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War Zone Mobile had one of the worst global launches in mobile gaming history. So in this article, we are going to talk about whether there is any chance that Vol Mobile is going to shut down. Before that, let's talk about U4 GM. Let's talk about why the Vol Mobile Global launch was such a disaster.

So the first reason was that they delayed the game a lot. The game was expected to be launched in 2023, but they kept delaying it, and as they were delaying the game, a lot of people thought that delaying the game was a lot better than releasing a game unfinished, so they were just hoping that whenever we get the chance to play Vol Mobile, it will be fully optimized.

So finally, when they released it on March 21st, it was not optimized for Android devices. It was very bad; the game was crashing, there were a lot of heat issues, and the game was running very badly even on high-end devices as well. I think one of the reasons that the game was not optimized was because they didn't test it for poor countries; the soft launch was for Sweden.


Norway, Australia, CH, and Germany These are the countries where people have good devices, especially iPhones, because it's very cheap to buy an iPhone there. I mean, it's not cheap, but they can afford iPhones quite easily as compared to Asian people like Pakistani Indians and Bangladeshis. And considering we have a lot of games in Asia as compared to Europe.

America, or any other country, they didn't test the game in any poor country, so they were just testing the game in rich countries where people use things like iPhones and other devices, and when they tested the game on iPhones or any high-end Android devices, they thought that the game was finalized and ready to launch, but when they launched it, a lot of low-end devices tried the game, and the game was very bad on their devices; they were getting like 10 to 15 FPS; it was literally unplayable.

So then they go to the Play Store and give it a one-star rating. It's not their fault; they were expecting a good game, but the game was very disastrous. So now the question is, is there any chance that Vol Mobile is going to shut down? To be honest, I don't think so. They're going to shut down Vol Mobile, even though they're currently working on improving the game and optimizing it for Android devices.

warzone mobile

Maybe in the next one or two updates we will see some improvements, but I don't think they will be able to completely fix it in one or two months. It will take time, and it doesn't matter what happens; they are not going to shut it down. There are a lot of reasons it won't shut down. One of those reasons is that the overall game play is not bad.

The game is literally better than any BR I have played; it's enjoyable; it's the first page; it's like a lot better than PubG Mobile, Card Mobile, Free Fire, or any other BR game you have played. The only place where they were lacking was optimization, and I think it is possible to optimize the game.

It is not possible to change the mechanics of the game, just like in God Mobile, where the be was not good; it was not in terms of optimization, but the overall be experience was not very good, so it is still not very good in this state. It has been four, five, or six years maybe, but the overall game experience of War Mobile is a lot better, and the only thing they need is optimization, and they are currently working on it, and I think they will be able to optimize the game in the next 2 to 3 months.

It will take some time, so don't expect them to fix the game in one or two updates. It definitely takes time to optimize the game for every Android device. The game is optimized for iOS devices. I don't have many issues.

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