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The new war zone update is here, and these are the best close-range guns and builds that I've found so far. After spending hours of testing, I have everything from fast SMGs to fun shotgun builds and even some potentially broken pistols. First up, we have the WSP Swarm. I think this gun has the potential to be the meta SMG, and this build will be great for players who plan to fight a lot in buildings and play really aggressively.

The gun has a very fast fire rate and time to kill up close, so it's a lot of fun to use if you like to run and gun. So for my build. I'm using the 50-round magazine because this gun chews through the WSP Reckless 90-long barrel to improve the damage range, the FSS Fortress heavy stock to significantly reduce the recoil, the DR6 hand stop to make the ads speed and Sprint to fire speed faster, and finally the Slate reflector as an optic.

By the way, all these gun builds will be at the end of the article, so if you want to just screenshot all of them there, you can do that too. Now, I don't normally use optics on my SMGs, but I think in this case it makes sense. The iron sights on this gun are horrible, so I think by having a 1x, I can stay on target much better, and it allows me to more consistently hit shots at a longer range.

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It's also nice that in this game most of the 1X Optics don't penalize your ad time, so there's not a lot of downsides to using one. Now there's a lot of players that prefer to use silencers to stay off the mini map, but I typically don't do that because I prefer to use that attachment slot to either lower the recoil or to improve the mobility of the gun.

It can also sometimes be beneficial for players to kind of know where you are because they end up pushing you, and it makes it easier for you to find players on the map if you're going for high-kill games. Also, if you're wondering why I'm playing Plunder, it's because I think this mode is perfect for testing out weapons because you can get into a lot of gunfights very quickly, and you also always have your loadout.

But anyway, up next, we have probably the most broken gun in the game, which is the bass B. I'm assuming this gun is going to get nerfed soon because it's crazy good up close and at range. I think this gun slips by the developers because you normally don't see a battle rifle perform as well as an SMG.

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What's great about this build is that it's going to get up close because of how powerful the gun is, but it also has much better range than SMGs, for those times when you get surprised when you're running around the map. For my build, I'm using the 45-round mag with no stock, which gives a massive buff to mobility and handling.

I'm then using the brew and heavy support to eliminate a lot of the recoil, and these last two attachments are added to help with the sprint of fire speed as well as the ad speed. I think the short barrel and the laser are necessary because they improve how fast you can react in a gunfight up close, and they allow you to compete with players using SMGs.

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Right now the bad speed could be the allaround, best meta close-range gun because I think it fits almost every play style because like I said it fries up close and also it has a ton of range and it's really easy to control the recoil, okay so moving on I have two akimbo pistol class setups that I think you should try out first we have the snake shot build and the tyr pistols now for whatever reason the snake shots always seem to be really good at least at some point in the life cycle of a Call of Duty game now for my testing, these don't seem to be as broken as some of the metas we've seen in the past but when you're up close these guns down a fully plated player with two dual shots, so if you play mostly in buildings or play a lot of vond Del I can see these guns being very good however there is a pretty significant drop off on damage once you get outside of that Point Blank Range which makes these pistols feel a little bit inconsistent.

You definitely have to modify your play style to get up close to your enemies when you're trying to take them down, so the build that I'm using here is the snake shot ammo, the akimbo grip, and the heavy long barrel to get some additional range. The fury trigger to improve the fire rate, and finally, the verdant hook-mounted laser, which significantly decreases the hip fire spread.

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Overall, I think these pistols are very good, but the range dropoff makes them really only useful inside of a few meters, and that's why these Nexa Kimbo pistols, I think, are a much better option. This core 45 build was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and it really surprised me, and I think this could potentially be a metag gun for a lot of players depending on what game mode you play and your actual play style.

These pistols kill extremely fast up close, but what's great about them is that they still have a lot of range. Button as fast as possible since these guns are only semi-auto, but I think that should be pretty easy to adjust to. The mobility for these guns is also really good because you don't have to add ads, so I think I was able to get a lot of kills because I was making my enemies miss shots.

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So for the build. I have the akimbo rear grip, the 30 round mag, the heavy match trigger, which improves the fire rate accuracy and handling, the one megawatt laser for better hip fire and sprint of fire speed, and finally a suppressor to stay off the mini map. I use a shotgun because I suck at everything.

So unfortunately, for a lot of you guys out there who hate shotguns, I think they're going to be pretty good at the current weapon balance. And I have two builds for you that I think are both extremely good, and we'll start with the Haymaker. So once again, I was actually shocked when I built this out and went to test it and plunder, because I was wiping multiple people quite easily.

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The mobility of this gun is great, and I was able to fly around the map and reposition during gunfights. To be able to reload and heal up but more than anything what impressed me with this build was how powerful it was there were several times when I literally destroyed people on the map and I just couldn't help but laugh at how broken it was now I wasn't sure at first if maybe some of these players weren't fully plated so I actually went and tested it out and this gun two shots in the chest up to roughly 3 m, and then takes three shots at 5 m but the fire rate on this shotgun is so fast so the difference between two and three shots really isn't that long so it makes this shotgun pretty deadly at a longer range, now for this build I'm using the 12 round magazine so I have enough ammo to take out several people at once I'm using the brys and choke to reduce the shotgun pellet spread, the imperior long barrel to extend the range of the gun, the no stock mod to improve mobility, accuracy, and handling, and finally the DXs.

In this video I go through 6 close range meta builds that might be broken in the new Warzone 3.
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