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New most broken meta loadouts in warzone after update

New most broken meta loadouts in warzone after update

Within the war zone right now, we've obviously got a lot of our main meta weapons: some top-tier rifles, SMGs, LMGs, battle rifles, and so on and so forth. The usual standouts are great for what they are, but there's a handful of weapons in this game right now that are in the right hands. If you practice with this gun enough or that gun enough, it is absolutely borderline, broken.

You know, overpowered versus broken is an interesting conversation, but when it comes to weapons that are just absolutely absurd if you know what you're doing with them. I found five right now that really stand out to me as some of the most broken in the game, and today, of course, we're breaking down the setups for them, so we're Starting first with a weapon that we've sort of featured on and off throughout the year so far, that is the LMS Marksman from Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone 3 best lm-s meta loadout

mw3 meta

It's definitely a weapon with a much higher skill gap. That's why, if you know what you're doing with this gun, it has so much potential that the average player might not be able to pick it up like they could a BP50, or like an HM9 or something like that, and do well with it if you spend time learning how this gun behaves through how it feels and where to use it.

It's nuts because it's going from zero to, you know, 60, 70, and 80 M. Any realistic engagement is one of the best in the entire game when you're landing your shots consistently. The thing is, though it being semi-auto means it's somewhat more difficult to use, we are going for the spirit fire suppressor first and foremost here, helping out with that range, which is an incredible, effective damage range of almost 50 m.

There's also better v as well, and a little bit better control because it's semi-auto brew, and heavy support is going to be super important here, giving us better firing aim stability and idle sway alongside some better control when we are spamming it. I also go for the high-grain rounds, even better range of velocity.

On there, we have the 20-run account maximum, which is the maximum. That's one of the balancing factors of this only having 20 rounds for Sniper Ammo is not a ton here, so you got to be very accurate with your ammo, but if you are, you're going to be able to knock players so quick that it won't be a huge concern.

Last but not least, we got the 2.5-times Eagle optic on here—this thing, like I said. High skill gap, but good grief can absolutely. Just rip through anyone and anything at any range you can see when you spam it; there's not a ton of control. You can stay on target relatively well after you spend some time getting used to it and becoming familiar with it. Yeah, definitely a weapon that I think is slept on but is so busted, if you are accurate with it to any extent.

Warzone best mcw 6.8 hitscan loadout

Warzone best mcw 6.8 hitscan loadout

Next up, we got another Marksman here; this time it's the MCW, which we already know is one of the top ttk options in the game, but what's still broken is a setup that we've talked about some time ago, and that is the hit scan meta.

For whatever reason, the MCW 6.8 is a weapon that has the best velocity with a specific set of attachments, and I've actually adjusted some things lately to get even better velocity at the cost of some other things. So well, this is not the most practical setup I would usually run on the MCW 6.8. Having a 2, 000 velocity is the definition of being broken in this game.

If you shoot at any range, your bullet is going to connect almost instantaneously. It doesn't feel like there's any bullet travel time; it truly does feel hit-scanned, so a couple of basic things 2.5 times Eagle Eye Optics 60 Round Drum: This is a huge advantage over other Marksman 60 rounds with sniper ammo is crazy, crazy good.


Now the SP Point rounds are one of the most important parts of this setup; they give it a 50% increase in velocity for some reason, which is absolutely unnecessary but makes this setup so incredibly broken. On top of that, if you use the Tempest Predator Barrel, it ends up giving you a 27% increase in velocity.

Crown is also a viable option. This gives you 21, but if you're going for just max velocity, Predator is going to give you a little bit more in exchange for obviously worse control and whatnot. Like I said, maybe not the most practical build in terms of overall stats, but for hit scan and velocity, this is the go-to.

To lastly, the nil sound 90 suppressor is again not ideal when it's hurting your range and some of your idle sway, but for pure velocity, it's giving you 18%, which is crazy compared to some of these other options. Others offer 18 but maybe aren't as good in other areas for what it's worth more realistically. A spirit fire suppressor would give you an 8% here, which would be viable as well if you're looking for something a little bit more stable, but if you want just straight-up velocity, this is the set of attachments you want to be using, and nothing competes with that value in this game, which is absolutely absurd considering that yes, you can spam this thing with a pretty fast fire rate over all ranges, and it's going to have that hit-scan feel.

Warzone 3 broken tac stance fjx horus loadout

Warzone 3 broken tac stance fjx horus loadout

Next up, we've got one of the best movement subs in the game right now, the new Horus SMG, built specifically for tack stance. We've talked about this build a little bit in the past, but when it comes to the movement, the absolute finesse ability of a weapon, this thing's TX stand speeds are crazy; its ttk is not insane, but its movement is going to throw off so many enemies when you're firing at them in tax stance and just bobbing and weaving duck dive, dip diving, and dodging like crazy, so it's a little finicky.

To get this setup to work correctly, initially I got the 48-round extendag, which's very basic. Light stocks are an obvious choice here for the movement benefits and the tack stance spread benefits, and the camural laser also offers good tax stance spread. There are some other options, like the dant hook, for instance, which will give you decent T stance on top of some hip fire as well, so you could sort of flip back and forth between which one you value more.

The camuro will help out some with your sprint to fire as well as the as the verdant hook. You can kind of go back and forth there, then we come to the barrel and the under barrel, and for whatever reason, initially you want to be using the Bastion angled grip on here because this gives you insane, tack stand spread right, but in order to equip this, you have to first go through and put on the Martis heavy barrel and then equip the Bastion.

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