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In today's article, I'm going to be teaching you guys how to have the best movement in War Zone Mobile. I'm going to be breaking down in depth every single move you can use to perform movement as well as what it looks like from an enemy's POV. Here, it is very easy. There are now two different types of slide cancellation.

This is how the fast method looks, and it kind of stops your momentum as well, so I really don't use it this way, but it is faster now. The next move is to slide cancel into ads, so all you want to do is make sure you're sprinting slide and click the ads. Button, this move is really good around corners, and it can catch your opponents off guard because you're already adamant and ready to shoot now.

The next move is called bunny hot. Basically, you want to spam your jump button. It works really well when you get out of cover, jump around, and spam your jump button. It makes it really hard for me to hit you. It messes up their assist now before we get into the next move, the dolphin dive. I want to let you guys know that you can change your crouch and prone positions.


I did so on the screen, so all you want to do is click either the crouch or the prone button. As you can see, I have mine split, but if you want them to merge where you hold to prone and then tap to slide, you can do that as well. Now, if you put the prone in the Bunny Hop together, it looks very glitchy.

All you want to do is prone right away and then spam your jump button to Bunny, Hop. Now the next move is called the instant drop shot, but you have to make sure you are tactically sprinting, or this will not work. All you have to do is make sure you're sprinting, and then immediately go prone tactical sprint prone tactical sprint prone, and don't forget to pull back on your joystick, or you will perform a dolphin die.

Now the next move is called snaking, which basically allows you to peek over cover without being shot, and all you want to do is prone. Then, cancel the prone button. tactical sprint, then prone again, but you have to make sure you're going back and forth on the joystick so you don't perform a dolphin die.


This is, honestly, an advanced move. It works best when you have the prone button separate from your crop button. This one would definitely take a lot of practice, but with time, it can be mastered very easily. Now, before we get into the other moves, I want to let you guys know that tactical sprinting is very important in this game.

It allows you to move super fast around the map, but you only get a limited amount before you have to recharge again. now when doing movement The only thing that resets your tax Sprint is a dolphin dive and regular sprinting, so if you're a player that likes to slide cancel a lot, you really have to do it sparingly because you don't get your Tactical Sprint back, which allows you to move faster around the map.

As you guys can see right now, I am regularly sprinting. Before you want to perform a lot of movement. I'm not sure if they're going to update the game, but this is what we have now, and if you get really good with your movement, you'll be able to use your precious tactical sprint. Very wisely now, for all my YY weapon SWAT players, this is how you do it, so there's two methods on YY, or weapon switching very fast.

movement guide

The first one is spamming the tactical sprint button, so all you want to do is spam it, and you get a little YY animation, which helps conserve your stats as well. The other method is to have this type of weapon slot, so what you want to do is go into your weapon slots. Click on variance. Go to classic so you have both weapons displayed, and this is why method 2 is really difficult, and a lot of people don't do it this way because you have to tap back and forth on the weapon slot buttons.

As you guys can see. I'm sprinting right now and I'm clicking them at the same time, and I'm getting a really fast weapon swap, but this is insanely hard to do in a gunfight and it requires more fingers than the average player, but if you want to challenge. I recommend trying it out. Man, it looks better than the first one, but not to me personally.


I can't do it, and then we have the T Sprint zigzag, which makes you a harder target to hit if you're caught in the open or if you're trying to get away from an opponent, so again, all you want to do is click that tax button and go left and right. Very simple now that you have all the secret movement tips, you need the best aim, so click this article on the top right of the screen to get the best settings in War Zone Mobile

How to do Movement in Warzone Mobile! Full step-by-step tutorial on how to perform each move with the enemy's point of view as well! Comment any questions you have and ill be sure to answer them.
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