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The new War Zone 3 is out, and I'm assuming a lot of you guys are trying to get better today. I have 20 tips on how to instantly improve in War Zone 3. Tip number one: we're going to be talking about how far away you need to be when you jump from the plane. So basically, in the old war zones like war zone 1 and war zone 2, you wanted to jump around 700 to 800 m.

That way, you could get down to the floor, first grab loot, and be in a power position to take out anyone who's landing near you. Now the plane is lower in the new war zone, so what you want to do is jump off around 5 to 600 meters so you can beat them to the loot to top it off. This landing right here is a very good one.

You get instantly a lot of loot in this building: armor plates, really good weapons, anything to take out the people next to you on top of it. It's a great spot for high kills. You're going to see a lot of pro players and, well, just top-tier players. Landing here because. Not only do you get kills initially, but there's a buy station right next to you a buy station where you can buy weapons, a loadout, or a UAV, and on top of it, you have a balloon that you can grab and rotate to anywhere else on the map and keep going for them.

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Kills Tip number three: we're going to be talking about cutting the animations off the balloon and the zip line. If you did not know, if you just let your character do it by itself, there's an animation between 1 and 2 seconds where you basically can't move, can't do anything, and you're easy pickings.

But if you jump when you grab the balloon, you automatically skip that initial animation and it tends to launch your character very quickly, and it's going to save your lives a lot of the time cuz 10 you know people like to Camp around the balloon and take you out and the same thing goes for those zip lines, a lot of people like to just manually sit stand still and hit the zip line and you got to like attach yourself and then you go but with the zip line you can jump grab it and again it's going to skip that initial animation where it's going to launch you and just you grab it on it right away and start zooming you tip number four which is very underrated, in the go Lo a lot of people don't know this or don't do this but you can actually go up the zip line really quick to win it and this goes back to tip number three.

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Don't do it the slow way you can, and then you want to jump and grab the zip line, and it's going to win this one-vs.-one gunfight with this little health. What you want to do is you want to smoke, and then you want to jump and grab the zip line, and it's going to launch you pretty quickly up, and it's very hard for them to kill you, and you should get the W tip number five in this game.

Money is low, and it's kind of harder to find money in general. Contracts are your best friend. We're talking about scavengers, or even the most wanted, because when you open up crates, you finish the most wanted quickly. This is going to be super handy to utilize to get a load out a lot quicker.

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You're going to see people starting to do this more and more as the game goes on and progresses. People are grabbing these early scavengers, and it's these early most wanteds because it allows you to grab that money very quickly, especially if you're playing with a team, because your teammates can help you finish those contracts a lot quicker, and boom, you have a load out instantly versus just looking for the money, and it takes you like a couple minutes to five minutes just to get enough.

Tip number six: We're going to be talking about Steim; they are back in the new war zone. They actually give you that huge movement boost that a lot of people used to love back in Caldera, back in War Zone 1, that boost where it gives you it obviously heals your health back but it gives you that increasing movement speed which allows you to kind of like Juke your enemy.

Hit your enemy with a movement, and it makes them hard to trace you. Tip number seven: Go back to the money in the goo. There is a lot of money sitting around, sometimes in the middle of the map on Google. Sometimes there's like $5 or $7, 000 of cash just sitting there. You definitely want to try, as you're fighting your opponent and grabbing some money, but that shouldn't be your main concern.


Obviously, you want to win the G. tip number eight with movement being back in the war zone A big thing people tend to do and used to do back in the old war zone is slide down stairs, slide down hills, slide down hills, slide down any like slope ramps. Very effectively, and this is good to maneuver on the map.

This is good to save your life. This is a good way to cut time. Tip number nine: movement is extremely important in the new war zone because it's back. It's really back, but you need to make sure you have the right settings because without the right settings you won't be able to play to your full potential, and have the insane movement that a lot of these Pros do so you got to make sure you switch a lot of these settings right here this is going to allow you to be faster it change your movement to be quicker your slides are going to be better overall you're going to feel more fluid on the map you're going to notice a pretty big difference so make sure you change these settings and watch it change your game Tip number 10: self-revivals are insane; in this game, they are very common.


You're probably wondering where in the bathrooms you're going to find those medicine cabinets, especially the one that has the health aid on it. Those are even more like they spit those things out like it's nothing. Tip number 11: Tactical spamming is back, so something they added new in this war zone is that when you use a tactical, whether it's a lethal or just a smoke stem, whatever it is, if you have more in your backpack, it automatically equips it and you can continue to spam, so you can have eight frag grenades and eight SX in your backpack, and you can spam all eight within 8 seconds.

It's pretty crazy. So, for example, you can have smoke and stunts. You can have smoke and stunts. Tip number 12, slide canceling, is back, and this is the number one movement you're going to see Pro players or anybody else in the game using. I even see Billy Bob Randle 4000 using it as well, because everyone knows how to slide cancel or what a slide cancel is.

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At least the majority of players do slide canceling, which is just slide jumping and then aiming in and shooting. It's a very simple combo, so you basically just slide jump to cancel the animation you aim for and shoot if you do it very quickly and around corners. It's very effective. This is going to be the number-one way to engage in gunfights.

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