zombies, which will unlock you the brand new bass B.

Jack Outlaw 277, Kit, and the description says this conversion kit transforms the bass B into a lever action rifle, slowing fire rate but vastly improving accuracy for deadlier precision. Has a faster fire rate from the hip for dealing with close-range threats that require less accuracy. And it basically plays like the MTZ.

Interceptor, if you guys remember how overpowered that was at one point when there were two shooting players in War Zone. It's very similar to that; I mean, testing it out in the firing range, you can see that it takes around two bullets to eliminate a player. There's no plate or anything involved here; it's just like regular multiplayer.

But if you hit headshot, it's definitely going to be one of those weapons that might end up being part of the meta. Next week is going to be our last and final week. If you have not yet completed your challenges, make sure you get all eight weeks done because that will unlock you the rotten Inferno, and that's a really good camo that you don't want to miss out on because it's going to be here only for that one week that you're able to unlock it, and once season 3 comes around, there's going to be an all-new animated camo that you'll need to work on, but anyway, that's pretty much everything you need to know about today's update.

How to get free konig vapor operator skin & blueprint reward

How to get free konig vapor operator skin & blueprint reward

There's also , a free operator skin that you can currently claim starting tomorrow, and this has to do with the launch of War Zone Mobile. This is the Koenig operator skin that we talked about previously. The good news is that when you unlock this operator skin, it's not going to be War Zone Mobile exclusive, but you're also going to have it in Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer and in War Zone on your PC and console accounts anyway.

How Claim FREE Konig Vapor Operator Skin Pack, New Content Update, Patch Notes - Modern Warfare 3.
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