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Rob here with another Call of Duty: War Zone article, and in today's article I'm going to be showing you my top five meta close-range weapons in War Zone, so let's jump straight into the article. Make sure to follow and like if you found this article helpful.

First weapon

The first gun we're going to be looking at is the WSP Swarm, right here now.

This gun is the best close-range weapon in the game right now. A lot of people are running this weapon, and this is the build I'm using here for my muzzle. I'm using the L for our flash hider for the barrel. I'm using the WSP, a reckless 90-long barrel, for the stock. Here I'm using the Fortress heavy stock.

best smgs in warzone

FSS Fortress heavy stock; for my grip, I'm using the Marauder grip; and for my magazine, I'm using the 50-round mag now. If you want a bigger mag, you can go for the 100-round mag. It doesn't make too much of a difference. It just impacts mobility a little bit. The reload quickness is exactly the same on this, and the only thing that changes is the mobility; it's a little bit slower, and the ad speed is about 20 milliseconds slower with the 100-round mag, so that's all up to you; that's your personal preference.

And if you don't want the Marauder grip and you want an optic, you can get rid of the grip here and use an optic that you prefer. I think the best optic for close range is the slate reflector, the MK. What's that one called? MK reflector, Nidar model 2023—these are all good choices for an optic, and this is how the gun looks.

Without the rear grip, I don't really need the optic. I used to use one, but I don't really use it anymore. I just use the Iron Sites, and I prefer the 50-round mag here, and as you can see here, the gun kills extremely quickly. We have the bots on three plates. The iron sight takes a little bit to get used to, but you get used to it after a while, and it's not as bad.

And you just melt your opponents at close range here, and if we go deeper into the stats here, you can see that the rate of fire is extremely high; it's almost at 1,00 here, and the effective damage range is up to 8.4 M. The headshot damage is 29, the upper torso and upper legs damage is 24 to 27, so this gun doesn't hit hard, but since it has such a high rate of fire, the bullet hits your enemy faster and does more damage, which piles up quickly, and the ad speed is sort of fast; it's 256 milliseconds.

It's not the fastest, it's not the slowest, but it's a pretty decent build, and it's definitely the best close-range weapon in the game right now, so weapon number two here. I also really like this SMG; it's the striker, just the regular striker here, not the striker 9; some people get confused with that; it's just the regular strike here, and these are the attachments I'm using.

Second weapon

Second weapon

I'm using the Sonic suppressor muzzle here. The striker's long barrel, There is no stock here.

The sackin zx grip and the 48-round mag are here, and as you can see, these are the stats on the weapon. This gun hits a lot harder than the WSP Swarm. As you can see, the head shot damage here is almost double; it's 46. The upper torso, lower torso, and upper legs are 36 to 39 damaged, so that's extremely crazy.

But as you can see, the rate of fire is almost half the amount of the WSP Swarm, so you're doing more damage but you're not shooting as many bullets, so it kind of balances out right there between the two weapons. As you can see from the ads, speed is extremely fast on this gun; it's about 60 milliseconds faster than the WSP.

Swarm, and it's at 197 milliseconds to aim downside, and it also has better range on the W weapon, almost double the range. So let's go to the firing range and see how it looks. You have the bottles on three plates now. I don't have an iron I'm just using the iron S. I don't have an optic, but it's pretty easy to control.

I'm just pulling down to the left a little bit on my mouse, and it's very easy to control this recoil, and it kills extremely fast. You can probably take out three to four players with this gun if you hit every single shot on your enemies, and I definitely love using this weapon. Sometimes you just get boarded using this swarm, so I switched to this weapon, and it's extremely fun, so weapon number three is going to be.

Third weapon

Third weapon

Where is the weapon number? Three, this one I've been I've been using this one a little bit. This is the Modern Warfare 2 ISO 9 mm, so it's the new ISO that came out in Modern Warfare 2, and this is the build I'm using here.

I'm using the SP spiral v3.5, flash hder muzzle. VK laser, slate reflector optic, 50 ground mag, and high grain round ammunition, and as you can see here, this gun is like a hybrid between the striker and the WSP. Swarm It has an extremely fast fire rate, just like the Swarm; it has 1, 000 RPMs, and the damage is a little bit higher than the Swarm.

The headshot damage is 32, the upper torso to upper legs are 23 to 28 damage, and the DS speed is a little bit faster than the Swarm, so this gun might just be a little bit better than the Swarm overall when it comes to the stats page right here. It has a little bit higher effective damage range and does a little bit more damage.

The RPM is a little bit slower, but barely, and the ad speed is a little bit faster here. I've been using this gun a lot recently off-stream, and it's actually pretty, insane, and kills really fast. The only thing that sucks is that when you aim down site, the VK laser shows, which is kind of annoying, but this gun kills extremely fast, and you have a 50-round mag here, so you're able to get you can probably get two to three kills before you have to reload as you see.

The recoil is easy to control; I just pull my mouse down, and to the left, a little bit, it pulls up to the right. Recall that is weapon number three, so weapon number four. Let's see what weapon number four is. I was going to use the bass V battle rifle.

Fourth weapon

Fourth weapon

Here, I built it as an SMG. We have the sackin tread 40 muzzle, the light 9-in Brewin Wyvern short barrel, the no stock here, the 45 round mag, and the dr6 hand stop under the barrel. As you can see from the stat page here, this gun hits really hard, like the striker head shot damage is at 49; upper torso to upper legs damage is anywhere from 35 to 42 damage.

The ad speed is 260 milliseconds, so it's kind of fast, but you got to remember that this is a battle rifle that we made as an SMG, so the damage is going to be a lot higher, the rate of fire is going to be a lot lower, and the ad speed is not going to be as fast as the other SMGs, but since it does a lot of damage and it has pretty good mobility because there is no stock for it.

TOP 5 META Close Range Weapons in Warzone 3 Warzone 3 Meta. In this video, I show you my top 5 meta close range weapons in Call of Duty Warzone after the Modern Warfare 3 integration. These are my 5 favorite close range weapons that I switch between when I play Warzone. The last weapon is super cheesy, but fun to use.
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