News - The Dg-56 Is "broken" Warzone 3. Best Dg-56 Class Setup / Loadout - Warzone 2

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What's good YouTube In today's article, we dropped 34 kills with the DG 56. This is by far the most broken gun in War Zone. You have to try out this build if you enjoy high-kill, aggressive gameplay. Make sure you watch the entire article. Now let's get to the game. Your rer, M, We deployed enemo into the kill, and the kill confirmed we had located the rest of them.

Resurgence is about to end; count, there's a Precision where's it at; I had it; requesting close targeted might not get that kill now; 31 tar aced strikes left. No way did I sell that. For our first attachment, we used the VT Spitfire suppressor. This helps out with the recoil control of bullet velocity and damage range, so it's making our gun hit harder while adding more recoil control.

We use the DG 56 LS18 Barrel, which helps out with the bullet velocity and range when aiming idle. Sway and recoil control: for the optics. I mainly use the Coro Eagle ey 2.5 scope so I can see further, but if you like to use this gun more at close or medium range, you can throw on the MK reflector; it's whatever you prefer.

best dg 56 build

And then, for the ammunition, I use high-grain rounds. I use this instead of an underbarrel because this gun literally has no recoil, so I really don't think you need an underbarrel, so I would throw this on so you can get more bullet velocity in the damage range. And then, for the magazine, you can either use a 60-round drum or a 40-round mag.

I use both of them; sometimes I use this gun more at medium range, so I throw on the 40-round mag so I can move quicker, but it's whatever you prefer; they're both good options. And if you do find yourself having trouble controlling the recoil, you can throw on the heavy support grip under the barrel.

This helps out with the gun kick control, aiming idle sway, and horizontal recoil control; you can just take off the ammunition. Here's the complete build. This weapon kills extremely fast; it's probably the most broken gun in the game right now.

Best DG-56 Class Setup Warzone 3 Best DG-56 Loadout MW3 Best AR Class Setup Meta AR Loadout. the DG-56 is BROKEN in WARZONE 3! Best DG-56 Class Setup Loadout - MW3. Watch me live.
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